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Man charged with stealing, selling IBM hardware

"Police noted in the affidavit that Gomez was listed as a contract employee for IBM." Guess his contracted wage wasn't sufficient.

4 page spread in NYT.

Anyone by chance see the four page ad in the Times? Sounds like this IBM is some up and coming company. Looks like pretty hip place to work. They hiring?

Red Flags For IBM

We know where this is leading. . . A beautiful list of red flags, which he then provides support for each point in his clearly written, not-too-lengthy article: "Decline in revenue over multiple... read more

IBM Just Committed Cultural and Creative Suicide IBM has told its employees that they can't work from home. The end of "Big Blue" is nigh. For years, IBM has touted its "work from home" policy as a reason for... read more

IBM Travel Expenses Question

Just want to confirm this is correct as I never 'saw this memo'.... This is from El Reg: Repeated redundancies and a recent directive to limit travel expenses on a round trip to £75 have typified life in an organisation that is desperately trying to... read more
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Go find another job in IBM!

What a joke. Right after IBM said displaced people could apply for other IBM jobs, they slapped on a "no new hires" to every department in the company! That's right. Go find another job in IBM, whoops, not so fast, no departments in IBM are allowed... read more

Something is going on at IBM

There is definitely something going on. Some IBM Execs are being recalled from various location around the world. Not sure what but it could very well be a shake up on top.

bridge to retirement question

a friend being ra'd is short of the age 55 requirement by about 1 yr 5 months. has 20+ years service. typically ibm will only bridge 1 yr these days. anyone know how to get hr to approve a longer bridge to retirement? otherwise fha account and... read more

IBM lost the battle long time ago

This board is just another proof of this - the company lost it's soul, passion, sense of purpose. All employee engagement at IBM is fake, there is no sense of loyalty (for a number of good reasons) and there is no common mission employees try to... read more

IBM to cut 5,000 jobs in India: Sources IBM may let go of at least 5,000 employees over the next few quarters, people familiar with the development told ET NOW, making it the latest round job cuts... read more

Ginni Rometty Stepping Down Rumors

What are your thoughts? How likely is it that Ginny will step down? When would she step down? Who would be appointed as a new CEO? How would market react? What kind of impact on RAs would this have? How would the business strategy change? Chime in... read more

Co-location Updates (Tue May 16 2017)

This is all from the Alliance's updates: Info 1: Enterprise Services Transformation was hit with colocation today. IBM decides where. 30 days to decide. Info 2: Co-Location has just hit Asset Management with everyone being told to report to one of... read more

The rumors of a major announcement today?

The rumors of a major announcement today to include the end of co-location and Ginni's retirement at age 60 this summer were clearly bad rumors. I have been picking up bits and pieces of info about a new co-location announcement today for Enterprise... read more

Top reasons for IBM woes

What good is a manager who justifies their salary by cost-savings thanks to RA? Some of the earlier commenters have pointed to incompetence of line management as one reason for IBM woes. Given sizable population of line managers, it is long overdue... read more

IBM Board member does it too

Here is a reason why layoffs will only continue and why Ginni the Eagle is still not fired from IBM. Mark Fields (Ford CEO) who is on the IBM board does the same stuff (see link to article below). Brace for impact fellow IBMers, it is only going to... read more

Big Anouncement Tuesday?

is it true that a major announcement is planned for Tuesday? Rumors include the end of co-location and Ginni's retirement at age 60 this summer. Wishing for both!

IBM: Will the Stock Lose Its ‘Buffett Premium’?

Ginni the stock spy! "Buffett said IBM CEO Ginni Rometty "was out some weeks ago” to talk with Buffett about the matter after learning of his share sale through a private “stock watch” firm that Buffett seemed intrigued was able to spy on his selling... read more
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Not Just Buffett: IBM Unit Sells IBM, Wells Fargo

Even IBM's own pension fund managers are selling-off IBM stock! Talk about lost confidence, geeeeeez. . . "International Business Machines’ pension fund recently took a merciless axe to its equities portfolio in the last quarter, and not even its... read more

Sense of foreboding....

I am in Watson Health. I have no inside knowledge, but, the climate is not what it was even a couple of months ago. It's as if we are waiting for the proverbial "shoe to drop".

These Are the Top 10 Highest-Paid Executives for 2016

Take a look at #6 on the list and be certain to expand the arrow next to the Total salary figure so you can see the breakdown. Then see how long before you vomit or commit an act violence.

Real Glassoor Review May 10, 2017 IBM Logo "IBM only cares about the shareholder... read more

Bring Back Lou Gerstner

IBM needs to be saved again. Palmisano was lucky, he surfed the waves that Lou put in motion, then Ginni ran aground. Where's Lou?

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