Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)

Topics regarding layoffs at HCSC (Health Care Service Corporation)


I think the company wants short term employees they can recycle, but that's just my personal opinion. This is no longer a place to build a career. That's why I'm leaving, although with great doubts because I don't believe in stories that the grass... —  read more 

"quiet layoff"

lots of talk in the news lately about "quiet quitting"...what we are seeing at hcsc is a quiet layoff. we are losing people at a rate I have never seen before due to lack of remote work options and/or flexible schedules and yet the ceo made it very... —  read more 

Rude insecure leaders

Of all of them one woman is the worst. Treats people so bad. this person says rude things about anyone who is not like her or doesn't line up with how she thinks things should be. Why do people in this company thing they can be like that to others... —  read more 

Market is hot

My colleague thought it would take him a long time to find a better job since he doesn't have very strong skills, but it turned out he got it in record time. I don’t know if it’s just pure luck, but the fact is that a lot of people are leaving and... —  read more 


Hit me like a wall this week, how depressed this company makes me and how sad I am on the days I am expected to be in the office. It is an antiquated method of working. Our offices are dull and ugly. There is no life in them. My boss is passive... —  read more 

More people quitting...

More people quit our department immediately after bonuses this year than ever before! Of course they will not be able to hire folks to replace their years of knowledge, especially with the low pay being offered to new empoyees. The question is why... —  read more 

It's not worth it.

I've had enough and decided I don't want to be overworked anymore. Ever since I changed my approach to working here, I have to admit that everything got much easier. I love my job and what I do, but I've convinced myself 1000 times that it's not... —  read more 


I’m curios why union representation is only in certain locations anyone know? Also I am wondering if anyone else is noticing that annual performance reviews are curved downwards but executive bonus are up ??

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