Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Company “cult”ure

The environment at Hertz is toxic as he-l. Management is totally brainwashed and employees are being spoon-fed their BS on a daily basis. Don’t buy into all the cr-p you are fed because most of those who do get burned in the end. Get out while... —  read more 


Looking back at all the posts from the last 14 months all the doom and gloom prophecies are not turning out the way the haters have projected. There’s NOT going to be a liquidation, leisure travel is coming back. Perhaps business travel will be... —  read more 

Get on with your life

I just can’t believe the amount of negativity and how many people that are just hoping for the worst the happen with Hertz. Hertz is doing GREAT. I think all of you who were here for 20-30 years but were laid off because of Covid still carry so... —  read more 

There is always a risk

I left last year and was scared to death that I made the wrong decision. Now I realize I was lucky to find a good company that is growing and I seem to be fitting in perfectly. If you think Hertz is toxic and you want to leave then start looking. If... —  read more 

Where is it better?

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts here lately from those who have supposedly left Hertz and feel like they can now breathe again, enjoying a new company where they are much, much better off than before. Don’t such stories seem too idealized? Where are... —  read more 

The best time to leave

If this company intends to continue to reduce costs at the expense of benefits to its employees, and chances are that their thoughts are going in that direction, I no longer intend to work here. It's a real shame. I thought I’d stay here for a... —  read more 


Everyone said the company was worthless and the end was near. Now it’s quite evident Hertz will still be around for a long time. I quit my job thinking I found something better and now I wish I didn’t.

New debit card policy

I understand the company wants to make money, but how are they going to do it with this policy??? To rent a car with a debit card: Travel plans; $500 deposit; and the worst part in my opinion, the credit check. If they prepaid with a debit card... —  read more 

They play mind games?

That is all part of the mind games they play. They make you reapply and interview so they have the power. Then they offer you the position so thye they hyoe you up about how great you are so yuor “drink” the kool aid. They need to break you down... —  read more 

Growing nepotism?

I really can’t believe what this company has become. I see here on the forum, and I heard from other people as well that Hertz posts the job openings because the company has to do it legally, but in the end they hire someone they selected even before... —  read more 

IT and Technology is now hiring

Come join the team that has been delivering greatness for the last 10 years. Immediate opening for various jobs. You get a VP title just for applying and you won't have to finish anything you start. Don't let this great opportunity pass by.

Hertz will survive

I have a feeling that things will get much worse before they get better, but they will get better. However, the number of employees will most likely be reduced drastically before things get back to normal, which means that not many of us will still... —  read more 

Re-applying for my job

I worked all year long, I was denied vacations, I was the only operations manager for the whole year, and now every manager has to reapply for our job. Really! And the positions are open for everyone! Told to apply to multiple positions to stay with... —  read more 

ZGM Northpac

ZGM of Northpac is terrible! Haven’t they learned their lesson of being the worst area? They fired him once and then they decide the second time should be better? Stay in the garbage can Northpac.


Headlines: be a yellow, kind brick JD Power finally has us where we belong Kenny from the block got excited and commended 1000+ RPU achievement. Unfortunately, he was reading 2019 result on a related topic, understatement of the webcast... —  read more 

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