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Trade Adjustment Act

Remember to sign up for the Trade Adjustment Act even if you do not want to use it. You may have co-workers who will find it helpful.

LAYOFFS HAVE BEGUN.....(Jan 5th, 2017)

Major IBM Layoffs happening today (Jan 5th) for US GTS division workers. Totals unknown, but I am one of them...What a shame this company has become and will continue to be. Was told my job was being moved to India, yet Ginni just sat in Trumps panel... read more

IBMers to Donald Trump: Do not trust IBM! Do not work with or help IBM on anything. IBM cannot be trusted. If you believe anything that IBM or any of its employees says, you will be sorry. Why is this important? This... read more

IBM and offshoring Donald Trump has made very public efforts to shame and threaten companies that ship American jobs overseas. It turns out that one of the companies that aggressively offshores jobs is... read more
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Posted on Watching IBM

Please post anonymously: 60 Minutes is doing a story to air in January. I was 1 of 6 flown to NY to be interviewed. It's about IBM & others sending US jobs over seas & the work S B is doing. They said they would tell us exact date, I will share when... read more
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IBMers-Sign the petition!

Any IBMers that want to sign this petition to Ginni Rometty please see this link:

IBM plans to hire 25,000 workers over next four years Geeee. . .I wonder where the majority of these new hires will be based? And I also wonder how many RA's are triggered by these 25K new hires?

Word on the Street

Word on the street is that the execs are waiting to take stock as far as how many people leave after becoming eligible for the yearly 401k match on Dec 15, and as a result of the forced relocation policy, and will then decide how many to axe as part... read more

A word of caution

I recommend that you read a message about this at:

Checkpoint and TCR/bonuses

We had a meeting on Friday about Checkpoint and TCR/bonuses, and not even the managers seem to know how it will all fit together at this point.

Trump Eyes Changes to Guest Worker Programs When Michael Emmons found out he was losing his job as a software developer at Siemens technology company and being replaced by a foreign worker, the last thing he... read more

Pushing Back

Can we somehow get organized to push back on all abuses by the management? Has this ever been attempted before?

Trump's election sets stage for H-1B reform President-elect Donald Trump gave laid-off IT workers something his rival, Hillary Clinton, did not during the campaign: Attention and a promise... read more

IBM - EU to USA Transfer

Does IBM still support international transfers, in my particular case it'd be from the EU to the USA. Large scale SAP implementations experience, 4 years with IBM - 11 w/SAP, moving due to a family situation (wife is being transferred to the USA) - I... read more

IBM Had No Innovation in 30+ years

This is from Forbes, via BI, Khosla nails it here... Vinod Khosla, former Sun Microsystems founder and the billionaire founder of famed Silicon Valley venture firm Khosla Ventures, was instrumental in the rise of what we now think of as the computer... read more

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