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How many were laid off this week?

Over 30 people got laid off this week. Seems to be hush hush. No warning. Just adios to some really great people. Found this on another thread as a reply from @XCtkegx-1dtm . Can anybody confirm this? Are these really the numbers?

Please Lay me off!

Humana, please, please, please ....if you have any compassion left in your soul, Lay Me Off. I dont believe in anything u stand for, the way u treat ur members, ur employees. Nothing. Please lay me off!

TownHall today

Anyone have a heads up on the meeting today I’m sure all very curious
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No more excuses

The micromanaging here is the worst! They are NOT transparent and they do not take criticism well. They think we are stupid by telling us that they are making changes to help us when their main intent is to dump more work on us. So tired of that... read more

Lack/limited Diversity

Has anyone notice that within senior leadership and Humana at Home there is very little diversity? I wonder what is the role of the inclusion and diversity council in having and maintaining diversity. I also observed that with what little diversity... read more

Bonus ????

They don’t know when we are getting bonus? Are you kidding me ?

Exhausted an just about done

RIFs, new DSBP, My Time, Workday,being moved to different teams, Call evaluations that are beyond picky. Change after change. One minute speak about quality calls and “ digging deep”,told to increase support calls and chart til your fingers fall off... read more

Town Hall

HAH Town Hall with CG tomorrow. Anyone know if this is to update us on the recent RIF or should we expect news of more coming? HCMSSs havent been replaced/hiring for over a year, but hoping for the best. For those of you in LTIH/Transitions, how were... read more

What now?

So, LTIH and transitions got 180 RIF'd, did that wipe out the whole departments? Also does anyone know the fate of telephonic? Personal opinion: DSBP roll out and new ROI study in 6 months to see if it helps, if not.....................

Future of HAH

I keep hearing nurses will be hired in March, all the while being told we're part of an "experiment" to see if HAH is even viable. What am I missing here?

So you thought it was over last year?

No, and it's not over now either. Tens of thousands of healthcare workers getting laid off across the country. Won't be long before you're competing with 100 people for a job.

Best department for RN

Just wondering opinions are for what is the best department for nurse with Humana? HAH, CCM, PN, SCM? commercial vs Medicare vs government business? Thinking of changing my role but not sure where to start looking.

Humana 1st

Were there RIF's with Humana first? We were told that it's no longer available for any commercial or ASO members effective immediately.

analyze with caution

Layoffs percentages are high and have always been since the failed merger. Humana built an army to drum up a big sale and it failed. Humana tried to make dollars, profits, and numbers look great for anyone wishing to buy based on the cooked books... read more

Severance package

I'm trying to prepare for the upcoming RIF in February. Can anyone remind me what Humanas severance package has been in the past? I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those laid off and want to prepare. tia.

Process optimization

When the process optimization is reviewing departments- what exactly does that mean? Anyone work directly for them?

Weekly average

Anyone know the why on switching from daily contact average to weekly? Seems like it was truly just to screw our numbers up even worse for taking time off? This is for HCM hccp

UM CSR positions being outsourced

We had a meeting today letting us know that as of June 1st our position would be outsourced to a 3rd party company. We do UM CSR. We were told no RIF at this time but in the coming weeks/months we would have to move to UM front end review or apply... read more


We know it’s coming. They’ve told us we’re overstaffed. The realignment makes no sense at all. Now it’s a waiting game of when. I suspect soon to avoid bonus payouts. If anyone gets concrete info, please share.

Unused vacation days

Does Humana pay for unused PTO if we leave on our own? I'm considering quitting and I'm currently weighing my options. Without severance, every little bit would count. I still don't have a job lined up, but this place is starting to be too much for... read more

Somehow Humana gets in your head

I left three months ago, and it was the BEST decision I've made in a very long time. I, too, didn't take lunch or breaks, and sitting at a desk 9 plus hours a day was killing me. Somehow Humana gets in your head, or at least mine, and had me thinking... read more

Humana at Home Layoffs 2019

There will be a RIF in Humana at Home this month. In fact people may be notified this week or next. So much for transparency around here. When they said we couldn’t discharge members or move them from our programs even if they died I knew this was... read more
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Does anyone know when in March we are supposed to get our raises and bonuses ?

Snp SW

Anyone have any knowledge about what will happen with the social workers?
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Humana at Home Risk Department Gone?

What happened to HAH Risk? The CICO platform is no longer available to submit complaints, inquiries, comments, occurances. Didntheis wntire department go away?

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