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Almost two years to fitfo on annual raises and they couldn’t. So there is a delay. And do u think they are gonna back pay Jan-March? Guessing no

Humana Kuroshi....

Chill’ve vented some anger in the past few hours.
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Open enrollment

Surpassed expectations for Medicare Advantage members, Humana is NOT going down, it’s growing

New mps

What’s up with the new MPs? Especially this close to yearly evals. Seems like you are even more penalized now for taking time off.


Anyone work in Humana at Home, Triage Monitored? I’m thinking about applying for a transfer from HCM-RN. Not sure what the demands are for this position and if it would be a good option.

Telephonic looks safe


Hccp cm here...with the announcement that CRD is now available for all to use and our dwindling numbers of hcm ss, does that lead the way for the cms to take over for the hcm ss, like they do in SNP, and our hcm ss will be next to be RIF?

What is going on?

Hey all, anyone know what's is up with the RMD's for the Texas region up and quitting lately? There have been 4 or so in the last couple months, and now the head of the department put her notice in today after being with Humana for 25 years. I keep... read more

Unrealistic expectations in SNP

This is insane. The amount of members on our rosters to call in SNP each day is crazy. These members are the sickest of the sick and the needyest of the needy and we have to rush them to try to finish on time. Very unhealthy for us and the members... read more

Given the instability..are you looking to leave?

im curious and taking a many of you are seriously looking for a new position outside of Humana? I could not have asked for a better work place when i started Humana, but with so many ups and downs and LACK of transparency over job... read more

Humana adding 45 jobs in De Pere office

Just wanted to update anyone on this board who is interested. This is the second time in 2 months that Humana is offering jobs in the De Pere office as it wants to widen the headcount of the telephone customer service representatives in this office... read more
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It’s possible to prove age discrimination

A single employee who can prove that age was a factor in denying promotion, assignment, etc....go read it yourself...who has been discriminated against due to age can be evaluated for EEOC violations. Things like failure to provide reasonable... read more


I never got a second email from Mr Fleming. How very frustrating

Who was affected?

So the 180 positions that are support positions were laid off? What departments were they from?

I HATE the hypocrisy!

More than any of the rest of the Humana b---s---, I HATE the hypocrisy. Working on the team engagement plan and somehow, all the poor management and chaos is put back on us to resolve. American healthcare issues are longterm and vast, but don't try... read more

Quality Positions Eliminated

I am seeing a lot of posting about FCM and LTIH positions being impacted. Positions in Quality were also affected. That word was delivered this morning. This is evidence that once again the lay-offs hit across the organization and we should expect... read more

SNP telephonic.. tell me all

i am moving into the temp role of SNP telephonic and would love to hear from those in that program the good, the bad, and over all what your daily schedule is like.

Hiring and laying off?

They’re hiring for SNP and IMBH. They’re looking to do more in home, more behavior health and deal with more chronic members, hccp has been through a huge RIF, and they’re not replacing those left though case loads are very high. Is this the obvious... read more

Commercial Case Management

I know the CCM Team downsized. Based on need of course, has anyone heard if there are any position open with them?
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HAH Phones

What's up with the phones today?
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Quality Audits are Ridiculous

What is up with the quality audits for HAH Case Manager RNs? It has gotten to be unbearable. Now just before the end of the year they role out another process to grade us on our calls- and management says that they know this will affect our overall... read more

Humana mail order pharmacy

Is the mail order laying off or cutting vendor sites? Ot is required and service level is very low and we are not getting answers as to why.
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SNP MSW Changes

Anyone know when the SW will go to support roles? How many are needed for TOC support vs. AD support? Methinks most of us will be stuck on dialer.

FCM LTIH Layoffs

So for those of you at the meeting yesterday..thoughts on when we will officialy hear of the next RIF?

Here we go again!

Prep work starting. No answers to reasonable questions. Get ready. Kindred merger will not affect us. OK, right? Why am I here again. Turn up the heat.

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