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Final Paycheck?

I'm a proud member of the March RA so my last day is Weds (June 27) and I'm as excited as a schoolboy on christmas eve. Can anyone say how quickly the final paycheck comes in the mail and whether it contains also the accrued/unused vacation and one... read more

GTS Resource Action Commences - June 2018

Emails are going out today - this is affecting GTS and people will be notified before the close of business today. I am hearing that this is affecting Project Managers (again, again, again), and a range of tech positions, I am hearing they will spare... read more

Tale of two companies

There have been 2 companies called IBM. The first one was founded in 1911 and died in the 1990's. That was the IBM of full employment, unlimited opportunities and a reputation for the finest quality in the world. When that company died a cheap... read more

Faith in leadership

How many people here have faith in this leadership? How many believe that this management can get us back on the right path? Anybody? I don't think that there is a chance in hell IBM will ever be what it once was, but it can still be better than it... read more

Work can literally kill you

See this post on Qualcomm's page: @TJo0MTK or Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer contends that many modern management commonalities such as long work hours, work-family conflict, and economic insecurity are toxic to... read more


IBM's large cost cutting actions have affected skills development and travel, it's getting worse every quarter Ton of confusion over moving folks to remote work at home and now stressing co-location (180 turn) Employees are being pushed to be working... read more

CEO-to-worker pay ratio

It's interesting that top three have the most busy layoff pages on this site: AT&T: 366x IBM: 341x Intel: 211x Netflix: 133x Amazon: 59x Facebook: 37x @ElonMusk, Tesla: 0.9x (Bloomberg, 2018)

Where are we with reorganization?

Does anybody know what step of that reorganization that was (kind of) announced in January we are at? How many of the 10,000 positions that were expected to be eliminated actually got eliminated so far? I'm just wondering because I'm afraid that if... read more

Mission Impossible

IBM's constant reorganizations and layoffs has everybody wondering what our job now is. The RA was so big we're all making up lists of things we can't do any more. I wonder if anyone in upper management will look at those lists. Some of our teams are... read more

IBM's a place where...

IBM's a place where more than a hundred years of legacy torment the urgency of the change I, like many in my entourage, crave. IBM's a place where the juxtaposition of abundance and scarcity is palpable yet incapacitating. IBM's a place where... read more

Management Hubris

I personally think that the reason why IBM's top mismanagement can NOT get acquisitions to be successes, is flat-out arrogance that starts with Ginni and spreads across the executive echelon! The execs immediately think that they know more than the... read more

Job Rotation in the 21st Century.........

Here we go again... the GTS management "think-tank" come up with their latest innovation... client musical chairs. Another IBM-centric idea dreamed-up by someone with limited or zero experience on the support front-lines and with zero regard for the... read more

New Supercomputer Does Nothing To Help IBM

IBM’s shares are down 5% this year to $146, against an advance of the S&P of 3% over the same period. In the last five years, IBM shares are down 27% while the S&P has risen 71%. Whatever IBM’s new products have been, its financial position continues... read more

New partnership between IBM and Avaloq

I currently work for Avaloq in one of the data center groups that will be asked to move into an IBM data center by early next year. The exact timing is not clear nor is the exact employment situation. Some Avalog employees may be asked to become IBM... read more

PIP Express

They cut my territory by 80% and put me on a PIP sixty days later. It's cheaper than an RA. If you are over 40 they are just looking for any excuse they can use.

Langley vs. IBM Docket

Langley vs. IBM Docket -- Docket: 1527798903 The US District Court, Western District of Texas - Action under The Age Discrimination in Employment act of 1967 -- Mr. Langley timely filed a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC alleging age... read more

IBM's Open Door Policy

The open door process at IBM is, at best, a joke. Don't waste your time with it. I went through it and I had a slam-dunk case against a superior (executive) that threatened me (voice and via email) career-wise if I didn't lie about something and then... read more

Here is my husband's scenario...

Here is my husband's scenario. He was working for IBM at same client for almost 19 years. Over the past year the client spend has been getting lower and lower and the IBM resources working for the client have been dwindling. He held on as long as... read more


I was just put on PIP, 30 days notice. I was late on exactly one task I was given. I always work overtime. Always take on more work. But I also voice my opinion freely and apparently my manager does not like that all that much. Should I even attempt... read more

New CEO?

The current CEO has demonstrated a complete lack of leadership, or understanding of how the market place has moved on her. Her response to the last 6 years has been to save her way to prosperity via cutting the legacy work force. You don’t hire Bain... read more

A Permanent Spot on IBM's Chopping Block

I’ve been getting warnings about possible RA from my mgr for about 18 months now. Somehow, every time, I survive – but the threat never goes away. I frankly think that all of this is crafted to put an additional pressure on older and experienced... read more

India: The next superpower? The final factor that could position India as a superpower is its geopolitical advantage. ... Similarly, the U.S. would like to expand bilateral trade with India, which reached $95 billion in... read more

RAmetty Performance Report

Source: Company annual reports & stock market information How does one share of IBM in 2012 fare in comparison since RAmetty took over as CEO? IBM : Stocks: - 14% | div collected : $30.72 | stock repurchases: $52B | Market Cap: - 35% ORCL: Stocks: +... read more

Opinion: IBM to Split Into Two Pieces

Hi Folks. I believe IBM hired Bain to break IBM into two pieces. My guess is The break will be Services (IBM India) and everything else (essentially cloud, AI, legacy, patents/research, IGF). As far as services is concerned IBM tends to pick the... read more

Is IBM going to sell GBS?

The old rumor is resurfacing again. We had a lengthy discussion on this a couple of years ago - here is the link @Jwn6fnN - now, what do you think about this today? Is IBM going to sell GBS?

IBM getting out of HealthCare Provider Buisness

Watson Health went from 7000 employees to less than 4000 in the last 5 days. All in the Provider business and WH Cloud GONE. The Simpler Provider team will be next month.They ruin peoples life but the old timers from the PWC and Debra's crew from... read more

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