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Don't listen to those mo–ns. Many of us LOXY knew the acquisition was a bad idea from the start. Way too risky for Oxy, bad for Anadarko employees, and bad for the entire industry. One fewer potential employer in the city. Only the "rah rah Team Oxy #HASHTAG #WINNING" crowd were happy about it. Most of us were concerned, at best.

If I were LAPC, I would have done everything possible to get the COC. I'm happy for anyone who did. For anyone who is still trying to get it, I hope you do too.

If we somehow get lucky and the COC gets activated for LOxy (doubtful), I will do the same. It's stupid to blame the LAPC people for any of this. They didn't want it from the beginning.

Oxy really was a good company to work for, at least for me. Maybe not the best, but definitely underrated. Sadly, those days are over now. To use a sports analogy, Vicky was a great "players' coach", but she didn't turn out to be a good GM.

No matter what happens, I wish all of you the best. Everyone I've gotten to know from LAPC are all great people who don't deserve what they were thrown into. They are entitled to whine if they want to. And this is the best place to do it.