Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Halliburton Co.

It's nice to hear, but...

It’s nice to hear stories of people who quickly found better jobs after Halliburton, but I think many of those stories are a bit idealized. I’m sure there are those who would love to return to Halliburton, if it was possible, because they still... —  read more 

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Cuts before Q2?

Predictions for the second quarter are not at all optimistic. Bad results = cuts. Do you think there will be big cuts before the second quarter results are announced? Some have already started speculating that the cuts will be huge, but these are... —  read more 

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Elon Musk vs Jeff M

While Elon Musk talks about going to mars, and clean energy transportation Jeff M cant stop talking about how great I Cruise is. Great job halliburton! You are indeed the future!

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Fun to read Jeff Miller and the leadership teams made millions more last year despite a downturn and laying off thousands off workers... I feel no remorse for the management team, there's not any sorrow for stealing money from this corrupt... —  read more 

Next layoffs rumors

Yes, there are more and more rumors of layoffs coming. Everyone knows that it will be soon, but no one knows exactly when it will be, how big it could be and who will be the target. Can anyone share some useful insight? Uncertainty really frustrates... —  read more 

We are calling you out

Found out from an inside source in HR that there are employees whose only job is to monitor all posts in this forum and to give a counter response to everything being said. The last post must been one of those employees. Speak your mind guys. This... —  read more 

Calling you out!

For those that think they are smarter than management, get on here and talk sh– about a company that pays you, you are a complete id–t! Take a step back and see what you are doing. When I feel down I like to search this website and see how I don't... —  read more 

Real Estate Group

So what is going to happen with this non-profit overhead Real Estate Group. They have an excessive budget and free spending at our expense. We pay the for space rates, they bring NOTHING to the table as far as making money. All they do is tell us... —  read more 

Halliburton-Reduces-Overtime-Pay-Hours-for Frack, Heavy Duty Drivers-&-CDL Drivers; as of Jan 1,2021

Halliburton-on Frac-Heavy Duty & CDL Truck Drivers. What Halliburton is doing to us is cutting our shifts to mid week not Monday to Sunday any longer. ‘What’ By cutting pay to mid week after your 70 hrs-&-changing-to mid week pay periods - rather... —  read more 

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I can't believe this

I'm new to Halliburton so I have to ask - is it a custom for this company to announce layoffs a few days before Christmas? Because I can't figure out a worse time to drop news like that. This is a morale k–ler - and not just for the affected... —  read more 

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