Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Work health Randy!

Why aren't cashier's allowed to sit? The German competition Aldi's allows them to sit. If a cashier or customers service employee leans on a counter, a Manager "Of" yells at them. Working in a standing position on a regular basis can cause sore... —  read more 

SE Expansion

Does anyone know any current info on the SE expansion, tentative dates, etc. and/or if it's still planned for 2023 and if so, when in 2023?

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Ways some stores can survive

I think there must be some way for the stores that are still operating to survive and not experience a closure. A true leader would fight for it. Perhaps someone has an idea how stores in poor condition could survive in the future?

I Urge You to Read This

Please read to see what outside professional s think about Hy-Vee's recent corporate behavior.

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Deli Meats

Why is HyVee doing away with all the sliced deli meats now? Why are they getting rid of things that actually sell? Makes zero sense but then again Randy is in charge.

Indy Car Results

Explain to me how anyone at Hy-Vee thinks this is actually a good sponsorship for the company. RLL racing is not a good organization. The 45 car hasn’t finished in the top 3rd of race results with Harvey. The Indy market isn’t getting a Hy-Vee for... —  read more 

My store is awful

I think it can hardly be any worse. I guess according to the rules of this site it is forbidden to give out any identifiable information, but I am really interested in how many hyvee stores are actually doing well. Without revealing the... —  read more 

We Need a Wage Increase

A 3 percent increase is not enough when inflation is 8 percent. Do the math. We are hurting as employees. Most of us are paycheck to paycheck. We can't even afford to shop our own stores. Aldi and Walmart are getting my grocery dollars. I wish we... —  read more 

What is the end result?

Hy-Vee really preparing for the future? Being bought out? Going out of business? When will they squash the rumors? Or will they? Curious on the end result of when and what happens to all the employees… Best ideas?

Randy is lost, dementia

HyVee just had the biggest surge of record sales. Covid caused a huge surge of cash for grocery stores. All the restaurants were close so the only food source was grocery stores. Somehow Randy thought that the increase of sales would be forever and... —  read more 

Novel idea

Here's a novel idea for HyVee...hire an outside company to do an employee survey. It would shed some light on what's really going on in their business. I know this would never happen as Randy has too big of an ego to do this. Plus, they would hate... —  read more 

When will it be enough?

How many more of these announcements do we have to look forward to before the leadership decides it's enough? Living and working surrounded by uncertainty is not healthy! We're in this mess because of the decisions made by those on top and we're the... —  read more 


Cut the nepotism… just because you ran a successful store in Omaha doesn’t mean you know everything about other business disciplines. The leadership at the top prioritizes working really hard…. Doesn’t matter if it’s efficient or effective. Just... —  read more 

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