Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Intel Folsom cuts

As rumors have started circulating, does anyone have more detailed insights on whether new mass layoffs will follow or will everything just remain on rumors?

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Losing ground?

Nothing is safe. Intel will continue losing server market share for the foreseeable future. Intel will continue losing process leadership game to TSMC. That's right! I would like to discuss how worried you are about the rate at which Intel is... —  read more 

Do you consider your job safe?

With layoffs down (not completely gone but definitely not as bad as they have been for a while) how many of you consider your jobs safe? It seems like some people believe that job security is once again becoming a thing at Intel and I was wondering... —  read more 

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Are Intel employees overpaid?

A big chunk of the company expense goes to employee compensation. Given Intel provides so much perks and other benefits etc should they be more cautious about keeping the cost down? Also overpayment can lead to lazy and unmotivated employees... —  read more 

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ISP Rehire

Guys here do not try getting into intel as a blue badge if you were ISPd will not happen and it’s a waste of your time recently one of my friends tried getting in and it didn’t happen! Just telling everyone if they are expecting that due... —  read more 

Focus on customers

I sometimes wonder if Intel has been thinking about its customers lately? Does it have their needs in mind or does management think this is not an important part of business at all?

Interesting projects?

When was the last time you worked on a project that was really interesting? I don't remember anymore. This demotivates me a lot and is one of the main reasons why I started looking for a new job. I thought the lack of interesting projects was just... —  read more 

Out of curiosity

I’ve been with Intel for less than 2 years and I keep reading about how there are quite a few employees that are leaving or have left. The question I have is this. Did you make the decision to leave because you didn’t want your career to stagnate?... —  read more 

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