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Cancer Cure

(source below) **Don't expect IBM's Watson to cure cancer anytime soon ** In 2011, International Business Machines Corp.'s Watson computing system wowed the world when it beat two champion contestants on "Jeopardy." Two years after conquering... read more

ABN - Always be networking.

All jobs are temporary, there is no loyalty on either side. Recent studies show that up to 80% of employees are looking right now. Explains why some companies have declining sales and revenues. Those at the top in cushy jobs won't know what to do... read more
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IBM Has a Watson Dilemma

Six years and billions of dollars later, the diagnosis for Watson is gloomy. More than a dozen IBM partners and clients have halted or shrunk Watson’s oncology-related projects. Watson cancer applications have had limited impact on patients... read more

What's Expanding IBM's Margins

The launch of innovative blockchain, automated, and AI products and services is also adding value, and the company’s top-line growth and strategy to optimize its workforce are strengthening its operating margins. ". . .strategy to optimize its... read more

IBM Employee Count

The company profile on shows IBM has over 400K employees around the world. It was reported by a number of sources as 380K in 2015. It is closer to 360K now.

So much this!

I am an old IBMer. I admit I don't know everything there is about all the new technologies (some will survive, some are fads). But I see the young people who hire on and they don't either. They have to learn just like I do. What makes me worth more... read more

Perfectly explained

Must read from another thread: There is old IBM (think Manufacturing, legacy HW besides Z, and non-strategic services). If you work in these divisions, you most likely will be sold off, or spun off. Then there is new IBM (think strategic... read more
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Keep up with the times

Have people who keep complaining about being laid off because of their age considered expanding their skill set? Keeping up with the times? Because from where I'm standing, most of the folks over fifty who were shown the door were so stuck in their... read more

Laid off for looking for another job

A guy I know from another department was laid off recently, and he claims the reason was that he was actively searching for a new job through LinkedIn and elswhere. I truly have trouble believing this, but he is adamant that's the main reason. Is it... read more

Layoffs: Not again!

Many of the signs are here:

Get out!

Call your friends and business partners, get busy and get out of IBM. They use management magic to make you think you are less than you are so you won't leave until they tell you to. Break out of IBM's down under and find someplace happier. Life's... read more

Rehiring older employees

I was just wondering if anybody here knows if IBM ever rehires older employees it laid off a few years ago? My dad is out of work once again, and I wanted to encourage him to give IBM one more try, but I'm not sure if that is even an option. Should... read more

The Top 5 IBM Shareholders

No one should be too surprised by this list, especially who's at #1. . .
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IBM wins $83 million from Groupon in internet patent fight

Groupon argued that some of IBM’s patents should not have been granted because they describe obvious ideas, and said the computing company’s damages request was unreasonable. ROFL! In 2017 IBM generated about $1.2 billion in revenue from its... read more
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Microsoft is now bigger than IBM has ever been

"Microsoft reached another two milestones when it unveiled its annual financial results last week. First, as ZDNet noted, its annual revenues passed $100bn for the first time. Second, its $110.4bn turnover was not only bigger than IBM's, it was... read more

WATSON: Hype Versus Reality

Internal company documents from IBM show that medical experts working with the company’s Watson supercomputer found “multiple examples of unsafe and incorrect treatment recommendations” when using the software... read more

This will be our downfall

Replacing older workers with younger and cheaper workforce will be IBM's downfall. Millennials might be cheaper but they have zero loyalty (and good on them for that - look how well being loyal to IBM worked out for so many of us.) Meaning that after... read more

IBM Singapore layoffs July 2018

Not sure how many people here care, but there were significant layoffs at IBM Singapore last week. Looks like Mexico is cheaper than Singapore, since jobs are being transferred there... read more

IBM's New Terms for Employee Layoffs

IBM apparently has defined some new terms for what most people call IBM layoffs. IBM’s new terms are “acquisition synergies and operating leverage.” For context of these terms, you can go to:

Zero communication as a new CBD hire

Signed my offer letter in January was told I would have a start date in July. I haven't heard from my recruiter since March, I tried contacting the manager listed on my offer letter only to find out he moved onto a different company in May via... read more

Watson to rate management performance.

Good management knows to make billions from a couple of planks and some rope, but after 22 quarters IBM management has not expanded the business proportionate to its resources and city-sized talent pool. Let Watson handle management performance... read more

IBM Is Still Not Microsoft Microsoft announced blockbuster earnings, fueled by its cloud business. Its revenue rose 17% to $30.1 billion. Revenue from its “intelligence cloud” unit rose 23% to $9.6... read more

Not just IBM

Why does this entire industry believe that laying off experienced employees will solve many problems created by the inadequate and self serving upper management? Has this ever worked for anybody? Shouldn't the fact that there are no substantial... read more

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