Topics regarding layoffs at Harsco Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Harsco Corp.

Is that true?

The word is that Harsco aka Clean Earth laid off over 400 employees last week!! If this is true, it is truly devastating. Fortunately, I left Harsco a little earlier.

I’m just following up

A few weeks ago I read a thread where some employees were let go. I’ve been checking back once or twice a week to see if anyone had replied or if a discussion was started but so far there has been nothing. Did layoffs really happen or was that just... —  read more 

What's likely to happen

My prediction, you will see in this order. 1 - first round of lay offs and cost write downs, typically large. 2 - there will be a press release about the buyers. 3 - sale completed after government approves. 4 - another round of lay offs as the... —  read more 

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