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Dude you guys need to chill big time! Former CCS #lifer here (lol) that worked at the corporate office. First let me call out the bitter former employee above haha =) (I get your anger). The VP you are chatting ( I think) is just another solider. Limited control. My observation from a distance. Guy was chill and cool. My pay was respectful but no growth-zero-raises at all. Company lost Samsung a decade ago and never recovered says #CCSlifers. The issue is at the C-Level execs. Glassdoor reviews spot on: "Execs live in a bubble." CCS needed new fresh VPs. Glassdoor reviews said many VPs at CCS for 10+ years?! Plus too many executives paid exorbitant salaries to do what??? Blame the leaders. Do you blame the coach or players when team not banging? Listen I left cause layoffs became a company tradition every year. Found a good gig with internal growth, raises, and company expanding. I hear Marketstar removal from BBY saved CCS from closure?

From Glassdoor - former tight employees probably told to post on Glassdoor upon departure. LOL

"Best-In-Class Organization"

"A company with heart :-)"

Cool kick back job for many years. BUT I left because no best-in-class and only "heart" if you ran in the tight circle with C-Level. hey I was treated like sh-- at the end but I moved on. You all should do the same.