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Early Retirment and Layoffs

Humana will be offering early retirement. The early retirement will not be enough to offset the savings required to be met by RIF. They will be laying off company-wide. It's going to be really substantial. Coming in the next 60 days.

Town hall meeting

Was this just more nonesense and clear as mud to any one else? It seems like Humana's moving in the direction of in-home care management.


Why is Humana at Home hiring PHCs when there was just a layoff?


Interesting Molina is laying off and the #hcsrenewal job postings seem to be related to expansion in the home health arena, maybe humana is aquiring Molina...they got a payout for not doing the merger with Aetna, maybe they're buying a home health... read more

Member graduations

Has anyone noticed changes in workload since the last round of cuts and/or member graduations?? Wondering how this mass movement will affect those of us that are left. I don't think they are enrolling yet, so I don't imagine it will be good??... read more


After severance is over, are we eligible for unemployment? Anyone know?

Behavioral health and hcm ss

Since there are no behavioral health programs and the HCM SS don't do counseling, but they're all licensed, is there any talk that anyone has heard about how the HCM SS role is going to change to meet the needs of the member? There are so many psych... read more


Hi, someone posted on another thread that to get the severance, you couldn't bring up anything related to age...can someone further explain that? The way the OP phrased it, it almost seemed that was one of the criteria for the layoffs

Layoff list

Does anyone know how they decide who to layoff? What determines you being on the list?

Coach is a bully

Not a lay off post, but I didn't know where else to ask. My coach is a bully, and I'm not sure what to do about It? I've thought about reporting her to HR but I'm scared of retaliation. She plays the favorite game non stop, and those of us she does... read more

Holiday layoffs

Can anyone confirm the Humana's policy regarding layoff announcements during the holiday season? I saw some discussion of it on another thread - can anyone confirm the policy? Is it a Humana-wide policy, or is at the discretion of each department? Do... read more

New role opportunities?

So did anybody get a chance to read the "new role opportunities" email today? What does everyone think about that?

Early release

Can someone clear this for me. Now that we were provided an early release... Are we able to be employed somewhere else and be paid by Humana until October 30th and our severance?? Or do we need to wait until October 31 to start job??

60 day notice clarification

To clarify some of the statements and questions here. You are given 60 days notice of being laid off. During those 60 days nothing changes in terms of your employment are still an associate, get paid, accumulate pto and all of that. After 60... read more

More games

Another game played when will the impacted group last day be???


Its been really quiet this weekend. Does anyone have more information on the layoffs?

Layoffs - Humana - Louisville / Cincinnati

There you go: Humana is cutting 180 positions in its home-based care division, including 20 in Kentucky as part of “some organizational changes,” the insurer said Wednesday. The company also is combining two offices in Cincinnati. Sources had told... read more

RNs wanted

For anyone interested, Supplemental Health Care is an agency that employs RNs (and probably other professionals as well, you have to check). They are looking for RNs to travel to multiple hospitals in Houston and "surrounding areas" to provide help... read more

People who spoke up are gone

The people on my team who were let go were always respectful, but did voice their opinions. They stood up for us all and our members and will be gone now. Good leaders should value that, especially as these folks were solid or excellent performers... read more

180 laid off in home-based care

It seems that this wave was 180 people, according to an Insider Louisville article. Something stood out for me, though. “In some cases, these associates may be eligible for new roles within Humana,” she said. “In Kentucky, we currently have more than... read more

HAH Folding??

Demo programs are ending, major positions are being cut, main management has "retired", no promises of no additional layoffs, major member movements, a new benefit calendar year coming and a partridge in a pear tree. Is there a chance HAH is going... read more

Great input on decision making

Hi, I had to copy this from another thread...thought it was good info: Of course there is a strategy involved in the layoffs. They didnt admit to anything most of us didnt already know! They don't go eeny meeny miney moe to select. As a former hiring... read more

more layoffs by the end of the year?

Another lay off is coming as the Demo projects are ending at the end of the year. If you don't currently work in the Demo world, you will not be affected by this is this just speculation because projects are coming to an end, or has this been... read more

No peace of mind

So much for thinking that once this wave of layoffs is done those of us who remained will be able to relax. Humana seems to truly not care about morale or emotional health of its employees. Nobody wants to say that this is it, its over at least for a... read more

Loyalty rewarded with a layoff

This was the layoff heavily focused of those of us who were long time HAH employees, with of course a handful of others so they could deny the criteria. Did they realize that many of the loyalists were done? I hope so, very truly. HAH does not... read more

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