Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Honeywell International Inc.

Employee benefits

I agree with those who think that the benefits here will not improve. At least not in the near future. I try not to worry in advance, but what worries me a little is the possibility of them getting worse. I hope that doesn't happen. That would... —  read more 

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No Payday today!

What the H*ll is going on at Honeyhell?? Monday this week, new hires and folks at different worksites were deactivated, now today there's no money in peoples bank accounts!

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Lead and Principals

How difficult is it to get promoted to lead from senior and from lead to principal engineer. Does Honeywell pay lead and principal engineers on par compared to other companies? I don't see too many principal or fellow positions open to apply.

Training replacements

Maybe I’m just paranoid because I’m afraid of losing my job, but ironically, I don’t like the fact that my knowledge has suddenly become important here. Honeywell wants me to share the details and show the new hire everything I do. There’s a good... —  read more 

Could it be worse?

Almost all the companies I applied to pay employees much more. Those that don't offer higher pay offer better benefits. I am so overwhelmed that neither mentally nor physically could I bear adding more to my plate. Some people think that things... —  read more 

What is HIPAC?

I see people here mention something called HIPAC. Apparently there are dues or contributions that are expected from employees for this. Is this some sort of a club? What are employees getting by paying for it?

HIPAC Details

Here’s where you find out exactly how much is coerced from Honeywell employees. The “donation” amount can be used to calculate the brown-nosers’ salary (divide the amount by the max percentage they are allowed to contribute). Each donation is listed... —  read more 

Question for those over 50

How many of you are looking for a new job and how many have been receiving offers? Also, are you getting proper offers that are worth considering, or are you being lowballed when it comes to pay? I know the job market is hot right now but is it hot... —  read more 

HBT projects

Does anyone know just how much worse it’s going to get? We don’t seem to be able to execute or understand how to do projects and actively take the opposite steps required to improve processes performance. Our sales sell one project internally so... —  read more 

Dog eat dog company

Honeyhell has turned into a dog eat dog company. We used to work together to get things done but now the competitiveness between employees has reached new and ridiculous levels. People are going out of their way to make sure you don't succeed in what... —  read more 


Not a bad year last year for our CEO. Hope the rest of your enjoyed the furloughs, anxiety over the next looming RIF, 2.5% increase in pay, increase in benefit costs, and no overtime. It's good to be king.

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