Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

5-10 years from now

I don’t plan on staying here for more than a few more months. I started looking for new options for myself because I no longer have the opportunity to grow here. It will be interesting to watch from a distance how the HV will change in the future... —  read more 


According to Harris Poll survey for USA Today, those who quit jobs during the Great Resignation regret the move, don't like their new position enough to stay or are searching for a new gig. Now for Hitachi Vantara poll survey: How many of... —  read more 

Lack of focus

Management needs to let us do our jobs and stop meddling every step of the way. If they keep changing processes and shifting the goal constantly, we're both losing productivity and quality of the result. Decide what you want, decide how you want it... —  read more 

Depressing place.

I'm starting to despise this company. People who were great to work with are no longer there. Everyone is very cautious, anxious and people prefer to work completely under the radar because this place is so toxic. I hope to get an offer soon... —  read more 

Welcome gifts for new hires

I have just noticed on linkdin that new hires in India are given gifts. I know for a fact it does not happen in the US sorry only India? Maybe because HV has become an Indian company? Makes you wonder if they give sh^t about employees in other... —  read more 

I want my life back

I think I'm done with prioritizing my job even if it means losing it in the end. This is just not humane anymore. I can't tell you for how many years I've been putting in the nights/weekends/hours because there was something that had to be done right... —  read more 

Susan's comment on the webex

Did anyone hear SM about how successful the move of level 1 support to Mexico was. She has people around her telling her what she wants to hear. The GSC support in MX is horrible. Wrong parts sent for replacement. Wrong action plans, not handling a... —  read more 

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