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#AVAYA 🏠 of 🃏♦️♠️ is falling harder than #KevinSpacey

*"We are successfully repositioning the company from our historic one-time revenue model to a recurring one, in fact 75% of our new bookings were Avaya OneCloud," Chirico said. *
If 75% was REVENUE GENERATING ONE CLOUD, it would be reflected in the numbers. Q1 they claimed it was 60%. They didn't sign any new yet now they are 75%? How do the market analysts not catch them in their inconsistent reports?

#Avaya Redirection and Blame Game -- LISTEN TO THE #'s, NOT THE PRESS RELEASES

Leadership at #Avaya $AVYA is top down tyranny. They dictate and if what they dictate fails, they blame those who had no hand in the strategy or decision. The strategies have repeatedly failed, yet the leaders are never held accountable and just redirect attention. Case in Point -- #MSFT press release today. It was written in such a way to imply that it will result in immediate revenue capture (not true) and to distract from tomorrows likely dismal earnings report. They want the market to see this promising press release instead of the HARD CORE FACTS.


  1. They have not properly invested and enhanced core solutions. Instead, they decided they needed to exclusively focus on shifting business (accounting purposes) from Maintenance to Subscription. That gives false and temporary jump in numbers. Yet here we are how many quarters later and we are dead on innovation, no real cloud to implement (many of the clients they promote will never be able to go live, such as SWA).
  2. They have turned their sales team into soldiers with one mission in battle -- force clients to switch to a cloud agreement even if the client is in contract for 3 more years. If the sales team is not successful in forcing a client to switch, they are called "stupid" and "incompetent". The cloud team knows they represent vapor, so they are the absolute worst at gaslighting. They don't limit their insults to the employees, they also are known to call partners and clients "stupid".
  3. Significant Human Resources problem. Very toxic culture with no plan to improve. Lots of retaliation and finger blaming. In this market they cant retain good talent. Yet they curiously also target good talent if they speak up. They don't allow constructive thinking and thereby miss out on great talent who has deep knowledge as to how to help them improve the business.