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There's another context for RTO failing. While many GM tech workers make idle threats to leave for greener WFH pastures, mass layoffs are occurring that primarily affect tech workers. Facebook announced 11,000 layoffs today. We've seen other mass layoff announcements from other tech companies, including Peleton, Stripe, Twitter, PayPal, HelloFresh, Hyperloop, Coinbase, Robinhood and more. The same people threatening to leave GM are now going to be in direct competition with tens of thousands of freshly laid off people with the same skill sets.
WFH being 'the norm' also means that tech workers are more threatened by low cost offshore labor than ever before. Once the mass layoffs die down, there's nothing stopping these companies from hiring outsourced labor. We will see tens of thousands of tech workers displaced, looking for paying work. Remember #learntocode? The new slogan will be #learntoweld
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