Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Results Release

long 10k filed friday. can someone with more brain and expertise please explain what is our “material weakness in financial controls?” around page 1105 of the pdf document. have the auditors concluded we are cheating on the numbers reporting? my... —  read more 

ZGM Northpac

ZGM of Northpac is terrible! Haven’t they learned their lesson of being the worst area? They fired him once and then they decide the second time should be better? Stay in the garbage can Northpac.

Go east

It means something but I can't figure it out. Why does hertz have one way rates from the west coast for $10 a day to east. Eh SFO to Orlando.


Furlough is the only option, we have about 25 days of cash left BT said not looking good, yes we have a potential funding option but to buy cars and now rental numbers are almost wiped out again, perhaps AB will just use the funding to pay for the... —  read more 

The end is getting closer

Hertz is car rental not car sales. Car sales coming back is not a good sign. The need to move more cars to sell and thisis a huge red flag. They are trying to delete as many cars before the final steps of the bankrupcy occurs and the courts take... —  read more 

No more for me

I’m so glad to be leaving. Just ticking the days away and not looking back. As the saying goes “if you don’t have anything good to say - don’t say anything at all” - and I'm going to leave it at that when it comes to this company. I just want to... —  read more 

Does anyone miss this place?

I’ve been gone for a few months and sometimes I miss it. Then I remember how horrible leadership was, how they ran the company into the ground - and I thank my lucky stars I’m not there. My experience with Hertz has been good when it comes to my... —  read more 

Happy holidays!

How's holiday demand in your market? These holidays are where Hertz makes it's money in the winter. Demand in california is non existent. How is it in other states?


I wonder what happens to HEL now that we are almost certain about the Brexit no-deal. Will they shut down the office and move to somewhere else? Is it worth to keep an European head office in a ‘no-more-European-Country’?

Touching base

I left right before the pandemic because I had a better opportunity. Most of the people I am close to have also moved on and I was wondering how things were going? Is it still as bad as I remember it or have things gotten worse? Is leadership still... —  read more 

How's the CEO doing???

Just curious on how the C-suite is doing these days. I'm sure there is plenty of pressure with Apollo there now but they will get a fat bonus in early 2021 plus another check once they are bought out. So I guess they need to keep their heads down... —  read more 

Stockholm Syndrome

Does anyone think those still loyal to the company have it? I mean it would make sense considering how badly we’ve all been treated, especially frontline workers. How else would you explain such devotion? It can’t be for the pay, everyone knows it’s... —  read more 

Two years with this place

Today makes exactly two years since I've joined Hertz. I can tell you right now that I regretted joining within the first six months, but by now I feel it was probably one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I thought I was leaving my old job for a... —  read more 

Hertz is done

Country shuts down. Bankrupt. Business down 75%. Lost State Farm. Denied stock sales and bonuses from the courts. Oversold fleet. Closed all car sales permanently. Delisted. Business still down 50%. AND HERE COMES ANOTHER SHUT DOWN. (and liquidation... —  read more 

I want my raise

Screw $500. I don't get all those employees who are cheering that they got a bonus. It would have been better to get a freaking raise. How can anyone be satisfied with it? This is such a sad way to keep the masses happy with breadcrumbs while those... —  read more 

The future of the company

I saw some speculation on this forum that the entire company will be shut down by the middle of next year. On the other hand, I have now checked - Hertz has 1,224 jobs open in the US alone. That doesn’t make much sense to me. I agree that we are... —  read more 

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