Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Your not alone

You got the boot young and old come here. You wanna be an IBMer .Your miserable ,and would give anything to back there.The ones who complain and trash the company the most ,are the ones even feel stronger about being back there.You come here cause... —  read more 

How Gerstner Rebuilt IBM

The timing of Lou's interview is telling. Louis Gerstner, The Carlyle Group senior advisor, discusses the challenges of turning around failing companies and the impact of... —  read more 

This is not working

So IBM gets rid of as many of the people who earn the most money - which means people with the most knowledge and experience are gone. Then they supplement them through offshoring and outsourcing. With people who usually have zero experience and need... —  read more 

RAd on Thursday

I can’t state EU or Dept. I haven’t been able to look at package in detail. I am with a group who are all top performers; feels like I didn’t stand a chance. Had great customer feedback, and met all goals with the exception of maybe didn’t embrace... —  read more 

It's not just older folks

Older folks are not the only ones who were RA'd yesterday. I'm 33 and I've been let go just a little over a year since I was hired. I left a good job to transfer here because I considered working at IBM to be an amazing opportunity. And now I'm... —  read more 

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