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Severance and 401k
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Can you roll severance into 401(k)?
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Severance and retirement planning
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CSC Severance Package. Does anyone in CSC know what the current severance package is for US Employees.
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Severance money tax rate
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Info on handling severance packages
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Severance Check and Taxes
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Are 401Ks Next?
about a year ago by PoorInSpirit | 1225 views | no reactions | 6 replies (last a year ago)
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Severance payout - one check or bi-weekly
4 years ago by Anonymous102790 | 583 views | no reactions | 10 replies (last 4 years ago)
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2 months ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @SIKAHoX

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DST severance?

4 months ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @RYzCcEo

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Has there been any talk on severance changes?

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401K Contribution and Severance Pay

4 days ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @TN0krJG

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DST Severance Payment

4 months ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @RXj07CA

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who all got the severance pay email last week in re: to the merger?

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Chevron Severance Package

Would someone be able to tell me what a typical Chevron severance package is today? Thank you in advance.

3 years ago by Anonymous122025 | Post ID: @CCLOemK

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Severance Package

What is the percentage of taxes being taken out of severance packages that have been received? Ball park figure please. SP is base salary, not including CIP correct?

2 years ago by Anonymos 137572 | Post ID: @FSIxCnF

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Chevron is sending out notices of termination this week at the SJVBU. At this business unit more females, relative to total males.

Notifications of employees in-scope for the RAE (Resource adjustment Exercise) were sent via email on Thursday. Many females relative to males are a included in of this exercise. CVX intends to pay out for 60 days as if employees are still workers on payroll but the employee technically no longer has a job at Chevron. After that a severance might be offered. Once an employee sign the severance, the right to sue for discrimination is gone. Contact an attorney before you sign any severance. The majority in RAE are female.

3 years ago by 93311 | Post ID: @CVqb7ho

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Chevron Severance 2015

Does anyone know what our typical severance package includes today?

3 years ago by Anonymous93023 | Post ID: @B7ZeRgY

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2016 severance package

Word is it's approved. Does anyone know if it has changed at all from 2015 package?

2 years ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @EXSIbr1

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Severance and taxes

Just wondering about the tax implications of a lump sum severance payment in 2015- is there any way to delay payment until 2016? If I get laid off mid-Oct, then receive 60 days pay under WARN. Afterwards, I would have to sign a release to receive severance. How long will they give me to consider and sign the release? If 30 days, then I would delay signing until early January, deferring the income to 2016..

3 years ago by Anonymous139523 | Post ID: @D5ieGrC

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Severance calculation.

After checking the info on my Benefits Connections/Retirement/Severance page on the advice of a manager, I noticed that the weekly regular earnings figure used to calculate my estimated severance is about 7% lower than my regular weekly salary noted on my pay check stub. This results in a lower estimate of severance than my own calculation, based on my pay statement. The difference is several thousand dollars. Several colleagues I have checked with report the same apparent discrepancy. Has anyone else noticed this, does anyone understand the basis for the difference, or is this an error?

2 years ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @G2pzVyu

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severance packages for anyone over 62,


2 years ago by Anonymous | Post ID: @GrN5CHO

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Tagging it #Severance and #ChevronSeverance

I've been on this board for months now, since March 2017... We had a few posts on #StateFarmSeverance #Severance - see the posts below




Severance packages: first line leadership



Asking for Severance



You are not alone... (recovering from being suddenly terminated or given severance)



IT Transformation: Anyone know if severance will be offered to developers/analysts in impacted roles and/or on teams where the work is moving?



Severance package in general



Severance package



Walmart pharmacy starting multiple rounds of layoffs



Severance package



Severance Pay



I heard there is no more severance package when laid off at Walmart.



Also, this thread we are on right now: @Roeu4qW

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@IWV5EPo-ucl that sounds just like following the rules under the Warn Act.

They could just give you 60 days worth of pay. And those 30 days are not severance, that what legally you must be paid.

Many places by law must give you a weeks notice for every year you work notice of your job being terminated. Most companies just pay you one week for every year worked, rather than give you notice. >The WARN act of course will trump the one week per year if you have worked less than 8 years at a facility that is reducing the workplace by more than 33%.

Severance is money to compensate you till you find another job. Usually the Severance is exhausted before finding another job. Severance is a different can of worms.

bumping this thread up... we'll need it soon...


Monsanto Severance Package

Does anyone know what kind of severance package we will be getting? I think it's been a while since Monsanto has had layoffs so I am not sure if they were changing policies on Severance Pay. I joined in 2012 but I heard that during the downturn the company had to let some people go but severance payments were pretty solid - not sure if this right or wrong but that's what I heard.