Topics regarding layoffs at Inovalon Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Inovalon Holdings Inc.

No transparency

Why is everyone at the company so secretive? There are no charts and no one has any explanation! not getting enough hours and will probably have to find another job even though i survived the most recent layoff.. Does anyone know what's going on?... — read more 

Outsourcing/off shoring

Inovalon is starting to outsource more jobs. I question whether there are legal issues with using out-of-country contractors or vendors that will have access to medical PHI (protected health information). If there is a security breach in one of these... — read more 

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Layoff?? No Closing for good.

Lansing office was told today that they're closing our office after the first quarter, no plans to reopen, because they don't want to renew the lease or find another building for the top performing location of the company.

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I agree

Something seriously wrong inside inovalon. After earnings report early August 2016, massive layoffs. No explanation given except reorganizing. Worked over 9 years with company and it has been extremely disorganized. Poor management, uninformed staff... — read more 


There are massive layoffs going on within this company. There is something wrong when a company just did the same thing back in 2013 under a different company name. Employees are nervous and on edge.

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