Topics regarding layoffs at Heritage College

Topics regarding layoffs at Heritage College


Does anyone know if we will be getting tax forms? Hell, does anyone know if the taxes that were taken out of our paychecks were sent to the government or were they taking the money out and then paying other bills with it?

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letter to employees

Did anyone receive the letter in this article? I did not receive it unless it was sent to my work email account, which is now shut down, and I can't see the whole thing in the picture in this article. Just wondering if anyone can share what it says... —  read more 


So I heard that Heritage was taking out multiple loans for the students all adding up the grand total of the the schooling. But making them have extra fees which gave them more backing?? Not sure on that last part. Has anyone heard anything about... —  read more 

Tomorrow's pay?

Has anyone heard when and how we're getting paid tomorrow? Any concerns with getting paid? Any reliable information.... I think we have all realized this is where we are getting our information from so let's try to put accurate info on here for each... —  read more 


Some people believe business is war. They believe anything is ok as long as a) you make money, and b) you don't go to jail. What we have just winessed was a raid.

Blind Leadership

The new leadership at Heritage is completely oblivious as to what is happening at the campuses. They think that they could simply make changes and dictate down that that's going to work. Nothing has worked from the "rebranding", new curriculum, new... —  read more 

Heritage is going down

I've been with Heritage for over 7 years. It's so upsetting to watch this school in a downward spiral. This new management team does not communicate. They just roll things out and don't really explain anything. Academics has gotten worse than ever... —  read more 

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