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Can i negotiate severance package ?

I am part of RIF about 2 weeks back and the health care insurence company they gave 6 weeks off Severance package.. but we all know it’s a pre planned one they hired in india last year October and forced to give knowledge transfer and then followed by poor rating with no comments or reason given and now they announced layoffs. I am not convinced it’s a RIF as even after layoff team mates from offshore forcing and sending messages for KT . Can I challenge as it was unfair with HR dept as I deserve better Severance package. I disagreed with rating as no written or verbal reason given for poor performance and after rejecting rating still no reply from my manager. #layoff #severance

I've been on this board for months now, since March 2017... We had a few posts on #StateFarmSeverance #Severance - see the posts below




Severance packages: first line leadership



Asking for Severance



You are not alone... (recovering from being suddenly terminated or given severance)



IT Transformation: Anyone know if severance will be offered to developers/analysts in impacted roles and/or on teams where the work is moving?



bumping this thread up... we'll need it soon...


Monsanto Severance Package

Does anyone know what kind of severance package we will be getting? I think it's been a while since Monsanto has had layoffs so I am not sure if they were changing policies on Severance Pay. I joined in 2012 but I heard that during the downturn the company had to let some people go but severance payments were pretty solid - not sure if this right or wrong but that's what I heard.