Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Enough is enough

Too many people are being cut. We're losing people as it is to attrition and now they decide to implement even more layoffs? They're trying to find shortcuts to cost cuts without considering the future. Save now, think about the consequences later... —  read more 

News? Too quiet in here.

This site is usually so active when RIFs are happening. How is every one? Are people having luck applying for and getting other positions? Are your managers being helpful and supportive? Who knows stuff but isn’t talking?

Reducing clinical staff

Humana is hiring clinical staff trainers and reducing clinical staff numbers. It is very top heavy and soon the “leaders” won’t have anyone to lead. And no one to help members. Good luck with that. RIFs every year.

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Humana military

Is there any talk about the humana military department? The grant ends next year and so many families and providers aren't happy. There have been so many changes recently. And so many people quitting. I'm wondering if Humana is trying desperately to... —  read more 

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Humana Husband

Congratulations Humana, I am the husband of a Humana at home care manager and I have to say, the way I have seen you treat your Nurses in the last few years is appalling. My wife was so excited to get this job a few years back, she loved working for... —  read more 

Another Day and no news

Another day and no news for us that are going to be impacted. This really is ridiculous- just inform us so we can make plans for our future. I keep getting invites for meetings for future events - am I the only one that finds this all so surreal?? —  read more 

Behavioral Health

Does anyone have any information on what folks in BH can expect? With the IMBH CM position being pretty much eliminated and most associates now doing consultations it is odd that nobody is talking about how HAH BH will or will not be affected.

Vaccine exemptions?

Is there anyone that has filed a religious exemption that has been notifed it was approved? Considering attempting to invoke my right to be exempted due to my religious beliefs vs leaving. Wondering if I should even bother.

Not the same company

Humana has gone downhill. The morale of all employees is at an all time low. They have taken a really great company to work for down the drain. Many long time employees are sadly opting out of the company. This is 100 percent true. I don't know of... —  read more 


Can’t say from who, or where this was heard, but amount of RIF they’re looking at, across the board, in all positions in scope is 20%, but there are mitigating factors with regionalization and licenses, but look for 15-20%


Has anyone heard about how many they're laying off in the HAH department? I don't understand why we have to wait until the end of October to find out.

Freeze on other positions

Wondering if they are freezing getting hired for other positions at Humana until they decide if they keep us or not. I have applied to two jobs since RIF announced and both said they were not going forward with my application.

Details Please!

Has anyone heard details about the jobs you are opting into? Hours requires to work such as 8-5 or required to work until 8PM? Will working weekends be required? Will pay decrease? It’s tough to make a decision without these essential details. —  read more 

I've got a job offer

I'm too scared to accept it, though. I'm not too happy here but mostly that's due to the constant fear of layoffs and often being overworked. Other than that, I like my job and the people I work with. The new job comes with more pay but I'd be the... —  read more 

Post discharge

So humana plans to focus on post discharges from hospital? Transitions program has been nothing but a huge stressful nightmare for every RN since Humana dumped their program last year! Bungled mess run by a group of absolute buffoons but now every... —  read more 


Does anyone know if you opt for “voluntary” layoff if your unemployment is affected? In other words, can unemployment be denied if you take voluntary layoff?

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