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BP had a culture to run people's credential to the ground. Running is not a strategy to leave them fast enough...do summersaults if that's what it takes to leave now. #bademployer

exactly and their so called BP Code of Conduct are just words printed on paper that only rhymed to the immoral compliance managers #bademployer and the BP labor attorneys aiding management in their illegal practices

those seeking employment at BP better ask the right questions and seek evidence

the compensation package does not really include retirement benefits

you will never cash that "benefit" because you will not be there 20 yrs or until you turn 50 yrs #bademployer

(B)each (P)olluter of North America alias BP PLC. What can you expect from a company that cares only for making money no matter how it is done or who's money it steals. BP justifies anything as long as it benefits them. #bademployer

Breaking Policy (BP) PLC.

BP cannot follow its approved policy must less expect BP to interpret them consistently. This is a company that requires monitoring and babysitting all the time. BP behaves in an immature manner and choses to not meet its financial obligation to soon to be ex-employees. Go Respect, Go Excellence. Go OneTeam (excludes those who demand what they are owed). All pretty key words that mean nothing to BP. #bademployer

In a certain department BP management fires people in a really squirrelly way. Considering some teams should set an example, BP's actions make the name of the company stand for Belated Pest PLC. When one refers to "educated beyond capabilities" the number 1 on the list is BP as no matter how many assets, consulting solutions, or marketing slogans, BP fails to honor its words and bleeds people's pocket. BP promises a monopoly compensation package. When payment time is approaching. fuel combusts those debts and let people bite the dust.

No different to a supervisor forcing employees to foot the restaurant bill for a lunch or celebration she organized. #bademployer

The company culture fosters submissive female behavior. If a female has a voice - that is a non-starter. When female employers questioned severance practices and packages, BP acts offended. Same lowered treatment given while employed marks that defiant treatment given by BP on the way out. All "legal" treatment often and a huge gap from what BP claims it stands for. No state should offered BP any tax advantages since BP pockets the money via reduced wages to women and lowered severance packages. #bademployer

The same treatment to my co-worker. We worked so hard on helping BP "advertised" its published values and behaviors and now feel like fools. BP labor lawyers do not believe on the values and behaviors (#bademployer) and much less care for BP's commitments to soon to be ex-employees. It seems BP lawyers enjoyed and are rewarded by unethical actions. It is beyond irresponsible to ask employees to report concerns - the so called speak up campaigns what a joke) when they know the person will be become a big target and often fired. The ones that should be fired are those lawyers and compliance professional that create speak up campaigns and promote value & behaviors. It comes across as a way to aid BP in legally tricking employees to fire them. #bademployer 2018 award.

BP a #bademployer. We can help people dodge the bullet by not even accepting a job offer from BP. As you can see BP layoffs people regardless of how the company performs. Just willy-nilly.

Top talent needs to be made awarded that BP as an employer will brand you as dismissed by BP when in really BP should be branded as #bademployeer. Not only BP does not honor the so called retiree benefits, BP also brands you as layoff.

After all the money paid in advertisement and on in-house statistical studies it is a shame that BP is unable to estimate workforce needs and resorts to mass layoff in reaching to the desired # of employees; attrition and turnover along do not even get close to the number BP needs.

Only excuse is bad management (is there any leadership that matters) and inability (lack of Excellence) to use the data BP produces on supply/demand year after year.