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It has been a hard few weeks

Thank you to my coworkers who have listened to me whine Moan and complain. Who have lifted me up when I was down. I am happy to be serving our members during this crisis. Our most vulnerable population is often the most overlooked. The calls have... —  read more 

Walmart Employee Bonus

It would be nice if Humana would provide employees some sort of immediate assistance. Even if it was in the form of a gift card. Many could use it. For some the salaries are just enough to maintain but not enough for many unexpected financial... —  read more 

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coronavirus and layoffs

Any thoughts if playoffs will be moved forward and happening sooner than expected due tomtye economic crisis we are in with this virus?

If schools close,

For those of us with younger kids, how will you handle work at home if schools are closed? I know my house will get crazy and worried about how I will get the job done.

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Bruce Broussard

Has anyone noticed that Bruce Broussard has been offline from Skype for 452 days? He is not on Microsoft Teams either... just find it interesting how the highest level leads by example. We are micromanaged for every second we spend away and he as not... —  read more 

HCM-RN Position Dead End Job at Humana

Call me foolish, but I am now starting to realize this is a dead end job. I have been here 4 years with good reviews and metrics. I have applied for numerous positions without a response. Always thank you, but you have not been selected. Not even an... —  read more 

Going to be rough year for HAH CMs

Got to have training on changes coming in verint since our scorecards will be there soon. Everyone will be able to see their own active time on computer and productivity percentages, contacts per hour and support contacts per hour. If you dont use... —  read more 


Be prepared for layoffs after March as well as those that leave due to poor working conditions, heavy workload and l.5% raise or no raise. But there are record profits!! Go figure.

Quality audit changes coming

Humana At Home: My manager shared this with me. Be prepared for big changes coming to quality review audits. There will be no more partial credit. All points must be hit perfectly to "pass", with progressive discipline if you dont meet ALL the... —  read more 

Only the Beginning

Changes are coming, more RIF's. Don't be caught off guard. The wise employee will be updating their resume and beefing up their interviewing skills. Top to bottom/management to nurse. Get ready and fasten your seat belt.

How many people work at Humana?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Louisville?

Going above and beyond!

I would never consider going above and beyond or working my 'butt off' for a company that's selling out it workers and policy holders. I would never consider volunteering for anything with these bozos. I would never consider joining the low level... —  read more 

More stressful times ahead

Big management changes. Rosters limits going up. Even more invasive verint tracking coming. If you thought it was bad before just wait. Stalking members who are UTC starting up again. Metrics coming back with new MPS that’s coming. Ah, just like old... —  read more 

Off the clock

I have noticed many on my team in Skype well over 40 hours a week. Is this a thing again?


Does anybody know when the bonuses for this year will be out even the people laid off last year are supposed to get prorated ones

Got fired for helping members

Humana ask me to help members, so I asked members to join better Medicare plan with low premium and better services. (WellCare, anthem, United healthcare, centene). Members happy but then I got fired, don’t know why? No transperancy at all...

What are they up to now?

Please acknowledge and confirm your commitment by replying to this email. Aligning on our agreement… • Every single call matters • there are no friendly touch calls and superficiality is unacceptable • Our members • ... —  read more 

Hope she got a nice bonus

I was laid off because with two teams my boss’s goal would be lower and she would get paid more in bonuses. That’s special. Her huge home and fancy vehicles aren’t enough for her I suppose. She told me in September that was her plan because she... —  read more 

HAH Rosters

Rosters getting slammed with monitored to managed and transitions and new members at rate of 8 to 10 per day. Being set up to fail. Welcome to Humana at home where they treasure their nurses! Right! What a joke!

no Ltih nurses available?

Constantly getting LTIH referrals coming back with no available FCMs . Happening in larger areas, just not rural locations. What is going on??

Humana's culture for 2020 reach to new low

Recently lots of incompetent are promoted and loyal employees are left behind, so I wouldn't be surprised, if company don't do well. Humana used to be company of values but not anymore. Humana is slowly turning into political hub where incompetent... —  read more 

Can HAH survive

Is anyone concerned that the return on investment studies may not be in our favor?

Strong headwinds of the hif tax

Should we take bets on a small aip payout? I have yet to hear if it is 6% like last year or 4%. Or what? Each town hall keeps mentioning the strong headwinds of the tax in 2020

Case Managers

Hey South FL SCM’s did Humana mention why they were laying you off in January? Are they getting rid of post discharge case management all Together? It seems like Humana is only going to keep chronic disease management CM which is done by HAH because... —  read more 

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