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Layoffs this week globally at Aternity, big numbers here in the states - at least 25% from the International division too. Rumor the VP of International has been swanning round with his lapdog on business expenses across the globe while the numbers have been dropping. Not looking good for them. Number low here too considering the head count high with some big salarymen that moved over from Riverbed but not justifying their wage. More heads to roll. #one-trick-pony

@4Ijao, two choices here....choice #one, you’re an id–t troll with lousy skills trying to put badly misplaced & misspelled words laced through out this entire post....choice #two, please refer to choice #one!

I can't wait to see how Chris Hardman spins this one. God forbid that parents, students and others shoud have the ability to make side-by-side comparisons of one school to another. To be fair, all 7,000 higher ed sschools are listed so counter argument #one"they're just picking on us" is invalid. Forget about "Red lights" now it"s about EDMC pulling the hocus pocus

spin. Good luck Chris.