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What can be done?

Things have been going downhill for us for a while, with one bad decision after another. Anybody else feeling like we are finally past the point of no return?

Yahoo Finance - Watson needs ambulance

This is just too funny. I love the joking and laughter about Watson. I don't think the press the queen bee would like.
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Leaving IBM GBS for Accenture

I am considering leaving IBM GBS and joining Accenture (Interviewing in process) - I've joined IBM six years ago, my first job after graduating college. At Accenture I'd be aligning with SAP / Financial Services Operating Group on the consulting... read more

A typical workload for IBMers

I found myself getting worked up on Sunday afternoons about the stress I'd be getting on Monday morning (regularly working 60-65 hrs including many weekends - but no overtime). Then, gradually, the panic started to move backwards to Sunday lunch... read more


ibmers and macbooks be ready with fear of the ginni machete when software sales dip and revenues slip employees are meat at a deli

Is there Account Fraud at IBM?

Nobody here admires Rometty. Another quarter of failure. The question is---if a company is willing to lie about its layoffs; lie about the pace of its transformation---and if a company willfully violates one set of laws--like the age discrimination... read more

DOW over 500, but IBM still a big L

This is very bad news people. Massive RA's coming for sure and well deserved no doubt. Where has Bain been? Thought the top heavy mgmt structure was to be trimmed? I still see managers running around my building with nothing to do but send useless... read more

Compilation of articles on 3Q18 Results

All the lowlights: IBM falls after revenue misses -- IBM’s Revenue Shrinks Again -- IBM is shrinking again, and so is its... read more

Thus Spoke IBM's Zarathustra

AI will impact 100% of jobs, EVERYONE!!!! All professions, all industries... Says IBM's Ginni Rometty @ the sh--ty Gartner Symposium/ITExpo.... The queen of bullet points, Ginni Rometty Zarathustra, laid out three principles for companies working... read more
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Uh oh...

Another quarter's results are lacking. Less revenue less profit. How to respond? More layoffs no doubt. Management geniuses. We can rely on their steadfast leadership! Brightside...minimum wage catching up from behind fast. Getting so a guy pushing... read more

Some things never change

Bumped into a thread from @VDO5xvE-2snn, really good and interesting post. I worked at IBM for a short time, maybe 25-30 years ago. They were working on a large government project where the implementation was in silicon valley, but the original... read more

Getting old IBM W2

I was laid off (RA’d) in September 2017 – moved on and things are going well at the new company. I'm trying to get a loan for a house remodel and the bank is asking for a W2. Do you know where separated workers can get their IBM W2s - not sure what's... read more

Secret Society (Ginni & Friends)

I'm beginning to wonder if there is some sort of secret CEO society where the likes of Jeffrey Immelt, Ginni Rometty, Marrisa Mayer, Bob Nardelli..etc sit around an oak table bragging who drove a once great company into the ground the fastest while... read more

GE, IBM Brand Values Take Big Hits Interbrand has released its Best Global Brands 2018, the 19th installment of the study. The value of the great majority of the 100 brands rose from a year earlier. The value... read more

GBS – Reporting to a much younger manager

Hello all – I’ve joined IBM two years ago and right now I am about 20 years older than my current manager. The manager is young and smart but very inexperienced, I am sure with time she’ll blossom but right now things are just awkward given the age... read more

Retaining Talent

IBM's been making series of business mistakes and have mistreated employees in an unforgettable way. Bad reputation ensures that IBM has hard time attracting talented people to begin with. Bad compensation ensures that they won't keep the few that... read more

Frustrated TSH employee

IBM's MO has been to have a space of a couple weeks/1.5 month separation between announcing quarterly numbers to the "Street" and next batch of layoffs. Another cruel MO of IBM's to announce the RA's the Thursday before a major US Holiday(Easter 2018... read more

The MONDAY AFTER Leaving IBM.....

Please Reploy with your own experiences... Here is my experience: The FIRST weekend after I landed my new job outside IBM was the FIRST time in 5 years that I actually LOOKED FORWARD to MONDAY. Now I'm NOT BEING NEGATIVE, I am simply saying that the... read more

Leveling the Playing Field for Older Workers Ultimately, age discrimination persists in the workplace “because too many people think age negatively affects ability. It doesn’t,” says Ventrell-Monsees. “People used to think... read more

Good info to have

You do not qualify for unemployment pay during the time you are receiving severance pay. But once the 30 days are up you will certainly qualify for unemployment compensation. Some states you can collect unemployment while in severance period, some... read more

Alienated Alumni

At IBM benefits are being cut every year, the worker’s position is getting worse every year – I am bit jaded given the fact I was RA’d but whatever... Here is one example, 401k match is only done if you are working on Dec 15 of each year, so if you... read more

Indiana ruling

So does IBM take the bad news this quarter???

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