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I cannot imagine having a corporate job and one of your duties as assigned is to go around on the socials and proclaim #fakenews. I dont know how they cannot throw up a little when they know there are times they are towing the company line and not the truth. I guess a person has to eat, but we all do.

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#FakeNews. Trump, his family and acquaintances never profited one penny from his presidency. In fact he donated his entire salary to the federal government every year. You are badly confusing him with the Clinton Foundation and the corrupt Biden affairs.

It takes the media to whip up enough of a firestorm to cause action, so a good man gets harassed non stop for four years while truly evil people, always on the far left, skate by massive scandals.

Don't believe @pvf. That is the same person who said salary reductions would be permanent. Remember that prediction? Oh yea, everyone forgot about that fake news. This guys makes up wild stories and you all actually believe him?

So based on all of the comments below, layoffs could start as early as next week but will be most prevalent starting Dec 1? This is a serious question. Does anyone really know? And @pvf, please don't respond. Go spread your #fakenews on facebook.

@7gvn+171IhDCd Some, but I wouldn’t say many. job market is tight, unless you are under 35..then it’s easy to find another job....

I will say there are MANY listings of remote/wfh jobs. I do know quite a few people working in smaller companies that are pretty much 100% in office. Those companies are run by folks who believe ‘rona is #fakenews.

Being an SE is a fairly fulfilling job. Overall I think you'll get a pretty fair offer. If you put in the work and have the desire you move up simple as that. Salary I think it's pretty competitive in comparison to other companies. Also you are in the middle of a pandemic where millions have lost their jobs, and you have an offer on the table. I wish many congrats!

That being said I agree with the post below Glassdoor would be your best bet cause this site is usually filled with trolls who post a lot of #Fakenews. I swear I see a post about a new layoff list at least once a month yet claim to have evidence of that doesn't exist.

Typical trolls putting out their messages. How does COVID-19 affect the executive bonuses? Do explain that to me since you know so much about company operations. This is quite literally one of the few corporations profiting off of a pandemic. Stop posting #FakeNews and worry about your own job and safety you misinformed toad.

Att continues to be above the government while ignoring the cdc recommend policies for customer interactions.

Yes they are closing some stores and changing hours , it’s not enough !!

That bogus press release for employees to work at home . Yeah right 1-5% of the work force. #fakenews

Att is running bau putting everyone and the community’s they live in at risk to make money.

It’s not about shutting down the company it’s about following cdc and protecting the spread of the virus . Att isn’t doing anything to prevent that from happening

Call centers - open with no restriction , yes hundred of employees in the same area . Oh the kicker att has block vacation for them keeping them at work !!

Retail -free for all no restriction , no time off , most stores are out of cleaning supplies . 10 person recommendation ignored , managers disgusted with upper management they don’t even show up to help clean stores they’ll roll in around 10

Techs - no restriction or protection . Good luck

Ihx - no restriction or protection . Good luck