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Incoming voluntary departures

One thing I do expect regarding the Dec 15 401k matching date is that soon after we'll see a lot of employee departures. Almost everyone I talk to is sick of the stress and has been looking around. A few have just recently left, 401k match be damned... read more
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IBM another Buffalo Billion letdown

Perhaps IBM should change their business model to just fleecing state and local governments out of incentive monies. . . . The contracted help desk employees still count... read more

Warren Buffett Trashes IBM Again

Dump it! "IBM has started to look like the next General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE). It is bloated with too many divisions that underperform, and a long-time CEO in Ginni... read more

Get Ready for the New Disrupters

"As Iwata summarized their view: 'Culture is the No. 1 impediment … " @Ginni: And just where, pray tell, does the responsibility for creating and fostering that culture start?

Canadian Layoffs Going as Planned.

IBM Canada continues to target employees with actions ranging from new co-location demands to management 'encouraging' workers to leave on their own volition. At the heart of their problem are Canadian labor laws that require IBM to pay roughly one... read more

Geographically Undesirable

Some IBM Executive Assistants are being flagged as “Geographically Undesirable” – options offered include moving to a “Desirable” city or joining ManPower as a non-exempt employee and work for ~$30/hour. Not sure if anyone is surprised here but a... read more

Go on IBMers, tell us what you really think 2017 employee survey asks workers to describe IBM in three words Business Go on IBMers, tell us what you really think 2017 employee survey asks workers to describe IBM in... read more

If you got the letter on Friday then be ready

So if you got the letter on Friday from HR. Then let me tell you your manager will lie about it to you just understand that IBM is making changes and all will become on the list. Deployment software sales is first to go.

Holding vacation pay

Times must really be bad there. I quit IBM a month ago and still waiting on my payment of unused vacation. I call the employee service center but they can't help. They claim it needs to be addressed my management. First and second line management not... read more

New RA Package?

I'm hearing rumors that IBM has now reduced the RA package to just two weeks notice and 30 days severance for everyone, not just those on a PIP. Has anyone else heard this?

Secular Stagnation (Or Corporate Suicide?)

Lengthy but fascinating read. Some pertinent excerpts pertaining to IBM are below the link. "Later in this paper we show that the more the company spends on buybacks... read more
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IBmers... think like Vikings

The latest from an IBM executive... what does that mean? oh, I know... we should start terrorizing the execs so may be they leave the company!

Got the call /email Thursday

Talk about being managed out of the business. 14 years almost to the day. Mostly SWG over the years but was moved to storage two years ago. Not a shock at all , it truly was a matter of time. NO WAY to meet objectives. No need to go into all the... read more

Distribution software sales Next On The Lay Off

Distribution software sales this should be the next The BUE and the first line managers are some of the worst that IBM Have. North America distribution and software and their sales group are a waste of time and money for IBM . What are they do pretty... read more

I ask this question to all IBM VPS

Why is it that IBM loses money every quarter because they pay out more than they take in . I asked why you have first-line managers and team members that live on the West Coast but 90% of their accounts are on the East Coast ? Question why not use... read more

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