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What's the purpose of Verint besides extreme micro managing? There is a person on my team that is constantly out of compliance, doesn't do her cases, etc. She is still working and is seemingly feeling secure enough to not be working like the rest of... read more

Lay off coming

Who gets it this time I don't know.. Heard it today a big one coming. Already outsourced the IT dept. Bought a company Kindred with affected the Field case Managers, Bought a company for UM duties. Maybe that is the group that will be affected. So... read more


Can somebody please tell me what is LTIH? I would really appreciate it. I don't work for Humana, but my mother does. I'm just trying to stay informed and follow conversations here and that term keeps popping up. I tried searching on Google, but it... read more

4 10 hour shifts

Curious how many denied 4-10s for impossible metrics? I know there are quite a few....

Low roster but still hiring new nurses?

My roster has not been full in a long time but we have new nurses starting next week and the week after. Who are they going to call? Where are those thousands of members waiting to be enrolled?

How do you feel?

Was told today in a meeting that our coach has the capability to see what we are doing screen wise every second of our day. Pathetic. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Was told it is to help the work life balance for associates...umm... read more

Town hall

Any idea what the care management town hall is about? Also are other teams being micromanaged about their flex time/well-being time?

Micromanaged to the utmost degree

The issue here is "how great we are". So great we make our CEO an board of directors rich and continue to squeeze all we can from our members and employees.. Our employees are not important. They are replaceable. People in my dept are getting... read more

Humana is boring me to death.

If I have to sit in on another meeting regarding the rules, regulations and fine print related to this rigged health insurance system I swear I will fall over dead from boredom. Is this any way to run a health insurance company? Who's having fun here... read more

Humana has become toxic

I was affected in the last RIF. I had planned on leaving after the first of the year and received my AIP. I follow this site to hopefully lend support. Start looking and get out. Humana has become toxic, unfortunately. I have no bitterness, Humana... read more

This is what it's come to

I'm praying for layoffs. Praying to be let out of here with at least some kind of a safety net, because staying here is not healthy for me. Or anybody else, for that matter, at least in my opinion. I'll admit, it's a little liberating not to have to... read more


This program is ridiculous. Our leaders need to figure out what they want. Changing guidelines every month is getting old. Now no more self management summary?? After all that extra work ?! Glad but frustrated beyond belief


I know this is layoff site, but this could effect layed off employees as well. Did I read the email today correctly that our AIP is changing and we may now get a zero payout compared to the guaranteed starting percentage? If this is the case, I hope... read more


Leadership should consider eliminating eith AD roles or the Manager roles. Since “the best” practices are participating why are so many managers needed? Training is done by Deann and team or Humana training right? Looking to save more money... read more
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OMG!!! Would love to know the scoop on this decision. I feel 100 lbs have been lifted from my shoulders. Finally....a good change.

Legacy members moving 75% by mid May

So with moving legacy members all the way thru anyone over 1 year is HAH phasing out the program or just getting ready to slam us with so many new members we drown ? I suppose we shall see. Good Luck everyone!

There is more to Humana than hccp and SNP!

Yes, some of us like our jobs, and like Humana. I’m not in PR, paid to post this, or management. Please, for those of you who are so unhappy, look at other departments, things are different!

Great job Humana!

Great job Humana! Your PR has reached an all time low. Your customers hate you and can't wait to leave, you employees hate you and their entire circle of influence...friends, family, a nurse, every doctor, imaging center, pharmacy... read more

Another big layoff coming.

Really shocked this hasn’t been posted!! I was notified another department was going to be closed. We have until end of year to find internal options. 😞 I have high hopes to find one but after so many rifs and so many not finding placement I feel my... read more

Humana at Home

Dies anyone Else get a feeling we are just finishing up loose ends and doing away with the care management telephonic program

What's your Individual Development Plan?

In 2012, I submitted an IDP to my supervisor, citing as my planned goal to become a millionaire in 5 years. I was told that this was in inappropriate goal. In 2018 I became a millionaire thru strategic investing. I then reminded my supervisor that I... read more

2019 goals

2019 Goals? Comprehensive survey or focus member survey completion greater than 95%. Are they serious? With all the utc’s? And movement of members back and forth? I feel like I’m being set up to fail.

Working at home

Tired of being told that working at home is this wonderful benefit that Humana has kindly given its staff. With us working at home, Humana is not paying for office space and parking space, utilities or internet cost for a large portion of its HAH... read more

HAH CM program

Are we no longer enrolling members into this program we are on the dialer we get members to accept the program so they will have a CM to assist them on the phone . We have very few people on the dialer doing this job and we are helping other... read more

Any news on early release?

Given the fact that most that have been RIF’d are not finding internal employment, it would be nice if they would let us go this week. Maybe just wishful thinking.
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