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Being laid off ahead of a promotion

So everyone who I spoke with who is getting laid off is in an almost identical position as I am: they are all set for promotion in 3 months, or have just been promoted. We are guessing that they are only getting rid of people who are inline for... read more

Customers once thought IBM was special!

IBM's professional and ethical demeanor as well as the breadth of offerings ensured that one could get an audience with a company’s CEO. And with so many “solutions” there was always a reason to call on a variety of executives to talk about their... read more

RTP layoffs

Just wanted to start a thread... Chime in if you have any RA news to share... All groups, IBM Software, Global Technology Services (GTS), Global Business Services (GBS), Systems Technology, Retail Solutions, Finance, Integrated Supply Chain... read more

Digital Business Group (DBG) Resource Action

VS did not work. So they are moving HARD to cut heads, deep and wide... No expressions of Interest (EOI) submissions have been received and I can confirm to you… that we have not been able to meet our business objectives through the voluntary... read more
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Break the veil of exit agreements

Is there a possibility that someone can break the veil of exit agreements that required no legal action (or only via arbitration)? Could this be applied to one who left "voluntarily" after being given an RA notice? Especially given the ProPublica... read more

Old vs New

As someone in the under 30 bracket working on a mainframe product, this whole "cut the 'old heads' and replace with new talent" thing is ridiculously stupid. The executives don't seem to realize how much of this just plain isn't taught in schools... read more

Canada - please contact

I’m looking to track anyone impacted by the Canada RA taking place today, April 19, 2018. The people I’ve spoken to do not have fair offers and we are looking to gather more evidence and consider our options. If you wish to share please reach out to... read more

Just a week after a major RA

Vice President of Worldwide SaaS Sales sents an email to software sales folks: "IBM has 169 SaaS roles to fill with some in almost every GEO and Market. Finding them and referring them to friends is as easy as 1,2,3. Visit the IBM Referrals Tool and... read more

Layoffs at IBM Canada today

I heard that the Mainframe Software manager had to let go 3 head count (she only has a team of 6 or 7) and the Middle Market Analytics manager had to cut 2 people.

Dear Ginni!

Dear Ginni: At IBM only cronies are allowed to walk out of meetings. The rest are under threat of insubordination for speaking their minds. You have unwittingly encouraged bullies over five years, instead of creative thinkers. For a change, why don't... read more

Long history

The first IBM layoff I was involved with was in 1993. For 25 years IBM has been terrorizing its employees as it wanders aimlessly from one failed idea to the next. 25 years of clueless leadership should be enough. Sack them all and start over.

Now IBM turns redundo gun on its Digital Business Group IBM is preparing a redundancy chute for the good folk working in its Digital Business Group (DBG), The Register can reveal. Employees in the unit received an email from company execs early last month... read more
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The Numbers Just Aren’t Good Enough for IBM Stock

This is a weak and only weakening story. At $150, IBM stock is more appropriately priced than at $160 and up. But I’m not comfortable buying this name until it dips further, preferably to the sub-$130 range as it did in early 2016. Until then, I... read more
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Layoffs already being mentioned

We were right to fear the quarterly results. Articles are already announcing layoffs. This announcement follows expectations of layoffs as IBM, under its Chief Executive Ginni Rometty, tries to offset declines from its legacy businesses... read more

IBM Reports Higher Revenue, Profit Down

But several analysts expect the mainframe cycle to tail off by the end of the year, creating a challenge for > IBM to maintain its momentum, especially since hardware sales tend to also have a beneficial effect on revenue in other divisions. Toni... read more

IBM stock falls after earnings beat

Analysts on the Street are continuing to see through the ruse. . .
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Up or down?

Some of today’s numbers were up, but down “adjusted for currency”. So which number is the real one?

Not this time IBM

IBM's desperate attempts to hide its failing business through accounting magic have come to an end. Today's "Beat" was caught by the markets. Now we know the true purpose of Trump's tax cuts, which was to prop up failing corporations just a bit... read more

IBM over payment threats

I was on transition to retirement and had agreed to leave voluntarily by march 31 2018. I found another position and left in mid january. I was nicer than my instincts and gave notice via workday as opposed to letting them figure out I wasn't showing... read more

Is IBM On Anyone's IT Roadmap?

As I've mentioned on this site before, IBM is rarely considered by companies planning their IT future directions. People in IT know you're taking a risk with any software, services or cloud solution they pedal. They're continuing to mask exactly... read more

Who's worried?

Who's worried about tomorrow and the IBM's quarterly results? What are the chances we are going to be surprised with good enough results that will not have us worry about more layoffs? I know, I know, not a chance. Let the guy hope, though. The... read more

#basta #voteAgainst by April 24

While some may consider it as powerless or symbolic at best, but never underestimate the power of a simple hashtag, please gather the 15-digit control number from your proxy material and #voteAgainst ALL IBM board of directors from another term at... read more

IBM showing off shiny new office Does anyone on here actually work there? Do you like it? Looks like it would be noisy to me.

IBM profile

This is not a post about layoffs, sorry! Why is the IBM profile on this site so out of date? A small point but it really annoys me. If IBM won't provide updated information it would be best to leave those sections blank with an explanation that IBM... read more

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