Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Here we go again!

This company has practically ruined Oct/Nov for me. Layoffs again this year in late October. I’m hearing Marketing, HR and Medicare Operations will be hit the worst. Anyone hearing anything different?

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Early Retirement Offers

Anyone have contacts in HR that might know if Humana is going to offer early retirement packages? Last time was 2018 and I was told way too many people took the offer.

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Good to know

Measure your safety by workload and work difficulty. When a leader tells you to feel safe but does the opposite to give you more difficult work with tight deadline, you know you may be targeted as potential layoff target. That does not mean you have... —  read more 

Layoff time?

Over the past 6-8 years we’ve seen yearly layoffs across Humana. Maybe longer than that. Are layoffs right around the corner? If so what departments? Notices usually come in late October. People should not be caught off guard at the holidays! Any... —  read more 

Humana/United Merger??

I know there have been posts about this in the past, but a large provider group asked today in a meeting about the Humana - United merger. I found an article from August 21, 2023 stating the merger is in talks. Normally I assume this is old news... —  read more 

Total rewards survey

Did anyone else that took the survey get the impression that we’re totally scrooged? My impression is we are going to pay A LOT more for our insurance, totally lose our bonus, have the company 401 k match reduced and lose PTO and holidays? I mean my... —  read more 


Medication reconciliation with our pharmacy is a JOKE. It is required for the nurses jobs, but they can't staff properly. Always behind making patients mad, they don't answer call back.....even though they say their call back rate is high. False... —  read more 

Vague Job Titles

Does Humana use vague job titles as a way to pay employees less? For example, Humana has a Technology Leadership Professional job title, but a “Professional” is so vague and non-descriptive. But when you look at the job description, you see that... —  read more 

Home Health UM

What is up with the Home Health UM dept? It’s the most toxic place I’ve ever worked. Poor training, poor process, micromanaging from upper leaders. Threatening emails going out to all of the org- def not living the values. They should be... —  read more 

Any new layoffs?

Any news of layoffs? Heard that MP was essentially gutted a few weeks ago and BH LCSWs got their 60 day notice at the end of June. What other surprises are there on the end of the horizon?

We are all just numbers

It doesn't matter what you do. When a department comes up for layoff's a number of people will get laid off. End of story. You may find another job in the company. or not. Humana don't really care about you or your skills. If you are in the top 10 of... —  read more 

Found the info…

Someone posted awhile back wanting to know the numbers of the last layoff…I found a WARN tracker and found this Humana. 157 Humana at Home Inc. d/b/a Se... NY. 1005 So, about 1000 people

Doug Teff Layoffs

Looks like Doug Teff’s organization (MarketPoint - which reports under George Renaudin who supports Medicare and Medicaid) just received a zoom invite with no information or any agenda on who was invited. Are there any confirmed layoffs under Doug... —  read more 

Stock is plummeting

Am I the only one who's worried about our stock's trajectory? June has been brutal and things are only getting worse. I usually don't care about stuff like this, but when things get too bad we know we're going to be the ones who pay for it. If this... —  read more 

Humana merger

Curious if anyone has heard anything about Humana and UHC merging/getting bought out? I heard thru the grapevine the DOJ shot it down, but can’t find anything. Makes me wonder what’s going on since we haven’t been told about this. Only thing I can... —  read more 

Layoffs under the radar

I wish it wasn't true, but I've heard from multiple people that there are minor layoffs happening that the company is trying to keep under the radar. Is that correct? Is there anyone to confirm or deny this?

No work to do

I have no idea what is coming. I just know the work is not here anymore. Barely enough for 1/2 of work. It’s rather scary. This is exactly the situation I find myself in. Honestly, in most cases it's a much nicer feeling to be overloaded with... —  read more 

They only want the cheapest labor

I think the situation here will get worse and worse because the intentions of the leadership to hire the cheapest labor possible are becoming quite clear. This has already changed this company for the worse, and in the future I think it will change... —  read more 

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Stay away

Entire departments are getting laid off and with the wind down of the employer group products to be expected over the next 18-24 months, the horizon for any kind of job security for anyone at Humana is pretty dim. This is current Humana in a... —  read more 

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