Topics regarding layoffs at Home Depot Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Home Depot Inc.

Work me, then let me go

I went into work as usual. After the end of my shift my boss pulled me aside to tell me that he was letting me go. I DID NOT expect that. I asked if it was due to poor performance and he said no and apologized for having to let me go. SERIOUSLY, I... —  read more 

Recent layoffs

Due to covid Home Depot is laying off blue collar workers cashiers, department employees, and other low level employees. I was handed a letter with two days notice. Very poor handling on there part.

Christmas sales

Will HD have Christmas items inside the store for sale this year? I am thinking they will not get the material to sale. If they did no one will have the money to buy it. It will be survival gear in its place. They will sale real trees but no fake... —  read more 

Sick Time at Home Depot

Under normal conditions how may hours of sick time do you get each year ? Do any unused hours get paid out at end of year or carry over to the next year ? If you have 100's of hours accumulated sick time do you get paid out if you get fired or... —  read more 

Unions coming to Depot!!!

So it looks like we may finally be getting a chance to unionize. Union Reps have been to several stores in the area and the one I spoke to said it's going to be organized region by region to stop corporate from using the threat of store closures... —  read more 

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MET program structure

Just curious what the structure looks like for the overall MET program. Such as the layers of management etc. I know there’s an in store supervisor. Does it also have pod and district managers? Trying to see what’s going on with the blue sides MST... —  read more 

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Cuts in hours?

There have been some whisperings at my location that Home Depo is planning hour cuts sometime soon - is that true? I don't see a reason for it, if true. Sales are good, customers are happy, everything is running smoothly. At least here. Why would... —  read more 

We're not so different

Came here out of curiosity and sadly find you guys are getting it just as bad as us. As much as I hate to see that is there anyway you can take Marvin back? JCPenny shot us down and we're getting desperate. We're so tired of hearing we're gonna use... —  read more 


HDE is merging with HDI. Large branches have 6-12 months, smaller 4-6 months. OM’s in the operations center were told to expect their severance packages and termination in 4 months. There is a FIM swat team going around the country trying to clean up... —  read more 

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Strange Happenings

Ever notice that some topics have many replies and suddenly all but one or two disappear? Or that one of your replies is suddenly reposted as a new topic? This deal is managed, pruned, weeded, and manipulated. HD and other companies have input here... —  read more 

We are famous

Home Depot said it was laying off less than 1,000 people, but declined to give further specifics. However, a thread on TheLayoff, a website in which laid-off workers discuss developments, highlighted the national reach of the cuts... —  read more 

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