Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Humana Inc.


If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck. The title says it all for me. **** Humana Inc Insiders planning to sell millions worth of HUM stock - look it up.

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This is a terrible situation

Everyone is very nervous and with a good reason. On the other hand, Humana is not interested in the fact that for some people a lot depends on this job and what it would mean for us to get a little more information. Perhaps someone here has... —  read more 

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For a company that prides themselves on Transparency, it’s pretty disheartening that people have to come to a layoff sight to get information. Every week there seems to be a new announcement and by the beginning of November, hundreds should know... —  read more 

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Article from this morning

This Insider Has Just Sold Shares In Humana Inc. (NYSE:HUM) CONTRIBUTOR Simply Wall St Simply Wall St PUBLISHED SEP 24, 2022 09:12AM EDT We wouldn't blame Humana Inc. (NYSE:HUM) shareholders if they were a little worried about the fact that Joseph... —  read more 

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On the bright side…

Yes, that post title is sarcastic….if they RIF is coming the beginning of November, the PITAs should be done by next week so everything can be processed in time….so, really, there is nothing more to do but do your job to the best of your ability... —  read more 

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Seems the Layoff doesn't want to hear about Humana's foray into wokeness. Lets play a different game. I wonder how the companies woke policies will translate in their decision process, about who gets laid off. And this is not a political statement... —  read more 

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People exaggerate a bit

I too have more work than ever, but when someone says that they are now doing a triple workload, it sounds a bit exaggerated, doesn't it? Given that I always had a lot of work but physically could not handle even a double workload, I constantly... —  read more 

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Heard some news that HR and leaders have been monitoring performance closely to determine who gets laid off. Anyone have any info on this?

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700+ Layoff Enterprise Wide

Some were surprised when I mentioned the 700+ number regarding layoffs, so I wanted to make this it’s own post for more visibility. The 700+ layoff is the true number that I’ve heard rumbling around. I wish they would stop downplaying it by calling... —  read more 

Activity Reports?

Just got out of a meeting that mentioned reviewing “activity reports”, assuming that’s some sort of employee monitoring or tracking but was hoping someone on here knew more

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Frontline FER nurses

Does anyone have a real scoop on if frontline FER nurses will be effected and if so to what degree? I know regions are changing and realigning but surely the FER process is not going away.... I mean that is a hard dollar area, thoughts?

Get those resumes out

I am tired of this company but I'm curious if there is anyone who changed their mind and regretted leaving this place? Is the grass really much greener elsewhere? Nowhere is ideal, but I'm afraid of making a mistake and going to an even worse... —  read more 

I simply don't get it

The people that Humana decides to get rid of are some of the best employees. Why is that so? Cut talented, working employees instead of those who are incompetent... that I will never understand. What is the future of a company that obviously... —  read more 

Susan Smith (CQES)

In the Q3 Townhall on 8/16, Susan Smith who is SVP of Clinical, Quality, and Enterprise Solutions (CQES) mentioned that one of Humana’s partners might be bought out by a competitor. Any idea what she’s referring to?

CPSS Layoffs Information

CPSS (Consumer & Provider Services and Solutions) has four main areas. We just had a town hall meeting on 8/16, and now we have another impromptu meeting scheduled toward late-September, in just a few weeks. (Not a good sign) CPSS Business Areas... —  read more 

Morale sub zero

I don't even know why I put in any effort anymore. Here, if you work hard, you will only be rewarded with more work and in the end you will be a target despite being a top performer. That's the Humana way. I am very disappointed.

Just Laid off

I got laid off today with two months notice. Company was doing good and I was always the top performer in the team, it's so unfortunate with these greed companies.


This is total bullsh-t waiting around for a layoff notice . Who will get canned who will stay ? If my manager has anything to do with the worst nurse on the team will stay . Birds of a feather flock together..

CPSS town hall

Another town hall in two weeks for CPSS. I assume it will be to discuss RIFs, as CPSS has already had Q3 town hall and it’s too early for Q4. Anyone know anything?


Speculation- will the RIFs in retail and the restructuring be aligned with the Centerwell establishment in various areas? If you look at the career site, there are lots of hybrid roles open with Centerwell. And, Humana usually gives 60 official... —  read more 

Do nothing micro managers

I work under a do nothing manager. All he cares about is what time I am online, how much minutes I am away.. keep checking status of my work thrice in a day. How can I deal with this? How do you all establish trust with your managers? I have been... —  read more 

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