Topics regarding layoffs at Husky Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Husky Energy Inc.

What can we expect?

I’m a bit nervous now that the new ELT has been announced. Anyone’s guess on what type of changes we can “look forward” to on the horizon? I can assume overlapping positions will be made redundant and layoffs will occur. How soon in the future? Does... —  read more 

Yah ok Dahlin

Easy there buddy, trying to act relative with your email there. Pointing out that you and chiasson are buds who, obviously, have catered to mutual financial success. Let’s be honest here Dahlin, you ran good old hog right into the ground and yet... —  read more 

COVID cases at the Office

Rumors are starting to circulate that there have been cases at the head office within the procurement team and that a number of individuals on those floors are now at home in quarantine. Can anyone please confirm (or k–l) this rumor?

Layoffs will be bad

And most of them will be from Husky. Just do some reading on other similar acquisitions in our field and pay attention to numbers of laid off employee from the buyer and from the company being acquired. Cenovus will not be spared, but we will take... —  read more 

Next week

Am I the only one who thinks corporate layoffs are coming next week? I haven't heard anything concrete, but it's a lot of small thing that seem to be coming together to indicate it. Personally, the sooner they get it over with, the better. I... —  read more 

Salary cut or layoffs?

Somebody mentioned that Husky could avoid laying people off by instituting a pay cut across the board, and it got me wondering if that's something people might prefer to layoffs? I know there are those who consider themselves safe, but I honestly... —  read more 

October Layoffs?

Now that most of us in the Calgary HO are back in the office, there is talk that the primary reason we are all back–and why Husky was so eager to have us back–is to prepare for another round of layoffs next month. Word is that folks from Hutchison... —  read more 

Big layoffs 2020

Husky are laying off another 10% of employees/contractors. They are not renewing contractors contracts this year. In the last week alone I have seen 4 people leave the office with all of their belongings. Many more cuts to come over the next... —  read more 

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