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Commercial Case Management

I know the CCM Team downsized. Based on need of course, has anyone heard if there are any position open with them?
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HAH Phones

What's up with the phones today?
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Quality Audits are Ridiculous

What is up with the quality audits for HAH Case Manager RNs? It has gotten to be unbearable. Now just before the end of the year they role out another process to grade us on our calls- and management says that they know this will affect our overall... read more

Humana mail order pharmacy

Is the mail order laying off or cutting vendor sites? Ot is required and service level is very low and we are not getting answers as to why.
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SNP MSW Changes

Anyone know when the SW will go to support roles? How many are needed for TOC support vs. AD support? Methinks most of us will be stuck on dialer.

FCM LTIH Layoffs

So for those of you at the meeting yesterday..thoughts on when we will officialy hear of the next RIF?

Here we go again!

Prep work starting. No answers to reasonable questions. Get ready. Kindred merger will not affect us. OK, right? Why am I here again. Turn up the heat.

Monitored members moving

Any info my upper mgmt decided to remove monitored members from the c/m roster?
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IT Layoffs

I am hearing some activity around IT and IT support layoffs with announcements coming in the next few weeks. Anyone else?
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Monitored push

Today in Town Hall and earlier in the power point it was said that telephonic CM is sending to monitored more often than expected. It is also said in both that doing so has negative consequences. Yet does upper management and exects know that Coaches... read more

Aux codes

Does anything happen if we dont use aux codes because we dont take all the breaks?

Some info on changes

It sounds like SW will be doing TOCs, possible PDCs, and possible ICT support for social work type needs. There will also be a group of us going to Auto Dialer to work on re-engagement of Members. We havent been told more than that. We dont know a... read more

Wellness a priority; yeah right

So Humana is preaching wellness! Take care of yourself! Put your oxygen mask on first but yet you get no support from coaches or COMs when things happen personally that affect our life or just every day stressors! Then they change the RN’s job role... read more

Care Coach 1 postings

Would someone please share with me some information about the Care Coach 1 positions. I was one of the last groups of PHCs who were let go. I saw this posting today and was curious about it. Thanks

Interesting role on FB Humana Careers

Humana is hiring for Patient Care Coordinator and Inbound Contacts Representative positions. All roles will work out of the Tempe call center, located at 7333 S. Hardy Drive, Suite 102. Patient Care Coordinators work directly with critically-ill... read more

SNP MSW Changes

Has anyone met with their leaders yet about this? Any insight?
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So many leaving my team and others and the micromanaging just continues to get worse. Looking myself. Anyone know of work at home nurse positions that aren’t like this?

Postings for jobs

There are job postings for CMs and HCM SS ....wonder what department? What is the success of RIF people who had those positions in the past getting into one of them now?


I am a HCCP RN and I wanted to ask how others feel about PCS and calling members twice or more per month. It is beneficial for a few of my members, but not most. I feel like they do not have time to see providers or work on goals. I understand the... read more

100% on my audits.

100% on my audits. That's good. Keeping my roster up despite doing work of 2. That's good. Having trouble with new processes cause no instructions on how to do... that's bad. Enough to put me on a verbal warning after two weeks. Wow.... after six... read more

Burned out!!

I can’t believe what is going on here. The new norm is now working about 2 hours OT daily just to get our assigned calls done. It’s out of control. Now they are asking for volunteers to go to the auto dialer in September. Nobooeants to to that so now... read more

Auto Dialer - WAH

Can anyone tell me what your pros and cons are with the Auto Dialer program? Considering a switch from roster. Thank you.

Contracting out.....

Humana is checking out contracting out for nursing needs to other companies! They have been talking to several subcontractors for UM, SNP CM, SW and regular CM. This is VERY reliable information...,been told by worker at a company who is in the... read more

Is no severance the next step for Humana?

I honestly wouldn't be surprised one bit if we soon found out that the next round of layoffs will not have severance package attached to it. It's happening to others already. Just look at Molina. They saw their severance reduced until none was... read more

Mindful of red flags for layoffs

I have put together a list of red flags to Be on the look out for potential layoffs to come. Please add any additional items not listed. Mandatory trainings that require you to enter your name first and last and even home address in the end. This is... read more

It’s worse

I didn’t think it could get any worse but I was wrong . every day is a nightmare here at Humana there is forced overtime , the workload is not manageable in a normal day , the patients are angry , the nurses are burned out and angry . they’re just... read more

Important info

Today I learned: If you're SNP and you have days where you call all day and no one answers you are still required to meet metrics. And if you stay late the next day to meet them (and keep in complaince), anything after COB will not count towards your... read more


Did anyone else receive a letter regarding an employee data breach that happened way back in January.? I received this week, letter written June 4th, I received on July 13; that my SS number name and ADDRESS were transmitted on unsecured web... read more


Can someone in here explain what the big deal is with leaving early on Friday? We are told to start late or take a long lunch. But whatever we do, do not leave early on Friday, but don’t work overtime ?

Any news for hcm or rn/cm

I am at a loss. Everyone is so overwhelmed with work in our region. A new process every day. Morale is depleted, attrition is high. I can't help but fear that we are ramping up for layoffs soon. Execs leaving each month. Now we are being told it is... read more

No change in base salary

Has anyone been told our base salary will not change next year? We had a meeting recently and were told we will get incentive bonuses, but our base salary will remain the same. How is that ok? Going on 3 years with a company and still have the same... read more

Head is spinning.

First they tell us to move ppl to PCs so we do. Then after the fact tell us that we have to contact PCs 2x a month. So we move them all back to moc. Now they are telling us again to move them to PCs. Make up my mind please. I want out so bad. Applied... read more

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