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I smell liquidation. Ruin it into the ground and sell it to a for profit Blues plan.
They tried it in 1999 and lost the BCBS branding, albeit for a day or so. Of course the powers that be now were in Middle and maybe High school then, so even if they were in the region they wouldn't really know this. #smdh

Yes, your correct they haven't a care in the world about loosing top folks, they are all about the cost savings right now. What the end goal is once Bill takes over is getting what's left of the so called bank sold off so he can get his golden parachute like Kelly. #SMDH

The legendary (in their minds) CIB group seems too want everyone back in the office, synergy, mentoring and all the other buzzwords and corporate speak they are infamous for. Funny part is they have some BU heads who are hundreds of miles from ANYBODY they manage. Imagine that! #SMDH

Don’t know what position @vbd is in but I’m betting it’s up the chain. Best analysis I’ve seen of present and future. Gang of 14 with King Kelly have screwed this pooch from day one. BOD has enabled this mess to line their pockets obviously. Buying the Hearst Tower, building new hangers at the airport for the fleet before the ink was dry on the alleged MOE. The technology comments are spot on and brand recognition is still BBT and STI to customers. Reminds me of the small restaurant that has a great business and decides they want to be bigger and soon is out of business. #SMDH

Below times 100. Suntrust TEAM MATES want to silo everything and spend all their time and efforts figuring out why this or that is somewhat else job to do and not theirs. Hours wasted on calls when anyone with any ability could fix the issue and move on. Never seen anything quite like it. Too damn many people with the smartest kid in the room syndrome. No one seems to remember the "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt!"
Someone mentioned this being executed on well, I can tell you behind the scenes in corporate it is a mess. I have worked for BB&T for many years and through some large acquisitions that seemed to go smoothly. This has been a nightmare. Communication has been absolutely terrible and you can feel the stress and frustration oozing from people's voices on conference calls. Unfortunately we've adopted the SunTrust culture, and it's especially painful for those of us who are former BB&T employees. But the SunTrust employees are frustrated as well because they don't understand why we won't get with the program and just fill out their thousands of bureaucratic forms and fall into our narrowly defined roles with limited autonomy or decision making.