Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Elaborate Sales Events

The company is struggling and doesn't give real raises to help employees keep up with inflation. Some employees and contractors are on Medicaid because they are paid so low. Others are struggling or working a second job to try to afford their... — read more 

More layoffs?

Social worker here. Recently they moved a bunch of managers and combined teams. Then told us to stop getting licensed in new states. Thats all that they have been pushing since I was hired is to get licensed in as many states as possible and now... — read more 

Benefit Refresh

Anyone got intel on how bad the benefit refresh AKA benefit annihilation will be? Heard some non specific chatter but nothing specific. Me thinks that certain types of paid leave will go bye-bye, medical will cost more, PTO may get cut, Bonuses will... — read more 


With the announcement a few months ago of the closing of all Humana and CarePlus community centers, the RIFS with 60 day notices going out have begun

All the same

Jumped over hear from the UHG/UHC/Optum pages just to see if there were other health competitors that treated their employees in a way that would make them satisfied with their work, engaged and striving for innovation because the company valued them... — read more 

New Executive Digs

Check out Humana Project Republic in Arlington VA. Published by Davis Construction. Also, read the article "Humana to shutter Louisville" by Wendel Potter a former employee. Don't miss the link within titled the healthcare breakdown by Preston... — read more 

Clinical operations

Toxic boss. I feel targeted. I don’t want to have to find another role. Humana has changed. Not sure why they spend so much money on values, creating new values, rolling them out, meetings upon meetings to make us healthy team members if we are... — read more 

Clinical Operations

Change, change, change. We get it. Are we going to have a job? Toxic boss has me feeling that I’m no longer “a right fit”, “should consider if I can so the job”. The same job I’ve been successfully doing for over 10 years and growing, promoting... — read more 

HDAC Cancelled?

Hmm, HDAC cancelled randomly next week, no Louisville associates allowed in the building for thunder of Louisville, q1 earnings call next week, and all leader town hall on Thursday. Something is surely up…

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