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PIP equals firing

IBM has been laying off key people for years based on broad division / group budget without any regard to needs. It hurts morale and kills ability to execute. I have heard from some people that they are now using "performance Improvement Plans" (PIP)... read more

Ginni Rometty's Successor

Who will be Ginni Rometty's Successor. What kind of skills does the new CEO need to have and how long do we have to wait before this actually happens. At this point it looks like she'll rule forever and she does not indicate that there may be any... read more

IBM Story

Michael Preiss was happy to escape the corporate grind after being laid off by International Business Machines Corp. in 2001. He became a contractor, earning more than $100,000 a year from steady assignments helping companies figure out how to do... read more
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Westpac brings authentication system in-house, binning IBM

"But an IBM-built enterprise backup system for the bank has seen non-scandalous implementation delays. The decision to take DSA in-house is therefore an interesting notable moment in the long relationship between the two. If it turns out the be the... read more
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No Paystub Today

Anyone else not get a paystub in their email as we usually do the day before payday? Wondering if it's just me or an ominous hint that I'm about to be cut. Such is the f'ing stress that we live under every day working for IBM, a company that I'm sure... read more

We lost a sure thing contract

In a statement, IBM expressed disappointment at the outcome, saying it had the most innovative technology platform to serve the Defense Department. It seems that the DoD disagreed with this assessment... read more

PIP - Gone in 30 days?

Would someone be able to help here – I am a recent CbD grad and I was put on a PIP list. My manager told me I would be let go within a month if I am still unable to find myself a project. I was trying to locate severance info on w3 – could not locate... read more

Fire all the managers

Management is the greatest inefficiency in any organisation. Six years ago Gary Hamel wrote a hugely influential piece called First, Let’s Fire All the Managers. It outlined the huge inefficiency tax that management layers over an organisation: As an... read more

"Knowledge transfer" at IBM

What you have described is what is happening in the US except it usually starts at 10+ years. Companies hold severance over your head forcing you to do a "knowledge transfer" to your younger, cheaper replacement. What Stupid American Companies don't... read more

Pension Check

Oh how times change, how the mighty have fallen. IBM used to be the most admired company of them all... Today, I have to hold my breath when I look to see if my pension check was deposited... September 2017, I survived another month, the check was... read more

RA reason Job no longer required...:) But..

Reason given for RA was that position is no longer required but they don't like me to WFH and forcing me to choose other option than the 90days package. And they expect me to be at work and help them..well why should I do that. I was thinking of... read more

DACA is dead - Ginni stfu with opinions please

Ginni please don't speak of IBM's core beliefs and values on this one. As if. What about this book >>> "IBM and the Holocaust" Still want to discuss IBM's core beliefs and values? Didn't... read more
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Employees pay for management raises

Recently all of IBM employees received cut in pay bit CEO got massive increase (millions). My husband had his pay cut by over 10k a year ($5 an hour). They were told you either take it or your contract is terminated effective immediately... read more

Weather Company Hiring Freeze

Do you know whether the hiring freeze for the Weather Company will be in effect much longer? I wanted to see if any insiders would be willing to share whatever the rumors are about this - it's has been in effect for a while now and there is a few... read more

Password Review

I just got an email from "IBM IT" (IBM logo and all) in my internal IBM email that said I needed to click the link below so that IT can test whether my password is sufficiently strong. Ok, well that would be pretty dumb. If this is from someone... read more

Working at IBM was a nightmare

Worked there about two years ago. It was a nightmare. I was expected to buy everything myself - pens, mice, monitors, etc. Bosses wants you to learn everything in a few weeks, but Workers assigned to train you, refuse to give any real training during... read more

Dose IBM not see the big picture?

First off if they ever want to bee successful again then they need to stop all the BUE and the first line manager that do nothing but travel around and say in hotels plane ride and just partly it up on wasted so called Business trip there are so many... read more

Laid off on a call by some guy in India

Was RA'd in June had a job lined up making more money in no time. Two days after the conf call from some guy in India letting me know I was being RA'd my job was posted in another country. All I can say is get your resume ready and prepare to be... read more

Nobody is Immune

No division nor GEO is immune nowadays. Its widespread, Cloud is being hit (see above link) Commerce/Cognitive... etc. As far as GEOs go its the same story with a larger concentration in the US to trim down all teams, get rid of tenured IBMers 10+... read more

There are good managers left at IBM

There are good managers left, but they go through hell trying to do what IBM tells them without losing their soul. The terrible ones don't have that problem so they succeed and advance. To be a successful IBM manager in 2017 you have to be willing to... read more

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