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IBM: The Incredible Shrinking IT Vendor

A long read, but by far, the hardest-hitting piece yet on IBM's 2Q17 and in general: author really let's them have it!
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Lost of Tech Edge

The technical culture has degraded since the loss of Nick Donofrio (if you are recently joined see this --- Now, couple that loss with a non-technical CEO and a majority of non-technical executives and you... read more

Sweden Tries to Stem Fallout of Security Breach in IBM Contract

Another spectacularly bungled job by Big Bleu with the requisite bad press and which should lead to another lawsuit.
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The Boss Wants You Back in the Office

The abstract sums it up -- having all the worker bees in the office and in visible sight range makes it easier to micro-manage and scrutinize their every move. And with Big Bleu's case, this statement here needs some major revision: "This spring IBM... read more

Why IBM Shareholders Have Something to Worry About

Even the Motley Fool, which has typically been quite generous on IBM has come to its senses.
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American IBM may develop and implement Taza koom program

Apparently the Kyrgyz haven't been paying attention to the recent massive IBM-helmed project failure in Australia, not to mention the countless others, like TX State Dept., etc. Poor Kyrgyz are likely being sold a bill of goods & empty promises at an... read more
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IBM, HPE Make List of Activist Investor Targets

The Blue water is turning purple from all the blood and the activist investors can smell it a mile away. . . . Wither Watson? Take IBM, which last week reported... read more
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Management is a protected class

Management is a protected class. A few managers get taken out in the RAs but on the whole, they are safe. It's ridiculous, since management directs the work and should be held responsible if the business doesn't do well; so they should be the first... read more

IBM: Don't Get Caught In A Value Trap

"Whatever IBM is doing, it is simply not working. Their transition to the cloud is facing stiff competition from competitors. I am very concerned that management is now claiming they aren't interested in revenue growth anymore, despite their stock... read more

Selling Short or Put Option

What's your position right now? Short or put options? Either way, IBM will be making you some serious money. Gearboxed, still no RA - there is more than one way to profit from IBM's demise even though I am certain I'll be RA'd within next three to... read more

PMA (Portfolio Management Action)

Take this with a grain of salt, however... It looks like a new large IBM RA program is underway, folks are already departing. The early indications (also see Watching IBM) are that most of the folks affected are in the Gearbox program - but there are... read more

Immediate terminations already started?

There is a watching IBM post on facebook that says it's already on. Immediate termination this time (pretty much, last day of work is this month!) with two months severance pay and six months of health insurance at the same rate you're paying now... read more

Morale at IBM

Got an email about 'A brand new way to make IBM an even better place to work.' They want suggestions on how to improve the continued poor morale. Really? I've got plenty of suggestions but with all that has gone on over the past many... read more

This is a bad joke

So, after five years of sliding sales, leadership still sings the same old "we are optimistic" song? I am sure it's easy to be optimistic about the future when they know their jobs are not in jeopardy... read more

Management needs to go

Any management team that ruins a once bellwether tech company should be eliminated by shareholders at the earliest opportunity. They should be given time to pack their belongings and exit, and should be denied their pension. IBM's many layers of... read more

To Save IBM, Rometty Needs To Go Big Or Go Home What is the real difference between Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google—the companies making up the FAANG acronym—and IBM?... read more

The Trials And Tribulations Of IBM Systems

An article going a little deeper specifically on IBM's Systems unit, espousing a less than rosy view. "The real IBM systems business – including not just servers, operating systems, and storage, but also the middleware, database, and development... read more

Thoughts on Watson Health

At some point the market will figure out that the Watson stuff is just hype. Watson health claims that they...and they alone....have relatively unfettered access to the unstructured data in the medical record because Watson can "read and understand"... read more

As things evolve at IBM...

If you've been married long enough, you know that your marriage consists of several mini-marriages connected together. IBM over 30 years is similar -- a series of different culture and experience connected only by time... At the beginning in the 80s... read more

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