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My team has recently lost three wonderful HCM's because they werejust burned out and could not take it anymore. These were experienced nurses who have been with Humana for at least a couple years. They were ideal employees who cared deeply about... read more


How can MPs show a peer average moc above 70% when everyone I know is red? Seems to be some special math at play here.

Might make you feel a pinch better?

On 2/27/2018: Humana execs pick up more than $12 million from stock sales as reported by Louisville Business First. Today, Humana's stock is up: $6.33. I know it's no compensation for jobs and benefits lost, but at lease the executives haven't seen... read more
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Can we use EAP after being impacted? Also, how can I contact them? Thanks in advance.


Regarding the poster wh--e-named" Humana at Home's program to Wally-at-Home. Very clever! I love it! That is great! ROFL! At this time, and with how Humana has done us, it is great that we can still have a sense of humor. It is so important! Thank... read more

Severance question

How long did it take for you all that were previously laid off to receive your first severance check? My official last day was 4/9. The form we received says it’ll be after our last “normal” check on the regular pay cycle and once the letter we had... read more

Equipment Returned

When leaving Humana do they send a prepaid shipping labels or do we have to pay for it all to be returned?

Walmart article
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Any info???

Wondering if anyone can shed light on rumor of more layoffs coming???


We recently received info/stats that the snp department is doing acceptionally well with metrics and quality. As previously stated with going hourly, upper mgmt said they would look at metrics again once they see how hourly goes. My concern is; is... read more

HCM ss new needs survey

How many of us will still be here in two months with that new survey, by the hcmss either resigning due to the expectations of the tool, or because we weren’t verbatim bombing on reviews?

Anybody else still looking for a job?

My mom was laid off last year by Humana and she is still having trouble finding new employment. She keeps going on interviews but nothing comes out of it. Is this normal? How quickly do other people who were laid off managed to find work? I know six... read more

Humana Jobs

Has anyone on here been hired internally since being laid off? If so, is the process the same as far as background, drug screening, references etc? I’m hesitant to apply because don’t want to waste time and if the background and drug screen isn’t... read more

I doubt we'll have layoffs in April

I can't believe Humana is getting ready for another round of layoffs so soon after the last one. Who will be left if they continue like this? Anybody knows where this whole "more layoffs in April" thing came from? It looks more like wild guessing... read more

Met reviews

The policy was changed earlier this year to say we are to get 2 met reviews a quarter. Since Jan, I have had 7. Anyone know what is going on with this and the MET team? Starting to get really annoyed.My scores are fine(all over 90) but it starting to... read more


Why are they offering overtime to catch up to meet members needs, maybe they shouldn’t have laid off people. Why are there threads talking about layoffs, if they’re offering overtime to staff because they see the work load can’t be done with the set... read more


Does anyone know how expensive Cobra insurance in case if I no longer employed through Humana?

[email protected] vs Humana

So I am wondering if it is just me or does anyone else think that there seems to be a big disconnect between Humana overall and [email protected] I never notice nurses and coaches from the other parts of humana complaining on here or at work either. I interact... read more
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April layoffs

Was confirmed today. More layoffs to come in april. SMH. It'll never end will it?

Humana Louisville

In the news: Humana is settling a lawsuit that claimed they discriminated against women in salary compensation compared to the men in same roles. They did not agree with rulings but decided to pay up rather than litigate. The beat goes... read more

Internal Roles

For those that have applied internally, how common has it been to get a 2nd interview?


Who else picked up on the vague response addressing the layoff question in today’s meeting? Anyone know what is actually going to happen to the future of HAH willing to tell us all the truth?

Humana Layoff curse

I've interviewed at three places who all mentioned that they've had multiple applicants from Humana. I had to explain the reduction in work force, but I haven't had any call backs from those employers. Previous posters who advised getting out before... read more

Going Hourly

What has everyone been told about why we (nurses) are changing to hourly pay? In my area, which is not HAH, we are waiting to see if this will be good since we have been working extra hours for years...or if humana will go even more overboard in the... read more

Horrible time

I was notified of my termination in October and this has been and continues to be one of the worst times of my life! I am a RN with a BSN but because of where I live I can’t find a job. I have applied for over 30 jobs with Humana and over 200... read more

Title = Humana at Home 2. Or 0. Or Bust not US.

If and When you receive the confidential email; will you stay or will you go? What I am asking is, What if You had a choice, what would You do? When you receive the email what is your choice: to stay or to go? What part of care do you feel here that... read more

Next round?

Does anyone have solid information on when the next round of layoffs will be announced? A couple of months ago I read on here of an April announcement. With the most recently impacted associates just now leaving and rosters being dispersed I am... read more

Resume update question

I start a new position next week, what do I put on my resume for employment dates when I update it for the position? I don't want my dates to overlap because I don't want future recruiters to look at it and think I was job shopping. Would you put... read more


Impacted RN here and while I do not plan to need unemployment, wondering what % of our pay this would be if it was something I had to apply for. Does anyone have an idea?

Nothing has changed

Thought I'd be looking forward to my weekends again by now. I was wrong. I don't feel safe nor happy. It's so sad how much Humana affects my life outside of work.

Leaving early?

Has anyone’s coach said we may be told we can leave early today? Can you let us know if you get the word?
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The hits keep coming....

By now, most of you have figured out that this is going on all over the industry, not just Humana, but sometimes it still shocks me to see hospitals doing mass layoffs. Been in this industry for decades, never seen anything like what's going on these... read more
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Severance question

Is there any way to receive severance payment in several installments instead of a big lump sum? This could make a huge difference financially, as it would be taxed less than it is. One of my former coworkers nearly had a heart attack when he... read more

Severance question

So do we get paid until May 9 for the people that have worked for humana less than a year?

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