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One less OIL & Gas Client

Looks like BP wants to abandon in the future OIL & Gas in favor of renewable energies. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/oil-crisis-presents-bp-ceo-230100443.html

Does management play favorites during layoffs??

Technically, employees are to be judged based on their performance, not their relationships with a manager, right? I'm still here after 3 layoffs at my plant Carrollton, TX. However, someone of the good employees have been let go. I'm not sure what... —  read more 

Get OUT of Sperry

For all of you Sperry software ,firmware, electrical engineers still working at Sperry. Apply for a job for Tesla. I did and got it. They are hiring now. Dont waste your time with those bunch of loosers. You wont ever get promoted, or get... —  read more 

Halliburton will shrink in 20 years.

According to Bloomberg :"By 2040, electric cars could make up 57% of all passenger car sales worldwide, the report found. That's up two percentage points from BNEF's 2040 projection last year. Electric vehicles will make up a similar percentage of... —  read more 

Fort Lupton

Fort Lupton leveled off or are cuts still going on there?

Severance pay and TWC

Has anyone able to report severance pay to TWC? It seems they are not interested in taking my call and I can not find a way to modify my application online.

Aberdeen main office

Aberdeen main office closing, no job losses, believe that if you like. see story on energyvoice

HALLIBURTON NEW CEO Is destroying the Company.

Used to work for Halliburton for a while. and had worked directly with the present CEO when he used to be a VP. He is destroying the company Plus Halliburton has a lot of issues in the management system and this is affecting the performance of... —  read more 

We are amazing



any updates on redundancies yet? The sooner some dead wood are removed the better

Jobs hiring

Does anyone know if Mr. G's Pizza is hiring???

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anymore layoffs UK

Still no severance!

Anyone got a heads up on why I haven’t gotten my severance package, laid off May 2020. Got my final pay check but nothing more. Anyone in the same boat, and idea what to do?

Layoffs done by September

Sounds like we will be done with layoffs by September to me. Looks like going forward will be mostly overseas. With 75% of its planned cost cuts complete, Miller said “the rest should be done by the end of September, largely focusing on... —  read more 

More International?

Will HAL be shifting to an international focus? Maybe this is coming up from management to prepare for a Biden presidency in case he wins as he will not be good for oil and gas industry in the US and will be a puppet for the climate extremest. ... —  read more 

Texas Unemployment

Anyone in Texas receiving Unemployment Benefits and got a package when they were let go? I was and I just got a letter from the State that I have to pay it back. anyone else git this?

more lay offs ahead?

Halliburton Posts $1.7 Billion Q2 Loss; Revenues Plunge Halliburton said revenues fell 57% from last year to $3.2 billion as it posted a reported loss of $1.7 billion for the pandemic-stricken second quarter.

AMEX after Layoff

When I got laid off I still had a balance on my Corporate AMEX. Halliburton has not paid it and closed my account. I am now getting bills from AMEX saying my account is closed and last due. Is anyone having this problem? What has anyone done to... —  read more 

Info on coming layoffs

Yes. Should hear something starting 6th. Arbroath manufacture and technology will be hit, 10-20 % each all levels. Word is field and BD similar numbers. Sorry for the bad news, reliable source. Can anybody confirm this?

5000 units

Word is 5000 equipment units going to be coldstacked, how many are left, still coming to DMC.

FT Lupton

Any word on ft Lupton camp Rumor has it they may close it down

July layoffs

I know layoffs have been going on all last week but more is coming. Told from reliable source that management already has layoffs planned for July.

What to do with laptop after layoffs?

I was laid off recently and haven't heard from anyone in management about returning my laptop or badge. Do I just drop it off at the front desk or security office? I don't want these jerks to charge me up the wazoo for the laptop.

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