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Article that just came out

Humana updates policy on executive payouts after sale, merger of company Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:11 PM CST Updated: Nov 22, 2017 4:43 PM CST By Chris OttsCONNECT LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville-based Humana Inc. has updated its “change in... read more

Latest news on layoffs?

I've been going through the board, but I can't find any significant info on the next round of Humana layoffs. Does that mean we can relax because nothing is coming, or am I just missing something? I remember somebody mention January at one point, but... read more

This is not a bonus!

I really wish people would quit saying it's a "bonus." it's not a freaking bonus! IF (AND THAT'S A BIG IF) , you get that pay out it's in place of your yearly pay rate increase. You're not getting a bonus, you're getting screwed. Because your base... read more

Don't be discouraged if you are not hired yet

I spoke with a job recruiter, not the one Humana offered, but one I sought out on my own, and he told me even though there are many jobs posted in my area that organizations most likely will NOT hire new staff before the first of the year due to... read more

Must SEE!
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Anyone heard about an increase in pips? Firings? Heard that humana didn’t layoff as many as they were supposed to so now they have turned to this route in order to get people out?

Future of HAH????

Is HAH no longer available for next year? Are we all just going to be laid off in the end? Any info would be appreciated. This waiting game is killing me.

HCM RNs, who gets your roster after 11-22?

I wonder what the plan is for those leaving and those left behind for roster management. We are already are getting RIT/Transitional mbrs back to call. Recycled NMAN mbrs as well. Anyone know the master plan- obviously not looking good for those... read more

Jan 2018 layoffs

Article states additional 250 in January but doesn’t state which department

2018 severance??

I have read several posts on these threads where people imply if you are laid off after January 2018, you would get no severance. why are these comments being said? I doubt that Humana would change their severance package after so many layoffs this... read more

Early release

I was in the group from another dept laid off as of 1/5 are we also getting a notice of an early release next week?
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Nothing to do with performance

I was impacted in first round of layoffs. Whole teams were let go then so obviously it had nothing to do with performance. I think people are always looking for answers as to WHY certain people were laid if....AND sometimes there is no read more

PHC’s any updates on early release?

Good Morning, I was wondering if any PHC’s who were affected this round heard anything about early release? It would be nice if they let us go before the holidays so that we can at least enjoy our holidays without being stressed and then can start... read more


I need to know any information about current or future layoffs for HAH FCM's ...all these acronyms are killing me! I wish I was layed off already, sounds like our 2017 "bonus/incentive, whatever" and severance if laid off, will be NOT happening?? I'm... read more

Hoping for early release

My last day is Jan. 2, I received an email to meet with me leader on Friday 11/17/17 for "update". I'm hoping I will be released on Friday. Has anyone else effected received similar email?

Filling open positions from the outside

It is nearly impossible to transfer internally to a new position. The system is set up to not absorb many of the impacted employees. In order to even apply for a posted position you must have ALL the requirements, some of which are just ridiculous... read more

How many HAH associates are left?

and any news on when the next layoff is occurring? Coach 100 and Coach 22 have been very quiet so not sure what that means. I am positive the 250 planned layoffs from 2018 will be from HAH as it seems like the program is falling apart. does anyone... read more

Why does HAH seem to be so awful?

I am just judging from being in HAH, but why does HAH seem to be awful compared to much of the rest of Humana? HAH has been an awful experience, especially in the past year. But you see this seemingly “happy” other side of the company. Is this just... read more


Does anyone know how many HCM RNs there are left after this most recent layoff?

Laid off in Training

Really struggling with these calls. I feel really lost. I was right in the middle of training when we received the Layoff notice. Training basically stopped dead in its tracks for obvious reasons but I am left feeling very unsure about how to... read more

Servants attitude? Are you kidding me?

I love the new theme of Humana, that we are to adopt a "Servant's Attitude". This cannot be serious. Who thinks of these things? Myself and my coworkers have given endless hours of underappreciated Loyalty and Dedication, not just to Humana but to... read more

Any word on an early release date?

I know if we are released early, that's it's generous. It's not something they have to do- however, I really have my hopes up since the last 3 RIF's have been released early. I'm crossing my fingers that we get releases sooner than later.

What is LTIH2?

Seeing this designation at times on member moving to telephonic. I’ve tried searching but nothing found.

Early release

Can someone explain early release to me. I was affected and my last day they said is in January. If they early release does that mean my severance starts then or do they just pay you until your lay off date then your severance starts???

Who's Staying?

For those who are affected, do you plan to seek positions within the company?

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