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This is another example of how BP has an "entitlement" culture – hierarchical, BP’s way or the highway, any harm or penalty to ex-employees justifies BP’s survival, etc. #bademployeer.

BP a #bademployer. We can help people dodge the bullet by not even accepting a job offer from BP. As you can see BP layoffs people regardless of how the company performs. Just willy-nilly.

Top talent needs to be made awarded that BP as an employer will brand you as dismissed by BP when in really BP should be branded as #bademployeer. Not only BP does not honor the so called retiree benefits, BP also brands you as layoff.

After all the money paid in advertisement and on in-house statistical studies it is a shame that BP is unable to estimate workforce needs and resorts to mass layoff in reaching to the desired # of employees; attrition and turnover along do not even get close to the number BP needs.

Only excuse is bad management (is there any leadership that matters) and inability (lack of Excellence) to use the data BP produces on supply/demand year after year.