Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Push them until they break

Looks like the management here has perfected the 'push them until they break' system of handling employee workload. They keep adding more and more work and if one of us complains they either threaten or try to placate us with empty platitudes of how... —  read more 

End to HumanaCM

Well now 11/30/2020 most Humana FCMs, CCL’s, and process associates end their tenure due to the layoffs and ending of the program. Take some time to rest/relax and grieve this loss but don’t stay there! There’s a big world out here waiting for you to... —  read more 

Now what?

If we were told that we did not get the position we applied but we have a job until May, what happens next? Will be included in the RIF? And does anyone know when the next RIF will take place?


Not looking good for CMs or HCMSS.... if the care manager is giving resources, then maybe the HCMSS will become CMs like they are in SNP, so they may be reducing staff that way?

Fall 2020 layoffs

Anyone hear or know if they will be offering early retirement this year? I know that they are cross-training alot of people and we all know what that means.

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Life in the Layoff lane

I worked for Humana for over ten years. During that time I made daily rounds to remove tp rolls from as many rest rooms as possible. This routine was not necessarily in my job description. Luckily I carried a large and billowy purse in order to... —  read more 

Defund Humana

I've worked for Humana for over 20 years. In that time, I've seen numerous changes. Where the company is operating now has never been worse. They take in entirely more cash than services given out. Their generic get out service card is the... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

Humana cut the contract with my company for Humana at home home care visits- lots of workers lost their jobs. They said that due to the virus, they could manage the “home visits” at their home office and didn’t need them anymore.

ECOM and layoffs

In listening to town hall today, I have mixed feelings. I’m so grateful right now to have this WAH job and for how well Humana is treating employees overall. On the other hand, hearing how “utilization of Humana resources has decreased” and how... —  read more 

If Top Leaders Knew This

It shows a lot how generous Humana is with extra benefits at this time. Their support is inspiring. If they really knew how Middle management is using this pandemic as a competition is shameful. Fabricating reasons to call members over and over when... —  read more 

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