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This post of the year, so eloquently stated:

TOXIC corporate culture, right down to the terminal Trainmasters. It’s all about how you treat people, when you play 2 Unions off each other, highlight the fact that many workers make more than boot on the ground managers which encourages hate, blast lower managers in conference calls daily.

That’s issue #1

Number 2- the company has ZERO growth! They do not actively court new business, preferring to lean on bigger, established customers as a so-called “guaranteed” income source. Small businesses are discouraged from working with NS by excessive fees. NS has no qualms about kicking small frys to the sidelines, they only want the whales. Every metric and investor informative they release speaks only about cost cutting and mentions little to nothing about gaining customers or even what service they are giving to existing customers. This is a major factor in NS lagging behind other railroads perpetually.

If NS really wants to succeed they need to reinvent their entire corporate culture as well as how they handle customers. It won’t happen- there are too many cutthroats at the top who are vested in their personal gain and welfare to shake up those trees and take personal accountability......but it’s a nice wish!


Located in HPE (UK Site)

Morale at an all time low and people are leaving (good workers) due to the uncertainty of if they will have a job in a few months. After the employee meeting with Meg (don't get me started) this HPE Next cost reduction to make our results look better will likely stat a cull of more employees or even entire sites.

Also a rumour circulating that they are looking to reduce the workforce by another 30%. No dates or time frames. But the last time there was a WFR rumour it followed through. Also if management are not coming out and reassuring employees surely we have enough common sense to know that means the end result is not going to be good.

Fcuk your sh--ty severance pay HPE, you clearly need it more than I do.