Topics regarding layoffs at HSBC

Topics regarding layoffs at HSBC

We are hiring executives

We are currently hiring a top executive who will deal with crypto. Because that's exactly what we need right now, another overpaid executive while the rest of us are fearing layoffs every day. Not to mention that the whole crypto thing is a joke... —  read more 

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Big Handouts

HSBC will pay some UK staff 1,500 UK pounds to counter cost of living increases... Reuters covers it here:

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If HSBC doesn't want to support the Chrome browser, they should check the browser in use and tell the user they don't like Chrome- not just hang there in some stupid loop.

Is there a capable manager here?

Honestly, I'm yet to work at a place with this high level of incompetence and lack of professionalism. And don't get me started on our strategy. Do we even have one? Does anybody here on any management level know how to do their job? At this... —  read more 

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Hire, Exploit, Fire..

That seems to be the main principle for treatment of employees at this company. Given that we’re all aware of the company’s constant pursuit for cheap labor, we shouldn't be surprised that the layoffs are happening, and that they’re not going to... —  read more 

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Morale is at an all-time low

Things have gone from bad to worse here really quickly. Now it's no longer just the low pay that's below industry standards and lousy managers who have no idea how to do their jobs that make our lives difficult. No, now we also have to worry... —  read more 

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Any update?

Have heard rumours that there are further layoffs planned for this week or next week e.g. HR having internal meeting rooms booked out in London etc. Anyone heard anything further or have any concrete info.?

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Project Oak

The cuts are coming mid-June and nobody at HSBC should be surprised. Bloomberg covered this with quite a bit detail, the impact will be mostly on GBM. Guyett is big on cost cutting and that's kind of what he does the best, so more to come here. Do... —  read more 

Sink or swim

This is not a bad company to work for, but neither is it one of the best. HSBC does provide adequate training in all aspects of the industry - just not for the position you are hired for. You are pretty much left on your own to be self taught or hope... —  read more 

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Stay away

HSBC can be a great beginning to kickstart your career but give it a year or two at the most - and move on! This company has proven time and again that career development and growth do not exist here. I have witnessed management give promotions to... —  read more 

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