Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Hertz Pricing

How the the heck airport get decent rates while Hle branches get cr-p rates . I thought pricing would be higher at Hle since fleet is limited. It looks like Hertz pricing their reservations like it was 2010. Where ls the inflation when renting a car? — read more 

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Wages are sickening

Management is over worked, micromanaged, and under paid. The big wigs sit back and roll in million dollar wages and rental agents make more than managers. Then the company expects managers to move mountains. How about pay your core what they’re... — read more 

Promote low performers

Hertz promotes the lowest performers because their HR is under qualified and uneducated so instead of HR letting go of the lowest performers, Hertz promotes them into more influential positions. These same low performers are now calling the shots... — read more 

TNC Next

Tnc locations will be next once they realize that body damage cost is eating away on profit margin that program will close .

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Rinse wash and Repeat. Gil west airline guy is going to be like Ex hertz ceo John Tague airline guy. Try to run hertz like airline. Last CEO that came from airline only lasted a couple years

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Not good

After giving dozens of employees 1.5 years salary + bonus to voluntarily retire, Hertz does under the radar layoffs and sends out an email that everyone only gets 50% bonus and NO merit increases for anyone in the company. While being paid +20% below... — read more 

Done with HURTz

I have gotten word that some of my employees are planning a walkout on Monday the 4th because of no merit increase. I have been with the company for over 15 years and I am tired of this. I am not even going to try and stop them. I may join them. I... — read more 

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