Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Stockholm Syndrome

Does anyone think those still loyal to the company have it? I mean it would make sense considering how badly we’ve all been treated, especially frontline workers. How else would you explain such devotion? It can’t be for the pay, everyone knows it’s... —  read more 

Two years with this place

Today makes exactly two years since I've joined Hertz. I can tell you right now that I regretted joining within the first six months, but by now I feel it was probably one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I thought I was leaving my old job for a... —  read more 

Hertz is done

Country shuts down. Bankrupt. Business down 75%. Lost State Farm. Denied stock sales and bonuses from the courts. Oversold fleet. Closed all car sales permanently. Delisted. Business still down 50%. AND HERE COMES ANOTHER SHUT DOWN. (and liquidation... —  read more 

I want my raise

Screw $500. I don't get all those employees who are cheering that they got a bonus. It would have been better to get a freaking raise. How can anyone be satisfied with it? This is such a sad way to keep the masses happy with breadcrumbs while those... —  read more 

The future of the company

I saw some speculation on this forum that the entire company will be shut down by the middle of next year. On the other hand, I have now checked - Hertz has 1,224 jobs open in the US alone. That doesn’t make much sense to me. I agree that we are... —  read more 

Do you really believe?

C’mon guys. Does anyone in the company REALLY believe our leaders need another bonus to fix the mess we are in? Isn’t that the reason they were hired? Instead they feel entitled to more and have done absolutely nothing in return to help save the... —  read more 

Covid surge worldwide

With covid surging again world wide and winter travel season in danger, will Hertz have to keep shrinking to survive? The $1.7 billion loan is helpful but again it's borrowed money. How much more can you borrow to survive through another wave of... —  read more 

Is anyone surprised?

Hertz filled the leaderships ranks with people with no industry experience. None. Every Single top and mid level position, zero industry experience. And did this for the better part of last 7 years. And told us the way to run car rental was with... —  read more 

New Airport Manager

I left my previous job of 6 years to take what I thought was going to be a great airport management job with Hertz. I started about five weeks ago and I am bow really stressed. I didnt do my homework, and now learned about tbe bad state of finances... —  read more 

On its last leg

I joined the company back in 2012 right after it purchased dollar thrifty. Hertz was a name brand back then, respected throughout the industry. Now 8 years later, the company has gone through layoffs, bankruptcy, restructuring, etc. I just don’t know... —  read more 

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