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New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your Desk

Wouldn't be surprised one bit if all the newly renovated & upgraded spaces on the various campuses were outfitted with these, Ginni & her coven certainly can't enough data points to leverage for the next RA list. And definitely will be taking better... read more

IBM US Marketing Resource Action

IBM recently announced a plan that will force nearly all of its US Marketing workforce to relocate to one of 5 cities in the US where they will be required to work from IBM offices. The workers will no longer be able to work remote from home offices.

IBM employees' anti-Trump petition is growing SAN FRANCISCO — Some IBM workers aren't thrilled with CEO Ginni Rometty's advisory role with the Trump Administration, and they want it to... read more

IBM W2 - Where to find it

Laid off on Dec 31, 2015 received severance pay in 2016 - I have not received my W2 for 2016 wages from IBM - anyone know when i should expect to receive or who to call ? Thank you!

Will Donald Trump Target Share Buybacks Next? "IBM's (NYSE:IBM) recent misadventures perhaps best illustrate the folly of buybacks. After outlining a goal in 2010 of reaching $20 in earnings per share... read more

Thank you for calling IBM technical support!

Please listen carefully to the entire painfully slow recitation of our menu options as they are generated at random. If you would like to talk to a qualified IBM technical support representative then please contact your local unemployment office... read more

Top Ten List

Here's the Top Ten things you should do if you think you might get laid off this round...and if you are sure that you won't be laid off, just keep dreaming. 10...Take home your personal items. Sure they will let you pack them up or they'll do it for... read more

IBM Bluemix/SoftLayer Cloud Down & Out

This is what happens when you replace your skilled employees with unskilled cheap labor, IBM. What comes around goes around. More extended outages in IBM's cloud platform. No wonder they're about to move to 4th place behind the surging Google. IBM... read more

DBG / Move to a co-location

I've been with the IBM Digital Business Group for a year now - I am, as of last Fall 100% remote, I know many who have the same arraignment. Anyhow, last week I was contacted by my manager and explicitly told that I have 30 days to move to a... read more

Ginni has IBM in a death spiral

I was around when IBM reduced offices and sent everyone to work from home. Now their sending everyone back into offices, but this time, to only a handful of cities. 10's of thousands of U.S. workers who cannot move, or will not move, will be... read more

4 Reasons Warren Buffett Should Sell IBM Lack of market leadership IBM has been shrinking in a growing market. After all, IDC reports that corporate IT spending is rising at a 3,3%... read more

At what point do you hold a CEO accountable?

Nineteen straight quarters of declining revenue? What company EVER has absorbed that without making a change? Many of us were let go due to stupid decisions and knee jerk reactions by this management. They throw out keywords and initiatives without... read more

Trade Adjustment Act

Remember to sign up for the Trade Adjustment Act even if you do not want to use it. You may have co-workers who will find it helpful.

LAYOFFS HAVE BEGUN.....(Jan 5th, 2017)

Major IBM Layoffs happening today (Jan 5th) for US GTS division workers. Totals unknown, but I am one of them...What a shame this company has become and will continue to be. Was told my job was being moved to India, yet Ginni just sat in Trumps panel... read more

IBMers to Donald Trump: Do not trust IBM! Do not work with or help IBM on anything. IBM cannot be trusted. If you believe anything that IBM or any of its employees says, you will be sorry. Why is this important? This... read more

IBM and offshoring Donald Trump has made very public efforts to shame and threaten companies that ship American jobs overseas. It turns out that one of the companies that aggressively offshores jobs is... read more
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