Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

I consider myself lucky

Being an older employee I know it would be difficult if I were to decide to look for another job. We all know the pandemic caused all industries to RIF many hard working and tenured employees across the board. The thing I am grateful for is that I... —  read more 

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ECOM delay??!!

This can’t be good. They are delaying rollout of a huge investment? This smells like the start of a big ax falling! Anyone hear of any cuts soon?

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What are the job ramifications due to Humana implementing the ECOM process? Has anyone heard of any layoff because of this new process?


I use to work foe HAH for almost 10 years . I had a great position working as a FCM . Does this still exist ? I was part of a RIF nowni work Foe another company as a Tele nurse and it’s so boring

End to HumanaCM

Well now 11/30/2020 most Humana FCMs, CCL’s, and process associates end their tenure due to the layoffs and ending of the program. Take some time to rest/relax and grieve this loss but don’t stay there! There’s a big world out here waiting for you to... —  read more 

Now what?

If we were told that we did not get the position we applied but we have a job until May, what happens next? Will be included in the RIF? And does anyone know when the next RIF will take place?


Not looking good for CMs or HCMSS.... if the care manager is giving resources, then maybe the HCMSS will become CMs like they are in SNP, so they may be reducing staff that way?

Fall 2020 layoffs

Anyone hear or know if they will be offering early retirement this year? I know that they are cross-training alot of people and we all know what that means.

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Life in the Layoff lane

I worked for Humana for over ten years. During that time I made daily rounds to remove tp rolls from as many rest rooms as possible. This routine was not necessarily in my job description. Luckily I carried a large and billowy purse in order to... —  read more 

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