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RA is coming and we know it…

We see IBM’s pipeline, we see the work being done, we see and hear customers, we observe executive behavior. We track sales, we see expenditures, we follow financial press, we understand our numbers. We look at all of this and we know what will... read more

Over 60 and laid off

I've been with IBM for about 5 years now, I am pretty certain I'll be RA'd before end of the year. What are your thoughts about job prospects for someone my age. I am purposefully omitting my field of expertise as I am interested in hearing about a... read more

Giving up good employees too easily

Who else is surprised at how easily IBM is letting some of the best employees walk away? It used to be that you would fight to keep your best, match or beat competitor's offer, do something to make sure people you wanted to stay, stayed. Today... read more

Negotiations 101

Can Ginni and the Exec management team negotiate, or can they negotiate. OH by the way IBM board you approved this deal. Sell semiconductors and the plants to GF for a payment of 1.5 billion.. GF has now broken a piece of the sale apart and sold it... read more

Three quarters of growth were the anomaly

22 straight quarters of declining revenue followed by 3 quarters of growth followed by 3 quarters of decline. Seems to me that if anything, the 3 quarters of growth were the anomaly. Driven almost entirely by the new mainframe release. This. Sadly... read more

IBM Struggles to Jump-Start Its Turnaround

Asked if job cuts were planned as IBM struggles to ramp up business, Mr. Kavanaugh said the company would “take actions to address the stranded costs and structures” that would eat the majority of a projected $500 million to $700 million gain from... read more

2019 Layoffs

Layoffs coming in the US across most business units. Financials are looking terrible.

High watermark investments view

IBM is a bit of a unique case, given the portfolio churn the company has been witnessing. IBM appears to have straddled between an incumbent and challenger, finally settling in as a major player in the cloud integration (hybrid cloud space) still... read more

IBM Could Struggle in Cloud - Barrons

Barron's Take IBM Could Struggle in the Cloud, Analyst Says — and Watch Out for Activist Investors IBM could have “little to no growth” in earnings over the next three years—and an activist investor could intervene and shake things up, one analyst... read more

Red Hat purchase is slow death for IBM

IBM only buying Red hat thinking that their technology innovation in cloud will save IBM and they will become number one player in Hybrid cloud market. but they don't understand 80% of companies are going with one cloud provider mostly AWS with... read more

Current State of IBM Affairs

IBM's software is dying from neglect and yesterday's technology Hardware is irrelevant Services are more expensive, lower skilled, and less profitable than competitors due to overhead and all the cuts over the years. Research is a shadow of what it... read more

IBM Bond deal

So after all, IBM may not divest/sell anymore assets to raise money for the Red Hat acquisition! This company is on a collision course with bankruptcy, one day at the time... read more

IBM Cloud in Gartner's Eyes

I lifted this off Oracle's board here, it's relevant to us as well... The source is or hyperlinked @YV6U2fd Here is Gartner’s take (Magic Quadrants) on Cloud DBs, Storage, and Infrastructure… We are doing very good... read more

Who is the Fool?

IBM's stock price in 1999 was $140. Now it's 2019 and the price is still $140. Executives are paid based on stock price. Employees fund it. Over a span of 20 years: 100 IBM stock price increases have been followed by 100 decreases. That has resulted... read more

L1 in Tucson

Last year IBM layed off all of the L1 in Tucson, yet did not hire more L1 in Sofia (Bulgaria) and they are already understaffed. L2 will now have to help L1 with their call load. Escalations will have to wait. We already have one client where L2 is... read more
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Colo Trend Over & back to Work-at-Home?

I heard a rumor that some employees at the 3600 Steele's head office in Toronto are no longer being asked to come into the office to colocate with their Squad but instead recently were directed to go back to workimg-from-home. The reason is to empty... read more

Microsoft-IBM comparison

The Microsoft-IBM comparison is a phenomenal one. Two companies, both seeing that their core businesses were slowly dying as the markets changed, embarked on a transformation. Microsoft has wildly succeeded in that transformation, IBM has utterly... read more

House of Mouse v. IBM

This weekend the House of Mouse (DIS) put a new spin on under promise/over deliver with their latest three-hour long Avengers movie. If IBM would just do less on empty over-hype and more on delivery, we would not be in this mess. Looking at you Ginni... read more

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