Topics regarding layoffs at Hampshire College

Topics regarding layoffs at Hampshire College

NY Times: Alternative Colleges, and Their ‘Radical, Communal Ideas,’ Fight for a Future

“Hampshire’s next set of moves will set a precedent for the future of experimental education,” the students wrote in a manifesto demanding more participation in charting the college’s future. “We want to believe that you share our radical, communal... —  read more 

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Job cuts at HC

Here is the update on job cuts at Hampshire College. Rumors have been floating for a while, now it's official. The source for this layoff info is quoted at the bottom. Good luck all. AMHERST — An initial round of layoffs at Hampshire College will be... —  read more 

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"ITEM: Hampshire College is now looking for a “strategic partner.” This sounds a lot like a call for a merger. A college FAQ makes the call really sound like a merger:"... —  read more 

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