Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz


Is Hertz still giving out severance or not? I left about a year ago because I didn't want to stay and wait to be laid off just to be sent packing with nothing. I was certain that was coming. Did that happen yet or are people who are currently being... —  read more 

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Cuts on VP level

I am hearing they cut some dead weight at the VP level. Since they have been basically handing out VP titles the last 2 years like tic tacs they realized most of these people are useless Is this true? If it is, this would be the first time I'd... —  read more 

4th Quarter

We were told this week that the belt is going to tighten. New UTE goal is going to be 97%. Also told us to expect fleet shortages, waits, and service issues. They told us to push all the service issues to Dollar and Thrifty. Basically make their... —  read more 

Avoiding Lawsuits

Layoffs are coming in small waves to avoid the warn act requirements so it does not affect the brand value to the consumer. Always be prepared and get your ducks in a row.


I was just hired in August as a manager and then in two weeks, laid off. Everything was going good but i am not sure what could be the case? But i got to keep my car for another 2 weeks along with some severance. Assuming nothing was wrong from my... —  read more 


What a disaster. Customers don’t want them, locations don’t want them. We can’t even charge them efficiently. How’s it going with the EV’s at other locations? Predicting another Hertz fiasco with this initiative.

Need Help in Phx

If anyone wants to transfer to Phx, we are in desperate need of employees, they are starting to mando us 4 hrs a day and our busy season is starting now, not to mention spring trg and the superbowl coming early next yr..

New computers..thats good news

We are getting new computers in Phx, windows 10, and the computer guy said we have been suffering so long and theres alot more new tech stuff coming in the near future but could only tell us about the new computers they are putting in this week..

Time to turn the page.

I received my written offer letter today! I have my resignation email ready to go just have to hit send tomorrow and its see ya later! No more dealing with horrible leaders who are two faced liars. Been her 6 years and the freedom and relief knowing... —  read more 

Quiet Quitting

Its real. No one going the extra mile. Do my 8 hours and I am out. Do enough to not get in trouble genius! This is what managers have been doing for years!!!!!!!!

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EV update

It was announced that we have entered into an agreement with GM to buy 175k EV’s. This initiative will take place over the next 5 years. Hope that’s enough time to figure out the EV process in the field. Right now the field can’t charge or repair... —  read more 

Quiet Layoffs

More lay offs are coming at the end of September . Hertz has quietly been doing layoffs since January. Not until August did the numbers spike significantly assuming to blend in with all of the other layoffs that are happening. Hertz does not want... —  read more 

No accountability

A white TA director referred to people as monkeys on a team full of black women. Explain to why she was not laid off. The situation was reported to HR and no one did anything about it other than make her read an apology. That entire team was laid... —  read more 


He is really painting a much brighter picture than the reality. i know why. When he visits a location what he sees is what the VP's want him to see not the reality. On a recent visit to JFK the smoke and mirrors we put up was insane. The day he spent... —  read more 

Have things improved at Hertz?

I was laid off a little over a year ago and the place was a mess when I left. Everybody was miserable and in constant fear of being next on the chopping block. Have things changed since then? I didn't see many layoff-related posts when I skimmed... —  read more 

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New CIO doing old CIO things

Opal brought in her people and set up an IT hub the RevLab in Chicago. With her gone, new guy Tim is going to set up a shop in Denver. Both gave the same reasons - IT employee talent pool. Check back here in 2 years when the next CIO comes in and... —  read more 

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