Topics regarding layoffs at Infosys

Topics regarding layoffs at Infosys

Profiteering Best practice 1 - Deliberate over hiring done In Indian IT service to maximize bench and kick out older employee

Profiteering Best practices - No 1 - Deliberate over hiring done In Indian IT services firms - to create buffer and increase bench and create a talk that induces fear that bench is growing and and kick out older employees by benching them and... —  read more 

Gopalakrishnan says: NO LAYOFFS

This almost made me laugh, after all layoff posts on this board:

Big Layoff Hit For Infosys

Get ready for mass layoffs, things are not looking tood, we'll see on April 13 what's gonna happen - my feeling is that things will not go well: Infosys, which reports earnings April 13, may have the most at stake. The Bangalore-based company is most... —  read more 

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Dirty Trick of Indian IT services firms - Please lodge complaint with Prime ministers office - highlighting excess profiteering.

Large scale layoff of senior employee who are have over 10 years experience stagnated in their career in roles like PM, Test manager, PMO, Release manager, Test lead, proposal, pre sales , support , resourcing etc are being laid off as these... —  read more 

HR is not capable!!!

There is a lot of reshuffling of technology from one project to another, but after gaining expertise or interest in one technology, you will be expected to start all over again with a new technology. That's a waste of knowledge. Very frustrating to... —  read more 

My concern

I've been with Infosys since 2013, I am in SA and I like it here. I have a problem with attrition that we are seeing right now - a lot of people leave after a year or two. It feels that we only have junior people and all knowledgeable folks are quick... —  read more 

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