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Powers future

Found this surfing last night. It appears IBM has abandoned power when it comes to private cloud. They will only support virtual server now. That means all LINUX, AI, and Cognitive Will port off of Power. You have until 8/22 to move your... —  read more 


Does anyone know the final numbers for the UK? Appreciate this will only be an approximation given IBM's secrecy stance.

This is how things work

Even with a $27 billion endowment, Stanford University expects layoffs will be ‘unavoidable’... You don't have to ask any questions after... —  read more 

IBM Canada 2020 Layoffs - Resource Actions

Any other people hit in Canada ? How big is it ? how are severance packages according to years of service or business unit (GTS, GBS, Cloud, Security, etc..) or age or location within Canada ?

Cloudera has set the tone for 2nd q earnings

NOTE the flashing red light. Cloudera had good earnings considering, and yet they are getting hammered this morning (down 12%) due to revenue forecast being light. Does that sound like anyone else we know who is moving to enterprise hybrid... —  read more 

Should I return my computer

I never received any communication or information on how to return my 2 computers. Is there somewhere that they can be sent to? (I left IBM 3 years ago)

Opportune moment

In the words of Capt Jack Sparrow. That mate was the opportune moment. AK even the street says you blew it when it comes to transparency and trust from your employees NOT a good... —  read more 

Why not disclose the final layoff number?

Honestly, the only thing I can think of is that it was much, much bigger than we think. If it was not that bad, why hide it? People already speculate about thousands or tens of thousands being shown the proverbial door, that's already out there. How... —  read more 

IBM Leaving 70K SF WeWork Outpost in Union Square

So Big Blew was leasing workspace from WeWork yet they have all these vacant buildings around the globe? Just more mismanagement.

IBM under accumulation

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What is their goal here?

What is the number of people they are aiming for in the long run? We are already feeling the absence of so many people and it is affecting our productivity - and in the end the bottom line - and it does not seem that IBM is done with cuts. I know... —  read more 

Layoff Process @ IBM

How do they do layoffs? Phone call? One-on-one with mgmt? Who is in a room? Do they have a script? Is there anything that I'd have to do during that meeting?

Silicon Valley Job Market is Being Reshaped

This is from the WSJ: Hours after Joe Taylor was laid off by Uber Technologies Inc., as part of the ride-sharing company’s far-reaching cost-cutting, the hardware engineer began looking for a new job. What he’s seeing is a Silicon Valley job... —  read more 

Layoffs continuing in GBS NA

Layoffs are continuing in GBS NA as a result of Bench Management. Bench management is for those who are not actively staffed on a client billable project. You get put on a PIP, and if you can’t find a client billable project within 60 days you will... —  read more 

Exit Detail: June Commissions

For those that are in sales, there should still be a commission payment for May on 6/30 and for June on 7/31. Anyone hear whether commissions will be thru 6/22 or 6/30 ?

The separation process

Anyone else received Workday emails? The best so far is Your Separation is Now in Progress. Looks like my manager is wasting no time in getting me on the way out. I also attended the Rights Management webinar but have yet to make personal... —  read more 

How quickly do you all forget

People who think they could win an age discrimination suit against IBM: do you remember two years ago when journalists (Mother Jones or some similar site) did all the research and managed to prove that IBM was discriminating based on age when it... —  read more 

On Public Cloud and IBM

Everyone knows IBM and public cloud don’t go together. Even IBM knows that Amazon/Microsoft/google have won that war. Look at Softlayer if you need anymore proof. IBM is trying to capture the space where they still hold sway. Mainframe. Nothing... —  read more 

IBM is not run for the benefit of shareholders

This is widely believed, but not quite true. The massive amounts of spending on stock buybacks - money that was desperately need if the Cloud business was to have any chance of keeping pace - barely keeps the stock price stable. Existing shareholders... —  read more 

What happened to IBM?

The company who proudly denounced layoffs for decades becomes the poster child for layoffs for as long as most IT workers have been alive. Do people still want to work at IBM? What does the company add to your resume and your career when you spend... —  read more 

Does IBM Management Have A Clue?

We are hearing about the recent IBM layoff notice of ex-AT&T Employees outsourced to IBM exactly one year ago last August. Those of us still at AT&T can not fathom or wrap our head's around the folks IBM decided to release versus those they are... —  read more 

Exit Detail: 401K matching

All, What is the consensus as to whether we are eligible for 401K matching, if we choose not to sign the separation agreement ?

$900M Charge = 20K laid off

At the typical IBM burden rate of $180k average per FTE (at least when I was still at IBM), this equates to 5,000 US employees if the charge for reductions is $900M for the year. Since this is a $900M charge for the quarter, multiply that by 4 to get... —  read more 

This makes no sense

From where I sit, I see no coherent strategy at all. Due to the loss of skilled teams in this last RA move, we are paying over 37 million in penalties to drop 42 signed contracts (over 190 million in rev) that we no longer have the personnel to... —  read more 

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