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Wonder if the new CHRO will be any better than the incompetent bully that’s been running the show. You might want to stop kissing his [email protected]& and start doing your job. Take a look at you leadership team and the lack of experience they have in their... —  read more 

Read the Writing On the Wall

When the guy at the top in charge of finance leaves the company on his own for another opportunity, he knows what’s coming. First Jamere, now his replacement. These are people with intimate knowledge of the bankruptcy proceedings. Heed this warning... —  read more 


Why do these top people think that they deserve a large bonus. The small people did not get raises before the pandemic they did get a bonus But they always think about their dumb a–.

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Good Luck Tomorrow Estero

That office will be a COVID cesspool within a week. Hillbilly Paul continues to make reckless and dangerous decisions that put the employees at risk. Look around, you jackass, Gartner is closed until 2022. No other company is returning to the office... —  read more 

Dollar/Thrifty almost gone

Here in Phx, we suddenly moved to the Hertz counter and said it was temporary because our lines in all 3 brands were too long for the staff to handle each brand so now we are doing all 3 brands at the Hertz counter and the lines are worse, they took... —  read more 


Hertz leadership is key to its survival. The leaders need to pay close attention to the operating staff who are actually doing the work and servicing the customers. These folks need incentives to work harder for the company, otherwise it’s over... —  read more 

Make Hertz Profitable Again

Keys to a turnaround, Sell Donlen ASAP Sell DTAG ASAP- get what we can!!! 3 Close all but the top 60 AP locations. Close most HLE locations Exit TNC business Fire most AP Directors, and force GMs in Top 30 to take 25% pay cuts... —  read more 

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Trimming the fat

We can all attest that there are those who deserve to be ‘cut’ because they bring no real value to the company other than trying to look busy when in reality nothing gets accomplished. From GMs, to Directors, to RVPs we need to make a few of those... —  read more 

Sing it with me

“If our business does not recover quickly and we are unable to successfully restructure our substantial indebtedness, obtain further waivers or forbearance or raise additional capital, there is substantial doubt that we will be able to continue as a... —  read more 

Corporate Sales

I heard once State Farm goes co-primary they are going to get rid of the corporate sales team and all the LAEs. CR they are coming for you. Better watch your back.

Time to cut the RVP's

So much about the elimination of GMs and director roles when will we start seeing the RVP's go away? They are the most useless group out there. They have no one to lead since they cut all their direct reports., In the west central our VP is pretty... —  read more 

Q2 results

$847 million net loss on $832 million revenue. These numbers are just mind boggling and can explain why both Carl Icahn and the CFO got out.. hard to dig out of a hole this big

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