Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Quiet Quitting

Its real. No one going the extra mile. Do my 8 hours and I am out. Do enough to not get in trouble genius! This is what managers have been doing for years!!!!!!!!

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EV update

It was announced that we have entered into an agreement with GM to buy 175k EV’s. This initiative will take place over the next 5 years. Hope that’s enough time to figure out the EV process in the field. Right now the field can’t charge or repair... —  read more 

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Quiet Layoffs

More lay offs are coming at the end of September . Hertz has quietly been doing layoffs since January. Not until August did the numbers spike significantly assuming to blend in with all of the other layoffs that are happening. Hertz does not want... —  read more 

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No accountability

A white TA director referred to people as monkeys on a team full of black women. Explain to why she was not laid off. The situation was reported to HR and no one did anything about it other than make her read an apology. That entire team was laid... —  read more 

Lay offs

Does anyone have insight on who was affected and in which areas? Is everyone else safe for now or is there more still coming??

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He is really painting a much brighter picture than the reality. i know why. When he visits a location what he sees is what the VP's want him to see not the reality. On a recent visit to JFK the smoke and mirrors we put up was insane. The day he spent... —  read more 

Have things improved at Hertz?

I was laid off a little over a year ago and the place was a mess when I left. Everybody was miserable and in constant fear of being next on the chopping block. Have things changed since then? I didn't see many layoff-related posts when I skimmed... —  read more 

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New CIO doing old CIO things

Opal brought in her people and set up an IT hub the RevLab in Chicago. With her gone, new guy Tim is going to set up a shop in Denver. Both gave the same reasons - IT employee talent pool. Check back here in 2 years when the next CIO comes in and... —  read more 

Stephen Scherr

What do we know about him? What can we expect of him? I admit, putting a former Goldman Sachs CFO into the position of CEO at Hertz could mean bad things for us. If he focuses on cost cuts above everything else, we're screwed. That is, unless he goes... —  read more 

"Let's go"

The new tag line fits every situation. For the executive it refers to lets go fu-k everyone over for a dollar and make ourselves look good. For the employees it means lets go and get the he-l out of here. Time to find a new job and get away from this... —  read more 

How is Hertz doing?

I was laid off a year and a half ago and I was resentful for so long, but now that I finally have a new job that is better in every way (pay, benefits, work environment) I can look at the past objectively. I hope things have improved for the people... —  read more 

Bye Bye Paul

Bloomberg reporting the the search for a new CEO is in progress. Its been a good ride and I am sure Paul will open that golden parachute that he built into his contract. The funny part will be watching everyone scramble when it happens like roaches... —  read more 

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