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There is more to Humana than hccp and SNP!

Yes, some of us like our jobs, and like Humana. I’m not in PR, paid to post this, or management. Please, for those of you who are so unhappy, look at other departments, things are different!

Great job Humana!

Great job Humana! Your PR has reached an all time low. Your customers hate you and can't wait to leave, you employees hate you and their entire circle of influence...friends, family, a nurse, every doctor, imaging center, pharmacy... read more

Another big layoff coming.

Really shocked this hasn’t been posted!! I was notified another department was going to be closed. We have until end of year to find internal options. 😞 I have high hopes to find one but after so many rifs and so many not finding placement I feel my... read more

Humana at Home

Dies anyone Else get a feeling we are just finishing up loose ends and doing away with the care management telephonic program

What's your Individual Development Plan?

In 2012, I submitted an IDP to my supervisor, citing as my planned goal to become a millionaire in 5 years. I was told that this was in inappropriate goal. In 2018 I became a millionaire thru strategic investing. I then reminded my supervisor that I... read more

2019 goals

2019 Goals? Comprehensive survey or focus member survey completion greater than 95%. Are they serious? With all the utc’s? And movement of members back and forth? I feel like I’m being set up to fail.

Working at home

Tired of being told that working at home is this wonderful benefit that Humana has kindly given its staff. With us working at home, Humana is not paying for office space and parking space, utilities or internet cost for a large portion of its HAH... read more

HAH CM program

Are we no longer enrolling members into this program we are on the dialer we get members to accept the program so they will have a CM to assist them on the phone . We have very few people on the dialer doing this job and we are helping other... read more

Any news on early release?

Given the fact that most that have been RIF’d are not finding internal employment, it would be nice if they would let us go this week. Maybe just wishful thinking.
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I call for the quality teams resignation! This is absurd and humiliating to be a part of. MET team has no clue and quality team is dreaming. Members are beside themselves when questioned about diagnoses they didn’t know they had. Hcms review 50 dx... read more

I hate hah

Hah is a joke. I hate everything about this place now. Not one redeeming quality left that would say this is a remotely decent job. Quality reviews are a complete joke and this new Comp survey redesign is so long it is almost commicaI - I can’t even... read more

Had to repost this response. Spot on

+1 17 year nurse....the job changed. The FCM role wasn’t needed because of the kindred deal and contracting out, Humana is not run on a hospital model, but a business model. If a school had 30 teachers and then they either had lower enrollment and... read more

There are not enough positions to go around.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but heard from a reliable source there were other RIF’s at Humana, not just LTIH, but were not public knowledge. Hence the fact we were given 90 days notice and time on the clock to look for jobs. Humana does not want... read more

Job alerts

About every 5 to 7 days I get an alert from hiring agencies listing my job as an FCM for the network. Why do they keep saying they are not getting rid of us but hire in our area when I dont even have a full caseload yet. Zero moral at this point... read more

Next Phase of Layoffs

Last year's slaughter has bought a temporary equilibrium, very temporary. This is much bigger than Humana, just Google what's going on with the economy as a whole, in USA and the world. Don't think for one second you won't be affected because you're... read more

Mysterious Humana Deposit in my Bank

Woke up this morning found out I have an $800 deposit in my account from Humana. I was laid-off over one year ago. No explanation, no nothing. Why? I am okay with it though.

Hoping to be laid off

The situation Humana has created with constant layoffs and stacking of responsibilities is unbearable. To say we are overworked would be an understatement. This kind of pressure is not healthy - it affects us both physically and mentally. I'm now in... read more

Working off clock

Did any receive suspension for working off the clock? We have a couple of CMs on our team that have been off for over a week without explanation.

FYI Review your severance agreement

The language in the agreement reads severance will be based on 2018 salary however any impacted associate should contact HR for clarification in our huddle today we learned HR is aware of the mistake supposedly a revised packet indicating severance... read more

Seriously? Stop complaining!

Why are you all complaining about a bonus? Based on your work performance and humanas performance? If you want more next year, ask your coach how you can work on what needs to be done to try to get a higher percentage. Don’t like your raise, if you... read more

There is no PayScale

There is no PayScale.. HR confirms this. They use “ “Base Pay” compared to what other companies offer. If you transitioned into another role, instead of being RIF’d and retained your previous positions salary you can forget about a “base pay” raise... read more

I do not understand

Why is it people who are happy they no longer work at Humana continue to come to this site and complain about Humana? Not trying to bash just trying to understand if it is because you are hurt or angry. Or what I wish you all happiness on your new... read more

Two week transition period for those laid off

I’ve heard they are considering not giving the two week transition period prior to end date. My paperwork from HR stated they would be giving the two weeks to help transition and give time to find a new job. Anyone else hear this? Can they do this... read more

So glad I am gone from this hell hole

Cost of living raise is a joke at HUMANA and the” bonus” is just a carrot dangled in front of you to make you stay. So glad I am gone from this hell hole Never appreciated, under recognized, belittling of my. Intelligence and micromanaged like a... read more

Whats new?

Surely someone out there has some information on the fate of HAH, I really think that they are going to re evaluate the return on investment numbers soon.............. Im sure someone out there has been in those high level meetings. Spill the... read more

AIP and Annual Raises

AIP is very nice! Pleasantly surprised! However, annual raise wasn’t what I expected. Anyone else disappointed with the annual raise? I’ve been told a lot of different percentages for raises, it doesn’t seem consistent or any rhyme or reason.

Is trouble brewing?

Leadership within HCS clinical operations seems to be frantically pushing metrics. Really enforcing sticking to schedules. Emphasizing make calls, make calls, make calls. They are reviewing our verint with a fine with comb. Just seems like there may... read more

How many were laid off this week?

Over 30 people got laid off this week. Seems to be hush hush. No warning. Just adios to some really great people. Found this on another thread as a reply from @XCtkegx-1dtm . Can anybody confirm this? Are these really the numbers?

Please Lay me off!

Humana, please, please, please ....if you have any compassion left in your soul, Lay Me Off. I dont believe in anything u stand for, the way u treat ur members, ur employees. Nothing. Please lay me off!

TownHall today

Anyone have a heads up on the meeting today I’m sure all very curious
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