Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

IBM's reality check

Josh Brown tells sportcaster Al Michaels what to do with IBM Listen to these guys. Its over!

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How is the Bonus at IBM?

As I consider to join IBM. How is the Bonus for engineers typically in the last few years? What is the typical range recently like % or salary for engineers? I realize that this is a lay-off site. But any comments would be most welcome. More like... —  read more 

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A big ask?

Is it unreasonable to ask someone from PT timezone to follow ET hours for 1 month during critical phase of the project? To be specific... starting 9AM ET. Work day typically gets over at 6p ET or sooner sometimes, and this person makes it such a... —  read more 

Virtue Rage

The amount of threads where people virtue rage and tell posters to report their bosses to HR, with only the most minimal context, truly continues to baffle me. You all know nothing except 1 side of the story, and that briefly told. How many times... —  read more 


Anyone knows if anything will happen to Tivoli and Tivoli products? With the many recent acquisitions (Instana, Turbonomics and the likes) and looks like Tivoli is slowly becoming obsolete. Is that another part that will be sold off which means that... —  read more 

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