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18 months into the Brad Surak experiment

Still not seeing anything tangible in the way of roadmap and strategy. Concerned that with the new fiscal year that a new round of layoffs are coming and internal buzz/concern is picking up.

Brad Surak: Profiles in Courage #2

As part of this series, I thought I'd add Brad's keynote presentation at NEXT that you can all view here: For his keynote, Brad decided to recycle the same presentation he delivered at the Global... read more

WARN violation

Between sales, marketing, PM, PMM and the whole converged team, there was way over 50 impacted employees in California in April, 2018 (off payroll in June, 2018). I'd encourage all impacted employees to file a complaint. Is this true? If it is, than... read more

Brad Surak: Profiles in Courage #1

Thought it might be fun to share with the world exactly how Brad Surak operates. There's a list of these so check back regularly. Just today Brad Surak hosted an all hands meeting t update the product and engineer teams of the progress he has made... read more

HV has lost its way

HDS errrrr Hitachi Ventara just lost over 50 mil in deals to EMC at two of their long time large financial institutions because HV has lost its way.They gave up on the only thing keeping the lights sales.The core legecy reps who have... read more

Bellevue Office Closure

Why did they close the office in Bellevue - I think it got closed a few months back but I have not seen any media coverage.

More info on Hitachi Vantara layoffs

-More layoffs are in the works, California WARN notices will not post until employees are off payroll (usually 2 months depending on package). The first rounds from April will be posted this month Does this mean that people who are getting laid off... read more

Storage Leader No More

Significant number of employees downsized due to continual challenges in the storage industry and attempts to transform into an IoT leader. According to Gartner's magic quadrant, Hitachi is no longer a leader in the storage world. So, declining... read more
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Layoffs hit this week

Hearing the range is 600-800 range (rumor!) although nothing has been posted on the California WARN site yet (which only identifies those laid off in CA). As I understand it (but cannot confirm) is that part of the reason Hitachi Vantara layoffs give... read more

Bellevue office closing

Here is the story of the Bellevue office closing where Lumada engineers were located:
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Massive layoffs planned for March

Massive layoffswill be coming in March in advance of the new fiscal year. The current rumour is that this will be the single largest layoff in company history. No group will be spared. Denver and Bellevue engineering offices are expected to be... read more

Hitachi Vantara Bellevue layoffs

Layoffs are starting today, February 7, 2018, in Bellevue, WA. Rumor is that Bellevue operation is being shut down. This was posted by somebody else in the other thread, but I was hoping more people will see it if I repost it. Can somebody tell me if... read more

Hitachi Vantra Layoffs 2018

Just starting a master thread here on Hitachi Vantra Layoffs for 2018. I am assuming our folks from HDS page will start migrating here - there is a ton of posts there but given the name change and the integration that's going on right now, I think... read more

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