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@4nqy, The young Horizons kids are necessary for the future of the company, but I agree we are taking on too many and not throwing back the little fishes that under-perform and are misfits. Sad that Chevron doesn’t keep a balance of seasoned employees to teach, lead and mentor the successful young future engineers and managers. It has a failed focus on only filling desks with cheap salaried kids and keeping the affirmative action non-contributing waste. #SinkingShip.

Yep, that previous post about the two SVP Bad Boys was far more entertaining. We all already know this company’s going to Hell in a hand basket under her leadership. I’ve been sending out resumes for the last four months now. Maybe some of you are still delusional, as M-Go may be, that this place is still going to rebound. Not me. Your only concern now should be the fit of your life jacket.

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