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Glad I am out

I was let go in the last RIF. I’m so much better off now. Working for Humana had a huge negative impact on my life both physically and emotionally. The constant stress was unbearable. I got a new and better job within 2 weeks of the layoff. The... read more

Some things brewing...

Just like last time before layoffs were announced, high level execs are selling large amounts of stock. Has anyone heard anything, or is this place making me as crazy and paranoid as I feared it would?


So many people are leaving. I'm wondering if turnover is higher than expected. Has anyone heard anything on this?

June layoffs

For those that thought layoffs would be early June, for 60 day notice to correspond to August quarter ending and earning statements, the site has been quiet, and while we are all busy with rosters and trying to keep up, maybe there won’t be layoffs

Ride it out

I’m just going to cut back on my expenses, anticipating a layoff, to what the average salary is around me, and ride it out. However it evolves, I’ll be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. For now, if I ignore the chaos and focus on my job... read more

Rumor I heard

I don't know how true this is, the person who told me said it came from someone who would know but wouldn't tell me who told her. She said that all the hires for FCM were part of a mass hire with the plan to phase all telephonic into in home by... read more


HAH is holding interviews today in the office . I'm curious why they laid off so many only to hire more.

PTO and layoffs

I'm having trouble getting PTO, while I see other people getting it with no problems. That's an issue in itself, but not for this board. I'm worried that if I am laid off in one of the following rounds (we all know they are coming,) I will lose it... read more

I used to care

Now, I’m so beaten down, confused with all the things changing or not being told things are changing, I’m just done. Lay me off, do whatever. I’ll keep rolling along, but as a damn good worker, part of my emotional investment in the job that made me... read more

New quality average

So they tell us they expect the quality scores to drop with the new audit tool. Yet they increase the minimum standard? I feel like I can’t win no matter what I do.

Feb Lay-off

Anyone else in the February layoff group that was only eligible for 4 weeks of severance have their health insurance cut off on May 7th? I was under the impression I would be getting my last severance check this coming Friday (18th) and opted to... read more

Town hall today

What I heard in town hall today was that they are not sure where HAH telephonic will fit in to their new push for “deeper in home care” model. “Maybe they can do post acute care things” was the vague answer. Sounds to me like another big RIF coming... read more

Whose wellbeing is HAH concerned with?

While HAH works is to death and causes over the topstress WF says they care about our well being. Is this satire? Obviously HAH could care less that most of us are so stressed out as they continue to pile on. Bunch of hypocrites.


Has anyone been picked for shadowing? What is the purpose of the shadowing? Will they listen to calls as well as watch us document? Any info is appreciated.


HAH is going to fail their audit and its on poor management. They are shooting themselves in the foot trying to work without adequate number of employees. I can foresee overdues becomming an unfortunate issue. Very soon. Too much demand and not... read more

Peace of mind

I survived all the rifs and am stressed to the point of never before with a job with no end in sight, or the end that I see is one that isn’t good for hah, and the road to get there isn’t looking any better. I was a firm supporter, or kool aid... read more


Any thoughts on way they but a hold on the PCS today ? This is crazy !!

Humana hospice buy

If humana is buying into kindred and the hospice agency with the two equit partners, it makes humana less likely for a takeover....home health and hospice are home based, Humana bought the home health companies last year and are providing service in... read more

I would welcome a layoff now

After this last week at Humana, amidst all of the changes, and what is expected and going to be expected from us, I would welcome a lay-off. The pressure is growing, as predicted. I was almost in tears at our last virtual meeting. Only a handful of... read more


My team has recently lost three wonderful HCM's because they werejust burned out and could not take it anymore. These were experienced nurses who have been with Humana for at least a couple years. They were ideal employees who cared deeply about... read more


How can MPs show a peer average moc above 70% when everyone I know is red? Seems to be some special math at play here.

Might make you feel a pinch better?

On 2/27/2018: Humana execs pick up more than $12 million from stock sales as reported by Louisville Business First. Today, Humana's stock is up: $6.33. I know it's no compensation for jobs and benefits lost, but at lease the executives haven't seen... read more
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