Integris Baptist Medical Center Layoffs

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updated severence policy

Policy for severence packages were updated and goes in effect mid March. Bet we can guess when the next round of layoffs will be!

This week??

The rumor is 50 more being let go this week. Anyone have any more information?

Layoff outlook for IT?

So 171 positions eliminated ( 70+ positions not filled ) What is next? How will this affect IT? I've heard there are three outsourcing companies looking over It this week. All three can outsource specific portions of IT ( Service Desk, data center... —  read more 

Yes, layoffs happened today

They say they care about the employees but when you look at what they actually do - their actions speak louder than their words. They cut resources for people, they will ask you to do more with less – this is frustrating, especially when you see... —  read more 

therapy dog

therapy dog just walked through.... odd....budget cuts after 49 million dollar net loss

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