Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

So true in HV

When an employee’s performance is consistently good, it becomes expected and may unknowingly be taken for granted. I have seen people in leadership positions manipulate high-performing employees to produce more, take on the burden of others. Yet... —  read more 


Is good teamwork something that is slowly disappearing from HW??? It seems to me that teams are becoming more and more dysfunctional here. In my current team some individuals try to dominate the group in all possible ways and they are a big drain on... —  read more 

The most boring job

Are you mostly bored at work too? It's high time I got out of here. I have worked at several companies in this industry, but the job here is definitely the most boring. HW is definitely not a place for someone who wants to build their career but for... —  read more 

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Genuine Question

Most people I know have gotten into this industry through family/friends or lied about it. Those who have not (which is rare) are struggling and will likely always be cogs. Is this what tech is now

Pandemic hazard pay

I worked through this pandemic and did some dangerous business travel for this thankless company. How about acknowledging what we did for the company’s bottom line instead of spending money on useless executives.

No need for more layoffs

Here’s a thought. I saw news report about a growing number of people are just saying I quit to their employer. Could this be transcending over at Hitachi Vantara and nobody realizes it except for maybe C level execs and HR?

GLobalLogic Deal Closing

No surprises, it looks like the deal is going to close this month - Two interesting things I noted - there is no mention of 1) Vantara in the... —  read more 

Salary at Hitachi Vantara

With no pay raises for most employees, it refreshing to learn that our leaders aren’t suffering. The average Hitachi Vantara executive compensation is $220,478 a year. The median estimated compensation for executives at Hitachi Vantara including base... —  read more 

How much truth is in this?

More cognizant people on the way. Suspect they will lay off legacy Hitachi solutions and services people still remaining and replace with GL and C people in the coming months. Hearing that GL folks will also be let go at the top levels as they... —  read more 

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