Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

IBM PIP requirements completed

If i complete the requirements of PIP successfully. i.e the metrics to achieve the PIP what happens in the final meeting . Do they make up any silly reason to still let me go since there is no HR to review the progress. Will they close the PIP and... —  read more 

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Hello - Anybody know how do you find out the HR partner in IBM is for your upline/ group THE AskHR Bot is useless they keep directing me to my manager and my manager keeps telling me he dosent know will ask and never comes back to answer anything... —  read more 

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IBM PIP Notice

Does IBM mark you ineligible for rehire if you get fired for PIP ? Anyone use FMLA to delay the layoff (you wont get paid but you can atleast prevent a big gap in employment) - Anyone successfully done that ?

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IBM's Conventional Managers

RT borrowed a phrase "if your behavior and that of your managers is conventional, then you will get conventional results." I must add that at IBM, conventional managers and executives from the traditional IBM world will not only deliver conventional... —  read more 

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PIP Questions

Does PIP always come up in background check with external companies after you have been selected for the position. Does IBM really reveal that data to external companies

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier

If anyone worked on the IBM crypto anchor verifier project, please comment. I am compiling a massive list of fake technologies IBM has asked me and others to work on. The crypto anchor verifier doesn’t work. At all. Not even a little bit. My team... —  read more 

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IBM PIP Questions

Based out of US - Anybody on here who went through an IBM fabricated unattainable PIP just because you were put on a list which the manager himself cannot understand or provide any guidance on how to complete because of orders to reduce cost from... —  read more 

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Unfairly placed on PIP

I consider myself rather self-critical but I truly believe that I was put on PIP totally unfairly. Much worse performers were spared from this. I wonder what this is all about. How many more of you are there who have been unfairly placed on... —  read more 

IBM DXC Merger

Hi there! This is a guy from another great company DXC (check out Past two days, we have been inundated with news that IBM and DXC are in talks for a merger. Seems something is really going on as 13million shares of DXC... —  read more 


I left as part of a package and decided to retire, thanks to a nice pension that was once the norm in America. If someone needs to work, remember to work hard for your team but forget the Camelot mindset of company loyalty going both ways. That has... —  read more 

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