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IBM hired a ton of new talent

They paid 34 billion for it. You are now watching IBM implement that new talent into IBM. As that new talent comes on board, the old IBM will be downsized. That’s the plan, and it’s being ruthlessly executed.

RA on hold

No reason given. No revised date given. Just a reprieve for now for anyone who was on the list, which is a good thing given the instability of the economy right now. Guessing it will come back into play at some point but no idea when.

Speculation: RA on March 3/25/2020

A 90/30 package gives them to 3/31 to take the charge this Q and have last day be last day of 2q. Typically announcements have been made on Thu so could be 3/26. Of course there was also spec of a 30/90 so could be anytime but sounds soon.

Superpowers Unleashed

IBM and White House to deploy supercomputer power to fight coronavirus outbreak IBM is partnering with the White House to make... —  read more 

The Decline of IBM

For those sheltering in place, a depressing video from 2 weeks ago of almost 40 minutes in length analyzing where each of the past three regimes failed versus where they succeeded [Spoiler alert: the failures far outweigh the successes] starting... —  read more 

GTS US will definitely be part of big RA

Reliable source says GTS US will be hit hard on the RA which is about to hit. Lists were already submitted. Date keeps getting pushed back - I'm sure leadership is going to play up having to do this because of COVID-19 but this was in the works... —  read more 

Not this time...

Historically IBM has been above it all when something like this happens. Yes it takes a hit but is able to manage it very well. In this case, IBM has been hemorrhaging for a very long time now. It is totally unprepared to deal with this, as is most... —  read more 

No SOWs being signed on the consulting side

Projects are wrapping up, no new projects starting. The bench is filling fast. I'd say they'll start to RA in about week or two. I have no insider info, I am merely observing what's happening... I've survived, 2001 and 2008 - this time is... —  read more 

Resource Action - End of March 2020

BIG RA coming at end of March with people’s last day being end of June. 20% of Global Markets being let go. This one is big enough that it will hit the news. Lists have been submitted... Source:... —  read more 

IBM Stock price almost below $100

Stock is sure to drop below $100 before this corona virus stuff is all said and done. At that point, some company(ies) or activist investor group will surely look to buy the whole kit and caboodle.

The Decline of IBM

Where's Watson?

Is anyone using the fantastic Watson platform to research the Coronavirus?

Covid website - here’s your chance IBM!!

So Google is not going to deliver on the covid website as stated. What a great opportunity to spin up a design thinking workshop and get the garage teams to push out some cloud packs on IBM cloud and deliver this application. There was a time when... —  read more 

RA in March

Yup this worthless place RAd me this month. Picked up by another company that is actually growing and not sinking like this ship. I get to double dip thanks to this POS. 2025 IBM will be so far removed from The cloud that it will never recover or... —  read more 

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Airbnb Patent Lawsuit

IBM sues Airbnb for patent infringement Mar. 11, 2020 4:37 PM ETIBMBy: Brandy Betz, SA News IBM (NYSE:IBM) is suing Airbnb (AIRB) for infringing on four patents related to e-commerce. The tech giant says "enough is enough" after six years... —  read more 

Stock in a free-fall, yet...

It's a win-win for execs. They get paid millions no matter which direction the stock goes... IBM SAYS CEO VIRGINIA ROMETTY’S FY 2019 TOTAL COMPENSATION WAS $20.2 MILLION VERSUS $17.6 MILLION IN FY 2018 - SEC FILING IBM SAYS CFO JAMES... —  read more 

AWS Ate IBM's Lunch

AWS had the lunch, then they had dinner, slept, had breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day and for many, many days afterwards. Then, Ginni Rometty sometime very, very much later, thought maybe she might take a look at the "cloud" thing. Late to... —  read more 

Thought this year no bonus Ginni?!

IBM Switzerland planning job cuts - report

"IBM Switzerland is planning job cuts at its divisions Global Technology Service (GTS) and Global Business Service (GBS) divisions"–1329635

IBM GBS NA will not mass RA this time around.

They will do bench management instead. In the UK, there will be >100 people let go at end of April. The consultation period starts next week. In other countries, there’s barely anyone left locally in GBS other than in Germany and they can’t... —  read more 

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