Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Next round of layoffs

I’ve heard from two people in other departments that the next round of lay are coming in March-April. Was stunned to say the least. Also heard that a certain female sr vice president in her 50s is leaving. Seems we are losing many tenured senior... —  read more 

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Next RIf

Earnings report comes out next week for Q4 of 2022. Do you think that will be the catalyst for the next RIF? Anyone know when to expect the next round of layoffs will be? And What areas of Humana will be impacted?

Brain dump

Certifications are popular and trendy, but methodologies can almost never be applied here. It's intriguing to think about how many certifications one should hold and maintain for no practical application. Understandably that could render anyone... —  read more 

IT uh oh

My family member works at an insurance company where we just hired an exec from. Reviled and pretentious, lying, backstabber are the terms used for this exec. Why cant we hire someone on the upward trajectory as opposed to castoffs and... —  read more 

RIF Question:

Hello All, my term date was extended a week as I am in final round for an internal role. If given an offer, is there anything to consider as far as negotiating? Want to ensure I'm not risking severance etc if offer provided, I try and negotiate... —  read more 

Humana needs huge changes

Admittedly, I don't know if it's too late now, but without radical changes this will be a sinking ship. Agree? Unfortunately, the changes expected by the employees are not happening. The majority is afraid of changes for the worse.

See an attorney!

Definitely meet with an employment law attorney. You're position being eliminated vs your department being eliminated are completely different! The attorney can get your personnnel records and the documents to why you were laidoff vs a coworker.

Pandemic to layoff

During the pandemic I was a real trooper. I got the vaccine and I turned in for work every day. I didn't get sick. Being older, I don't have school age kids, I didn't have anyone in the house I had to care for. I didn't take ANY time off. I was... —  read more 


Was hired on as a contractor over a year ago and was verbally promised FTE. What I am witnessing is a joke. The team they “flattened” is trying to cya and only making matters worse. Bosses complain because they have “so many meetings” but refuse to... —  read more 

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