Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

Topics regarding layoffs at Hertz

New CIO doing old CIO things

Opal brought in her people and set up an IT hub the RevLab in Chicago. With her gone, new guy Tim is going to set up a shop in Denver. Both gave the same reasons - IT employee talent pool. Check back here in 2 years when the next CIO comes in and... —  read more 

Stephen Scherr

What do we know about him? What can we expect of him? I admit, putting a former Goldman Sachs CFO into the position of CEO at Hertz could mean bad things for us. If he focuses on cost cuts above everything else, we're screwed. That is, unless he goes... —  read more 

"Let's go"

The new tag line fits every situation. For the executive it refers to lets go fu-k everyone over for a dollar and make ourselves look good. For the employees it means lets go and get the he-l out of here. Time to find a new job and get away from this... —  read more 

How is Hertz doing?

I was laid off a year and a half ago and I was resentful for so long, but now that I finally have a new job that is better in every way (pay, benefits, work environment) I can look at the past objectively. I hope things have improved for the people... —  read more 


Wonder if the new CHRO will be any better than the incompetent bully that’s been running the show. You might want to stop kissing his A@& and start doing your job. Take a look at you leadership team and the lack of experience they have in their... —  read more 

bye bye Opal

would have been great to see a message along the lines of "the new shareholders took a second look at what we are calling "digital transformation" and came to the conclusion that there was nothing digital nor transformative about it. Project ONE... —  read more 

Bye Bye Paul

Bloomberg reporting the the search for a new CEO is in progress. Its been a good ride and I am sure Paul will open that golden parachute that he built into his contract. The funny part will be watching everyone scramble when it happens like roaches... —  read more 

How many were naïve?

My husband told me to forget Heartz and move on with our lives. I needed to stop holding out for a call back to return because chances are slim to none that it will ever happen. I realize (grudgingly) that he was correct. Of course waiting months and... —  read more 

Global Town Hall

Where to start? Someone has been reading the posts here because now all of a sudden Chapter11 wasn't the greatest thing ever and we took our eye of the ball in frontline staff and service. You think so, Paul? How are DTG employees feeling? Hertz... —  read more 

Who can save our company?

Experts with the knowledge and the ability to help this company would never be allowed to come here simply because all the incompetence that was allowed would be exposed! We’ve endured layoffs and bankruptcy and lies. Experts would do away with some... —  read more 

IT and Technology is now hiring

Come join the team that has been delivering greatness for the last 10 years. Immediate opening for various jobs. You get a VP title just for applying and you won't have to finish anything you start. Don't let this great opportunity pass by.

I'm so sick of this

My manager and I do not get along. We are polar opposites and have gotten into heated arguments time and time again. Over the last year I’ve come close to quitting so many times I’ve lost count. I’m afraid that he’ll push me too far one day and I’ll... —  read more 

Nothing but the truth - BS

Every single thing that comes out of a manager’s mouth is nothing, and I mean NOTHING but a self-serving lie. I stopped believing anything they tell us because they have done nothing but deceived us and lied at every damn turn for at least the last 2... —  read more 

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