Topics regarding layoffs at Heald College

Topics regarding layoffs at Heald College

Bouncing paychecks...

Hello Faculty, As you may or may not be aware Corinthian College filed bankruptcy on Monday. Due to the filing, any checks (including payroll) that were cut and not cashed prior to 5/4/2015 are no longer valid and will not be honored by your bank. On... — read more 

Prudential 401k

I just spoke to a Prudential Rep and he stated that tomorrow, the "active" status will flip and we will be able to have access to our funds for whatever we deem fit for said funds.

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Heald is quarter basis. There are three quarters in one academic year. Loans are only disburse every quarter if the student is enrolled

If the student drop from school, the school needs to follow the department of education process called return of title 4. The student needs to follow the program to graduate on time and to only borrow the cost estimated for that program. A student... — read more 

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To any former students:

I would strongly recommend you avoid for-profits schools in your futures. On Monday a couple of for-profits were allowed in the school to attempt to recruit students, and I overhead some of the their bullshit spiel. They bad-mouthed community... — read more 

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HEALD let us all down!

I've seen many students supporting Heald throughout this scandal. This honestly baffles me. Current students are being dropped from an education they have worked very hard to get through, graduated students are losing the life long job placement that... — read more 

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