Topics regarding layoffs at iGATE Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at iGATE Corp.

It is unfair with employees

very bad for igate IGATE LAYOFF Stop terminations/layoff immediately Give us decent exit comply to company's own policy and provide at least three months of notice Performance rating is flawed, if not, be transparent on the process Take action... —  read more 

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Igate Layoff

Hi Guys, I am working with iGate since from 4 years at Pune and last week they just informed me it was my last day without giving any short term notice or salary. This is ridicules, in igate only chamchegiri people will survive without work and such... —  read more 

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Very Third class company iGATE

The compny has just firing me because they dont have project and not giving any salary by black mailing me that we will put your name in poor performance if you want three months salary. there is whole family behind me just shifted to Pune and i dont... —  read more 

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Big Third Class Company IGATE

Is this a proper logo of IGATE, the company you are talking about? YES, THIS IS CORRECT LOGO IGATE THAT THEY ARE DOING. THEY ARE TERMINATING EMPLOYEES AND SHOWN DOOR(igate) HA HA HA HA.... Very Such BIG BAD Company that they are not in a situation to... —  read more 

This is really bad...

Hi, My brother is in iGate he joined the company last year on May as fresher. First they provided him training in some technology and after completion of training they put them on another technology and gave them training. Now after completing the... —  read more 

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I hope it gets more bearable

I worked for iGATE, SSE, it was a horrible experience from day 1. Such a bad work environment, pathetic management, a lot of harassing and no dedicated HR to report to. Don’t know how I managed to stay there for 3 years. Hope these structural changes... —  read more 

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iGate Fresher

Joined as fresher (Igate) given dumb project not even related to trainings given Cuz they dnt hv projects . Wasted my 2 years Cuz of bond and in the end forced to resign in 2017 .Igate managers retain dumb people who take whole day to do simple... —  read more 

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iGate Patni Layoffs are immanent

I'd say June 2014, but you never know. Mgmt gotta make their bonuses, so they'll cut if they need to. they do not care about, iGate does not care about nobody cares about you except yourself. So, have that resume ready and be ready to bail at any... —  read more 

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