Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

Topics regarding layoffs at Hitachi Vantara

Bonus p-t did it get broken

I recall there was talk from GK that the company wide bonus scheme didn't hit its metrics but they also understood with covid that delivering the numbers we did was still a not bad performance. and loads of people where let go. did that bonus p-t... —  read more 

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Experiences of new hires

I am very much in a hurry to leave this company as soon as possible, but of course I do my research carefully so that I do not happen to find myself again in a company that has bad management like this one. I'm really interested in how those who are... —  read more 

Bobbi Sonni is GONZO!

After 4.5 years of destroying this company they finally gave him the boot. I’m sure he is off to destroy more companies like in a bad Godzilla movie. How many more execs will follow him off the plank so GF’nK can bring in more of his cronies and milk... —  read more 

Case study company

Someone said it very well, HV could soon become a case study. Maybe it could be a study on Management practices to avoid or how to try to maintain a top–heavy organizational structure for years. The conclusion would be that sometimes one has to... —  read more 

You should be preparing

So many people are wasting their energy on worrying about layoffs instead of using that energy to prepare for that very possibility. Layoffs are not as scary if you have all your ducks in a row. Make sure your resume is updated, send out some... —  read more 

HV = Ever Given

I can't help compare HV with the ship stuck in the Suez Canal. Someone had the grand idea of steering the large HV ship through the canal of digital transformation and ended up stuck in it. Then the Japanese leadership (rudderless) has been hiring... —  read more 

Expecting layoffs?

There are many rumors that there could be layoffs by the end of the week. I don't know anything for certain and I'm not trying to create panic, but I’d like to know if anyone has more details about the possible layoffs that have been talked about in... —  read more 

Scared or prepared?

I’m worried because I haven’t found any other option, but I hope that I will somehow manage if they let me know that I am no longer needed. I have a feeling my position is going to be cut, so I’m mentally preparing. I am anxious to the maximum and... —  read more 

Stress before a meeting?

I don’t expect to hear anything good at the meeting. Lately I have had to mentally prepare for every meeting because I always hear something bad. As soon as I hear there is one coming up, I immediately get a stomach cramp. I don’t remember when... —  read more 


I’ve noticed that there are a lot of talented young people here who think they’re not good enough. That’s not true and I don’t know where that lack of confidence comes from? They are simply afraid to leave, most likely because they are humiliated... —  read more 

Lost direction?

I am not sure when was the last time I heard some clear vision and goal towards which the HV is heading. It may be because the HV no longer has any vision at all, please correct me if I am wrong. How that happened, I don’t know. Without vision, it... —  read more 

What good are town halls?

Seriously! It’s not like we’re going to get any answers on questions of importance. If anything, these town hall meetings are a bunch of smoke and mirrors. There is seldom (if any) transparency. It’s just used so executives can have their 10 minutes... —  read more 

Is there a plan?

So its been a while since GFK and his cronies have come onboard. Usually it takes 60-90 days for a new CEO to figure out what they want to do going forward - in most cases, they actually come in on Day 1 with a draft plan in their heads if not on... —  read more 

How did things go downhill?

Someone said that the signs of the ship sinking were clearly seen even before 2015. I haven’t been in the company for that long, so I only see them now and I can only compare the situation as it is now and as it was two years ago. There is a drastic... —  read more 

HV is a joke!

What cesspool of ego, and old-school management style. If HV fired every director and above, with the exception of a few, a very select few, C-levels, Directors and VPS, and kept the people who actually do the work, they would be 100% more efficient... —  read more 

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