Topics regarding layoffs at Home Depot Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Home Depot Inc.

People are fearful now

The overall vibe and morale is super low now within a lot of tech teams. People are fearful now. We were fine being paid peanuts in exchange for the job security. Thank you Ted decker , Fahim, and the rest for destroying the culture here. Two months... —  read more 

Tis sh-t pi---s me off.

4 years Fired for 14 dollars worth of discounts to associstes over a 6 month period of time. I didn't even know that was a fireable offense. And I been there 4 years!! 8 people at my store got fired for the exact same thing. Coincidence? Highly... —  read more 

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The new policy is a joke!

How is everybody dealing with the news of the new schedule-related policy? I have every intention of following it to a T from now on. No matter what I'm doing, when it's time to take my scheduled lunch, I'm dropping it. I don't care what I'm in the... —  read more 

Organanizing in Philly

"The 274 employees included in the petition work in merchandising, specialty and operations associates, according to the NLRB filing. The petition was originally filed on Monday, and the union is listed as 'Home Depot Workers... —  read more 

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Remote workers

Those who have permanent remote positions, have you traveled internationally and still connect to vpn with any issues? Have to attend a wedding and looking to get some work done on free time.

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Things are about to change

I'm getting a little worried now that people are going back to the office more and more. With the extra free time for DIY projects gone, we'll be seeing a dip in sales - and we all know what's the knee-jerk reaction to something like that (and in... —  read more 

Goodbye Interline Brands IT

Only three kinds of employees at Interline Brands Jacksonville IT: bullies, enablers and cowards. For all of those two weak to speak up against the misogynistic bullies - You are about to get what the Jacksonville IT department has had coming to it... —  read more 

Work me, then let me go

I went into work as usual. After the end of my shift my boss pulled me aside to tell me that he was letting me go. I DID NOT expect that. I asked if it was due to poor performance and he said no and apologized for having to let me go. SERIOUSLY, I... —  read more 

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