Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

Topics regarding layoffs at Hy-Vee

So damn glad I’m gone

I left at the beginning of the year and here’s what I can tell you about my experience there towards the end of my employment. It felt like I was married to an abusive spouse who kept telling me I’d never have it as good with someone else. No matter... —  read more 

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Store managers

Store managers will treat their employees like garbage, work you until you die young. There are no raises for salary or hourly employees. Go work elsewhere. One store hired someone with no Hy-Vee experience and gave them a super higher up position... —  read more 

Underline tone is toxic

Most stores ive been at the tone of the store has been toxic. They say one thing but act totally different towards employees, there's no training with any of the management systems or RPM , The new rollout for new systems are frustrating and there's... —  read more 

Starting Pay.

Our CEO says it's important to compete with Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart. He wants to be the best place to work in America. The above mentioned companies starting pay is 15 dollars an hour. How about paying us like them if you want to compete with... —  read more 

How bad is attrition?

I work for another grocery chain and have been thinking of leaving. The attrition rate we have is astronomical due to toxic work environment, sparse pay, employee engagement and other things. Does this company also have high attrition? Can anyone... —  read more 

So much hate

I see so much hate for the company here and it saddens me. Hy-Vee is not perfect, but it's not as bad as some people make it seem to be. I enjoy what I do and I like (most of) the team I work with. Customers are a pain but that’s the price of being... —  read more 

Christmas Bonus Thank You

Thank You to HY-Vee for the Christmas Bonus this year. The 1 week of free Dental, Vision, Long term and short term disability insurance that totaled about $7 will come in handy this year. Also congrats on a record breaking year in sales.

What would you do?

I am at a complete loss here. I had to deal with an abusive customer and when things didn’t get resolved I had to get my manager involved. It totally threw me off because he threw me under the bus. It didn’t matter to him that the customer was... —  read more 

This is what gets me...

I’ve been with this company for almost 15 years and it has very seldom disappointed me. However, this last year has completely changed that. I’ve seen good, hardworking coworkers being laid off, and extra work loads assigned during the aftermath... —  read more 

Hyvee cutbacks

Yesterday was a hard day for HyVee employees. 84 store directors were either "stepped down", with a 20% pay cut, or allowed to retire. The stores affected will apparently be managed by other, nearby store directors. In addition there appear to... —  read more 


Oh how funny it is that Hy-Vee is handing out masks and not requiring them. They are so far right that they are afraid what Supreme Leader Reynolds would say, do, or take away from the cooperate stockholders that they won’t mess with her. As a... —  read more 

How are you doing?

A lot (including a world-wide pandemic) has gone on since the layoffs/job cuts/reassignments at HyVee in mid-March. It may not change much to talk about it, but just wondering how everyone is doing? Have you found new jobs? If not, how are you... —  read more 

Pay on the back

I like how Randy (in his video last week) says we had the best quarter ever because of the personnel changes that were made at the beginning of the year. No buddy....that's allllll COVID-19. 🤔😲🙄

HyVee going public???

Ok, HyVee insists - that they aren’t for sale or going bankrupt. Could they be preparing to take HyVee stock public in an IPO (Initial Public Offering on the New York Stock Exchange)??? Mr. Edeker and many of the Board members are most likely at... —  read more 

Up in flames...

I am so happy I finally decided to leave Hy-Vee. It is absolutely the worst place to work and try to make a life for you. They could care less for you and your family. I no longer shop at Hy-Vee I have switched to aldis and I encourage everyone to... —  read more 


Employees have had enough being forced to wear these. Being with Hy-Vee 20 plus years I am now seeing the stress this has on employees. They are not happy, they are turning on each other. STOP THIS MADNESS


We as employees demand YOU practice what YOU preach and we DEMAND you have a mask on in your next week's video. Then we expect YOU to step in our shoes, come stick shelves, ring on register, work in kitchen and meat. Then tell us how much fun it is... —  read more 

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