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Centene is offering former employees a lot of money to return if they have any kind of SME or baseline knowledge. I have gotten 4 emails in the 3 months since I left asking if I want to return and 1 email from a headhunter asking if I was interested in a certain job for which I am "highly qualified." It was my former job! #TeamCenteneSweetie

@8eci+1g0ae9rv Oh, Corporate Sweetie: it is only wrong if you caught or are d-mb enough to confess. Don't be d-mb! Keep it to yourself. You can tell someone "During a call on __ date at ___ time X said..." Take excellent notes during the call and review your notes while reviewing the recording. Also, follow-up with the speaker via email writing "During our meeting today you stated "quote" and I want to verify you meant "quote." You are a stellar note taker, not a criminal. #TeamCenteneSweetie

That is the smart way to leave. Use paid time off to get another job, use up rest of time off after telling new employer you are working the "2 week notice." Start new job rested and refreshed. Centene does not verify anything but start date and end date. End date = date notice was given? "They let me go right away" or "their error" as that is common. Not giving notice is the ultimate "I hate you." #TeamCenteneSweetie

Hi there, If you are interested in separation of employment from the company, please engage with your manager and HR business partner. First use paid time off to find another job then request all your paid time off then do not return. Your manager and HR business partner will eventually notice.