Topics regarding layoffs at Insight Enterprises Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Insight Enterprises Inc.

April 2020 Layoffs

You can probably expect another massive cut on April 1st... I don't have any insider info, it's just that they have cruelty done layoffs on April Fools Day twice before... I worked there nearly 2 decades and the company just became more & more... —  read more 

Layoffs have started

Layoffs started today. 10 people from my group are gone. Any chance you can clarify - are you talking about furloughs, temporary layoffs, or permanent layoffs? With everything that's been going on, there is now a bad, worse, and the worst kind of... —  read more 

Insight cuts are ongoing

They are still slowly cutting more. Removing tenured Insight employees to "make room" for employees from the acquisition. Very much this. Sadly, I don't see an end to this any time soon.

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