Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intel Corp.

Frivolous Perks

Has Intel ever considered not spending money on perks (e.g. water bottles, t-shirts, keychains, etc.). I don’t know how much these things help with advertising/morale and only get them because they’re there. I personally only care about free lunch... —  read more 

Unjust Layoffs

Not an expert but it seems that bad decisions in cutting people and capital spending caused Intel to miss 10nm promises. So instead of making sure the same doesn't happen to 7nm Intel doubles down and cuts even more. Now 7nm missed commitments. And... —  read more 

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need more money from gov

A company makes 10~20B in net income in each of the past 4 years and yet manufactures the same 14nm technology with no advancement. A CEO should answer where those money goes before asking for more money from the government (US people). Such a... —  read more 


I had my insight conversation and high impact but was told by my manger that I had no scope here and look for other opportunities. No moving up for me as there are no opportunities. Why would an organization not want to retain good talent and leave... —  read more 

Time to move on

Years ago we saw the trend of mismanagement cutting IC roles when the problem really lies with management. If anyone couldn’t read the tea leaves that Intel was in trouble when we missed 10nm, then people can continue to put their heads in the sand... —  read more 

Intel optane group

Why did they create an intel optane group and make Alper The general manager of the group? Strange. The success of optane is questionable but mostly the opportunity is in the data center. Alper has already been running that, with no or little success... —  read more 

Long-term career at Intel

It’s devastating to realize Intel can no longer be considered a business to retire with. This company doesn’t value its employees and hasn't in many years. We are no longer seen as vital assets that can contribute to the success of the company - and... —  read more 

Time In Grade

Does time-in-grade matter? If you are Gr6 and haven't had any grade level changes in more than the last five years, should you worry that might put you on the chopping block for layoffs?


Reverse engineering a forgotten 1970s Intel dual core beast: 8271, a new ISA

Intel Servers

Nov. 12th 2020; Charlie D's opinion: "Intel just significantly delayed another mainstream server project, this is getting painful to watch. SemiAccurate now thinks Intel is no longer a viable player in the server market, it is that... —  read more 

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