Topics regarding layoffs at Hess Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Hess Corp.


I was so loyal to Hess, have never worked for a better company and I am in my 50’s. I completely forgot that the only people that really matter are the large stock holders, I feel gutted!

Hostile work environment

Does anybody else feel like they're back in high school? That's what it's been starting to look like with all the cliques, manager's pets who can do no wrong, and overall backstabbing culture. It hasn't always been like this, so I'm not sure if this... — read more 

Vaccine mandate

So now requiring all employees to be vaccinated and boosted. Odd timing when we know the vaccine doesn’t work against omicron. Starbucks even dropped their mandatory. Is this just a way to reduce the workforce?

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Employees are your backbone

I was treated awfully at Hess. There is no sense of loyalty or value as an employee there. People were promoted due to politics instead of expertise. Positions that could easily be filled in-house were done outside of the company devaluing its team... — read more 

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Throwing in the Towel?

So Hess is now doing a $1B stock buyback. Sounds like they have no good prospects to invest in so buying back stock is the best alternative. How long till a major takes a run at Hess for the Guyana prospect?

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Lack of respect

Can people at Hess realize that a company is run by more than simply engineers and geologists? It's astounding how little respect you get here if you are in other departments. Do people really think that accounting and finance don't contribute to the... — read more 

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Has it started?

Anybody knows if the layoffs have started? Any Hess Houston employees here who can give us an update? I've been on the edge this whole week, and I'm not even in Houston. I can only imagine how people there are feeling right now as the week gets... — read more 

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Another Proxy Fight?

It's been reported that Elliott Management is getting geared up for another proxy fight with Hess with the intent of ousting the CEO. Elliott also wants a cut in dividend, increase share buyback, sell Malaysia assets, and possible sale of the... — read more 

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Last Round of Layoffs

11.3% have been severed - 238 of 2101 All employees severed today were given a print out by title and age of employees retained vs. employees severed, as a means to divulge that there was no discrimination by age taking place. Lay offs by title are... — read more 

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Hess can't last like this!

A company can't last that has people in lead positions that don't even understand how things work or know what their people even do! You also can't go from having parts you need to keep things running to being weeks out to get these parts to keep... — read more 

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Spiral is right!

Whoever said Hess Corp. was in a death spiral it appears they were right. It looks like we are headed below 13 billion market cap and maybe 10 by the end the year. I bet we have layoffs just to satisfy the stock holders that something is being done... — read more 

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Will Stampede pay out?

Why are we still investing in capital intensive projects like deep water oil (Stampede)? Doesn't our management know that our industry has been changed forever by technology? Short term, low capital, projects in our own stable environment will be... — read more 

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