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I've been on this board for months now, since March 2017... We had a few posts on #StateFarmSeverance #Severance - see the posts below




Severance packages: first line leadership



Asking for Severance



You are not alone... (recovering from being suddenly terminated or given severance)



IT Transformation: Anyone know if severance will be offered to developers/analysts in impacted roles and/or on teams where the work is moving?



bumping this thread up... we'll need it soon...


Monsanto Severance Package

Does anyone know what kind of severance package we will be getting? I think it's been a while since Monsanto has had layoffs so I am not sure if they were changing policies on Severance Pay. I joined in 2012 but I heard that during the downturn the company had to let some people go but severance payments were pretty solid - not sure if this right or wrong but that's what I heard.