Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Form a union?

With so many people in constant fear of what is to come, complaining about their current roles and how they are being treated by leaders, it sounds like a perfect time to join forces and form a union. Has anyone looked into this? National Labor... —  read more 

I need a break

We do too much work for how much we're paid. We do too much work, period. We're expected to do the work that, in normal circumstances, would be done by two or even three people. I'm nearing my breaking point and I'm scared I'm going to quit when I... —  read more 

Extremely demotivating

Don't get me wrong, I would really like everyone here to have much better working conditions, to be better paid, etc. , but,,,, Why was my colleague laid off so that a person who came in his position would be paid almost as much as those of us who... —  read more 

Medicare enrollment

About half of the expected enrollment of Medicare. My bet is on SNP is safe, HAH gets hit hard, Behavioral health and ECOM remains the same, as they are targeted populations, while HAH telephonic is more general, so it’s possible RIF time again for... —  read more 


Out of the remaining nurses (primarily those transitioning to salesforce) that were not impacted by the recent reduction in force, how many have decided to leave anyway?

Disappointed in HR

I am very disappointed. I have a problem with a manager who, for some unknown reason, harbors some kind of animosity towards me. I asked colleagues how they see the whole situation and people confirmed to me that I am not imagining and... —  read more 

People go for less pay

A few years ago, it would have surprised me if someone had gone somewhere else for a smaller pay, but nowadays it doesn't surprise me at all that a lot of people go for a 10-15% lower pay. I myself am debating whether to stay here and wait for... —  read more 

Last days here

I would like to leave as soon as possible but the fact that I have to be here until Jan.1, 2022 in order to be eligible for AIP does not help. Everything should be much easier when I know that I will be in another company at the beginning of next... —  read more 

I got an offer

It's a 15 percent reduction in pay but I'm actually considering it just to get away from here. I'm tired. I'm tired of having zero work/life balance and I'm tired of giving it my all and still being yelled at by my manager. I deserve better than... —  read more 

Forgotten by leader

These past few weeks have been torture since learning I was one of the ones being laid off. I had a meeting with my supervisor immediately after the announcement, but since then, I feel completely ignored. We are forced to attend weekly team... —  read more 


Here is a question for those of you with confirmed/diagnosed social anxiety, how do you manage to succeed during interviews, client meetings, team hangouts, etc?

Enough is enough

Too many people are being cut. We're losing people as it is to attrition and now they decide to implement even more layoffs? They're trying to find shortcuts to cost cuts without considering the future. Save now, think about the consequences later... —  read more 

News? Too quiet in here.

This site is usually so active when RIFs are happening. How is every one? Are people having luck applying for and getting other positions? Are your managers being helpful and supportive? Who knows stuff but isn’t talking?

Reducing clinical staff

Humana is hiring clinical staff trainers and reducing clinical staff numbers. It is very top heavy and soon the “leaders” won’t have anyone to lead. And no one to help members. Good luck with that. RIFs every year.

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Humana military

Is there any talk about the humana military department? The grant ends next year and so many families and providers aren't happy. There have been so many changes recently. And so many people quitting. I'm wondering if Humana is trying desperately to... —  read more 

Humana Husband

Congratulations Humana, I am the husband of a Humana at home care manager and I have to say, the way I have seen you treat your Nurses in the last few years is appalling. My wife was so excited to get this job a few years back, she loved working for... —  read more 

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