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Ominous Friday “all hands”

Have heard several groups that have “all hands” scheduled for tomorrow, including the group I work in. Services. Anyone heard about this? Is it a reorganization or are we getting the ax?

Any layoffs in Research?

I'm considering leaving IBM, but I'll stick it out if there is a chance I can leave with severance. Has there been any indication of more layoffs in Research?

Another Bad Bet in 2018 Can Ginni and our fearless leaders make any good bets these days? First it was hybrid cloud, then Watson, then pure cloud, then blockchain, then hybrid cloud again.

Sold to HCL: Lotus Notes / Domino

Just sell everything G - keep the money flow, pump up the bonus pool... What a great way to destroy everything.... Sell, sell, sell....

Mismanagement of acquired software companies

Here’s another classic example how IBM historically mismanages software from the Companies they’ve acquired. HCL just purchased eight (8) IBM software solutions for $1.8 Billion. This price tag is slightly more than HALF of what IBM ORIGINALLY PAID …... read more

Can hybrid cloud become a winner for IBM?

I can understand the need to find a new direction for the company, keeping in mind the lack of direction and innovation that IBM faced during the years, and hybrid cloud is, most certainly, a market of the future, so I don’t generally consider this... read more

IBM wants to implement AI into HR

It’s like one fiasco wasn’t enough. This article states that IBM i set to use uts AI tools into the sector of human resources, with the goal of making better and easier decisions in talent recruiting and in general HR operations. Think that this... read more

Big companies will get away with anything...

I'm just so disillusioned by now to think anything will change for better or somebody will be held accountable. Just look at that article about ageism at IBM - it was all over the place, literally. Now nobody is even mentioning it and literally... read more

Brace yourselves for layoffs

I was laid off in March 2016 when stock prices were low. Stocks have dropped even lower this time around so there’s bound to be more layoffs. Despite being at IBM for less than 2 years, having good performance, and also being under 30, I got laid off... read more

Your questions, answered by Ginni.

Looks like this was a company-wide message just received via email: Two weeks ago, you asked Ginni your most pressing questions - from cloud to IBM's future and beyond. She responded with a video on Think Academy. We're keeping the lines of... read more

The potentially disastrous acquisition

There certainly was more than enough debate regarding the acquisition of RedHat and I heard a lot of different opinions of the matter ( mostly negative), but this article shares a really good view and it pinpoints the main reasons why there is a big... read more

Are layoffs happening or not?

I'm talking about this year. Weren't there people who were saying we'll see huge layoffs before the start of next year? Was that rumor debunked?

IBM’s reputation is under water

I am a former IBMer with 29 years experience. I now work for a competitor with several other X-IBMers. It is fair to say we never have - and probably never will have - someone defect to IBM. IBM's reputation is under water in these parts - and it is... read more

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