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rebadged verizonites desperately looking to move out of infosys

rebadged verizonites desperately looking to move out of infosys - Infy mangement gave clear instruction to HR and managers to ensure most of verizoners leave infy with in one year by imposing unreasonable working conditions on them.
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Pune is no longer a safe work place

this type of rules will lead to large scale cheating by local managers in Pune as valuable contribution of outside state employee will not be recognized and acknowledged as they are treated as dispensable staff. Already locals indulge in rampant... read more

Infosys Acquisitions

Keep adding to the list - subsidiaries and acquisitions, none on the list had layoffs: Skytree April 18, 2017 Brilliant Basics EdgeVerve Kallidus Inc. Lodestone Management Consultants Co., Ltd. Lodestone Management Consultants GmbH (Austria)... read more
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US Hiring

I guess Infosys will be gearing up for some hiring soon for the Verizon contract? I'm sure they'll need to backfill at least some of the people who did not transfer.
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Anybidy here knows if this is true?

Posted on our Verizon board, can anybody here confirm? Starting Oct 1st all IT will be in Infosys Deal is set between Verizon and Infosys. Starting Oct 1st all IT employees except people managers will be moved to Infosys. Announcement will be in... read more

infosys is heaven compared techm

infosys is heaven compared techm the things that are show in the you tube audio graba haveeb going on in tech m from 2009 onwards. probabaly infy is the place a degree of professionalism still survives The layoff victim in the below audio was not... read more

Silent layoffs at Infosys, Bangalore campus.

I've been with Infosys for past 2 years. Assigned to a project. Got good ratings. Yesterday got a mail stating that I've been relieved of my post. No more details. Asked to leave the campus at 3 PM upon getting the relieving letter.

As layoffs pile up, we expect more pain

More cuts, more pain and we are just starting with layoffs. Execs will want to tell you that it's just a blip, a minor correction, but what we are seeing is a shift to the cloud where there is a less and less demand for IT workers as things are... read more

Techies take protests to the streets of H'bad A large number of techies in Hyderabad hit the streets to protest a wave of retrenchments in the Information Technology sector in the city. Under the... read more

Looming layoff in Testing

Looming layoff in Testing . Target in the range of 5000 people. Profiling and segregation initiated to remove any dependencies and criticality, - Over 40 age will be picked first for induced resignation. Process can take 3 months
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Gopalakrishnan says: NO LAYOFFS

This almost made me laugh, after all layoff posts on this board:

Infosys Layoff Process Initiated

As was heard in internal grapevine, company has started process. By Monday 22nd, resources who r on bench and are with high experience years have been put into the company's improvement plan by their talent managers. Thousands have been tagged as... read more

1000 / Job Level 6 and Above

Nearly 1,000 employees in job level 6 and above (group project managers, project managers, senior architects and higher levels) may be asked to leave. Managers at these levels have been asked to identify, in terms of performance, the bottom 10% of... read more
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