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Humana In Home

Friday's for me are like waiting for the next shift to come in and relieve you. But tonight was different. After 6 years as an HCMRN, first time I ever sat after hours and re watched the town hall meeting. With all the changes going on... I wanted to... read more

Humana In Home

Friday's for me are like waiting for the next shift to come in and relieve you. But tonight was different. After 6 years as an HCMRN, first time I ever sat after hours and re watched the town hall meeting. With all the changes going on... I wanted to... read more
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Town hall today

Someone please let me know your thoughts.... Did I hear the lady on the phone correctly when she stated the goal at the end of the year was to have 100,000 members in HCCP managed and 500,000 or more monitored? If so, that definitely means more... read more

The lucky ones!

RIFed folks don’t despair. Y’all are the lucky ones. You get out of this train wreck and get a head start on job hunting and also get a nice severance and health care benefits too. Humana has created an unhealthy work environment for HAH. Toxic... read more


Coverage team going away and nurses being moved to other teams, so many changes I can't keep up...Any coach out there with some insight on how the program is going to be run moving forward?thanks

Ammunition to terminate

After the member movement/graduations, will they likely use the fact that RIF'd HCM-RNs have no members to call as ammunition to terminate? What other ammunition will they likely create?


darn it I was hoping before this dumb hourly crap. This is gonna be hard to do and they are looking for any reason to fire the impacted ones so not get severance...grrrrr
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Rest Of CSS Helpdesk Informed Of Lay Off 2/20/18

The remaining CSS helpdesk analysts that were associates (not contractors) were informed yesterday 2/20/2018 that we are all being laid off (they are keeping a few to help finish training the off shore folks/TCS etc). Some details that may help... read more

Todays meeting

I know we are hoping today is the day. Looks to me there are some time differences on the meet times so lets just say who ever had theirs first comes here to verify if we are getting a release date? Sound good? My meeting is 1pm est.

RIF timesheets through April 9

We were told to enter time through April 9th. We were told to do this in the meeting when we were laid off! We were emailed how to do this and told what code to use. Now we are being accused of trying to steal time because the code they told use to... read more

Tell us something please

We know “they” know our release date, so why can’t they tell us? This is ridiculous, just put us out of our misery. For once, be “transparent.”


So now here is a kicker....HAH will be dissolved and Care Plus that is already part of Humana will be hiring 1500 people to do the program but with other twist and plans. They want all Bachelor degree nurses since can get paid higher. Plus the... read more

WAH article-hope this helps

Look up Forbes and "Is working at home better for you?" Article is very good. They have 5 reasons it is advantageous to WAH and at the end of the article it had info about searching for WAH positions.
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Just an FYI

I was a part of the layoffs in November. We were informed on November 2 that we were dunzo and worked at least 2 weeks before we were released. Not saying it will be the same this time but who knows. Hope this helps..
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Burned out

I know many of you are sad that you were let go and many of you are ecstatically happy that you were I am one of those that is feeling depressed and stuck in this HCM position and wishing I got laid off It just keeps getting worse and worse and yes I... read more

If the rumors are true...

...we will be told today that friday is our last day. I certainly hope it's true! I need the time to focus on finding a new job. Good luck everyone, whether you are RIF or not, I hope things look up for all of us.

Choosing who goes

As a coach, I can tell you I can't select someone to cut or stay. We do a PITA on each associate on our team. I am not able to select a certain person to be laid off because they are stressed and I think they will be better off RIFd. If they are... read more

Full Disclosure Here

No I will not tell you exactly who I am, but I'll tell you that I was a high performing CHE that worked on several special projects. I was chosen to be let go by mt coach in August because my coach KNEW how badly the unknown was destroying me. Once I... read more

How about we bring it down a bit?

There’s anger and frustration, but it is mind blowing what humana employees are saying to each other, the insults and name calling. This is still a public forum, and as such, ANYONE can access it and read it, including your members, if they google... read more

Kinder Garden

What a bunch of whining babies. Get a life. Look around you and see what a mess the country is in and you are all complaining? You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is supposed to be the caring profession? I hate to imagine what an uncaring... read more

Early release

Each day is getting more difficult. When I ask my coach about potential release date, I get a non answer. Has anyone heard anything?


I’ve been with Humana for 6 years. For the first couple of years I loved my job. It was doable and it provided me with a good work life balance. These past few years with Humana have been a nightmare. The constant changes and continual micromanagemt... read more

Don't be afraid to stand out
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Just so discouraged.

I started here back in July. Didn’t know a soul, had never done this type of job (HCM-RN). I have lived the life of a hospital nurse. We all know how stressful that can be. I was thinking I would be coming to something more low key, low stress. Boy... read more

Mortgage Unemployment Insurance

Something to consider for those who are left. I am not a salesperson and I don't have it. If I would have known what I was getting into I may have purchased a policy.

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