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Kmart to close Ironwood Store

Ironwood, MI to be affected, April 2016 - just a #rumor for now but I think it'll happen - this was reported on Sears' page on this website layoff.com - more layoffs will be announced and more stores will be eliminated later this year - I think we know about 20 stores so far and there is about 5 Sears stores they are closing

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Intel Rumors

#Rumor has it.....rumor has it......rumor has it.

What does rumor have? Well rumor has a few people that really don't know anything for sure spreading fodder on the net for a couple of thousand others to look at and spread.

Do all those hanging on and hoping for the best a favor and STOP!!!

There are enough people in this industry and many others going through hard times right now. They don't need this kind of thing going on. You do this here, someone reads it and takes it to work with them. It bleeds out unto the field and destroys any moral that is there making very long days.