Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

All Hands on Deck

We got notice today of a All Hands on Deck meeting this Monday, March 1st. Maybe this will be the day we will all will be free from this corrupt company. I would love to be the one picked to get the package but I think these criminals have better... —  read more 

Are you ready to hear the plan?

If HV is, in fact, done, as others have said, it will be interesting to see what the exit plan is. I doubt Hitachi Ltd. would just fold up the tent. Even though most of us are frustrated, there is still value in the company that Hitachi Ltd. would... —  read more 

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Is there a plan?

So its been a while since GFK and his cronies have come onboard. Usually it takes 60-90 days for a new CEO to figure out what they want to do going forward - in most cases, they actually come in on Day 1 with a draft plan in their heads if not on... —  read more 

Plot your next move strategically

Always better to look for a job when you have a job. People who wait for a severance need to realize that. Much negotiation leverage (salary, and the general sense employed folks are just more ‘attractive’) is lost. Most importantly, you lose the... —  read more 

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HV is a joke!

What cesspool of ego, and old-school management style. If HV fired every director and above, with the exception of a few, a very select few, C-levels, Directors and VPS, and kept the people who actually do the work, they would be 100% more efficient... —  read more 

How did things go downhill?

Someone said that the signs of the ship sinking were clearly seen even before 2015. I haven’t been in the company for that long, so I only see them now and I can only compare the situation as it is now and as it was two years ago. There is a drastic... —  read more 

Screw this company

I barely woke up and I'm already here to see if there'll be more layoffs next week. It's a f—ing Saturday and my first thought is to check a layoffs forum to see if there's been any news on more cuts. How messed up is that? That's what this company... —  read more 

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Hitachi and Cognizant

Agreed on the fact that the company is positioning for it’s self for sale. The last thing a buying company wants is blood on their hands. I would almost assume a deal has been made and that they are letting people go to meet contract requirements... —  read more 

Who will be impacted?

There is more and more talk about January layoffs, but hardly any of my colleagues know anything about it. I saw that someone already asked about this in one of the posts but there was no answer. Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread, but I am... —  read more 

Layoffs in EU continue

Layoffs in EU started sometime in 2018. All areas have seen massive reduction in head count. Started with finance, then came services, then came sales. Recently I see marketing and pre-sales colleagues having "open to work" profiles on LinkedIn... —  read more 

Hostile management

I honestly don’t know if it’s just me but my manager always seems angry and hostile. He shows absolutely no respect to his peers or those who report to him. I can deal with his arrogance, but everything else including his attitude makes me grit my... —  read more 

We need layoffs

I think that we can all agree we need layoffs at Hitachi Vantara, that's a fact. But the problem is that the real fat never gets cut. The many, many useless layers of management remain while employees who do all the actual work are escorted out. So... —  read more 

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