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Phoebe Wall Howard just posted this on Twitter:

THREAD: Bill @Ford met with a scrum of reporters after the automaker’s City of Tomorrow symposium in Los Angeles. When asked about recent #layoffs he said, "It’s the worst thing any executive ever has to do. I hate it, personally. I always have." (1/4) via @ChrisWoodyard @freep

(2/4) "I know the employees. I know their families, in many cases." He continued, "We’ve been on a roll economically for quite a while. If you’ve covered this industry a long time, you know recession may be looming out there. We just had to get ourselves in fighting shape.”

(3/4) “If we are serious about being a lean nimble company, we have to really become that. I hate it, it’s very painful, but we had to do it. There will always be frustration anytime you are affecting people’s careers. But we took great care with it."

(4/4) “So the push-back is ‘Why did you drag it out so long?’ But the reason we did that is to take the proper care.”

They only announce big layoffs when the do the figures if the #layoffs they are planning need to be announced i.e. they are substantial enough to affect the earnings call. So if they do dribs and drabs over the year they don't need to announce them.

I suspect this is the way forward from now on. Lots of little LRs where there isn't a legal requirement to announce them.

By the way, most big companies are continually doing this.

List of Chico's FAS Stores Closing in 2016

Hello All - Does not someone have a full or partial list of Chico's FAS stores that will be closing in 2016 - I know that we probably do not have all information but this is something that may be interesting for many people - at least in that case people can be prepared for #layoffs

This game has been unraveling for a couple of decades now, the worker is simply f---ed. We bought into the narrative that has been sold to our parents - go to school, work hard, all will be fine. F--- it. It's over.

This finished in 1990 and things are getting worse and worse for workers. Look at what's happening with the elections now, you have Trump scooping up votes of all pissed republican workers and you have Sanders doing the thing with pissed Dems.

I am not going to preach here as each of you will realize at some points (if you haven't already) - I am 100% for Capitalism, competition, etc. But structural changes have occurred over last 2 to 3 decades and the whole 'shareholder focus' thing is f---ing workers majorly. You can make an argument that they are putting in the money so an enterprise can function, but keep in mind that if you rape workers way too much (just like they are doing now) there will be no middle class to buy whatever that enterprise is selling.

And our middle class is melting at a rapid pace, it will hit under 50% of the workers pool in 2 years, and it will continue to shed 0.75% to 1% every year after. Real, inflation adjusted wages are in a constant fall, that f---ing does not help too.

So, OK, do the layoffs and channel more money for the Executives and Shareholders - but keep in mind that once you lose that middle class through #layoffs, #wagestagnation and all #H1B schemes designed to extract even more money from US workers, EVERYONE WILL BE WORSE OFF.

Economic history is bountiful with stories where pissed 'folk' took things in their hands once that have been f---ed for a bit too long - we are on that path for the first time in our history, so next decade will be very interesting...