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Ginni Layoffs

So we urge the technology industry to formally rename the key executive officers appropriately: Tim Apple, Larry Oracle, Satya Microsoft and Ginni Layoffs?

Where is age not a liability?

We all know age is a liability at IBM - there was a whole article on that a while ago - but is there a place where it's not? Where somebody in their late forties and up can find a good job that pays well? Because I've been looking, and I haven't been... read more

2018 annual report

IBM lays out their business model going forward (page 23 and 24 of the report see below) NOTE the “enterprise” emphasis. I interpret this to mean “scale out and low margin businesses are to be de-emphasized”. A couple of interesting reading points... read more

IBM's Breach Of Trust

Be careful where you store your photos. Earlier this year IBM released a dataset of 1 million photos of people's faces designed to reduce bias in facial recognition software. I was surprised that the pictures were taken from Flickr & so investigated... read more

Three Strikes Rule

Lack of vision, lack of industry understanding, lack of performance. Three strikes. Time's up. When is she going to do the honorable deed and step down?

Ask Ginni Anything

Just received this email -- Ready to Ask Ginni Anything? Get your questions ready for Ginni’s next Ask Me Anything session. Submit questions on your mind about IBM, and Ginni will answer the most often-asked themes. You have until Tuesday, March 12... read more

End of the Quarter

March 29 2017 and March 29 2018, end of the quarter - we had large RAs on both dates. Let's see what this year brings.

Reading SAP's board here today

It's bloody over there, massive layoffs on the services side. You can bet there will be huge hits in GBS soon, the two are correlated and our GBS SAP practice will have massive hits IMHO.

DevIT, F&O, Cognitive Solutions future

Hi. I've got friends, with open positions, in those organizations. Does anyone know the future of these orgs, in general, but specifically regarding layoffs? I'm not happy where I am, but feel somewhat safe, and thankful to be employed. Thanks.

HR --- IBM Style

So true ...
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Why IBM is a dream employer for Gen Z

Seems the corporate PR machine really has successfully sabotaged IBM's section on Glassdoor.


This board has been really quiet.... Any signs of layoffs now than Think is over?

IBM stakes claims on Chapter 2 Stop messing around with easy introductory chapters, let's go straight to Chapter 9 and Chapter 11, where we can talk real... read more

“We never over promised on Watson”

Ginni , then why are customers cancelling contracts and seeking new contractors?

Who’s next to spin off ?

IBM needs cash to pay off the red hat purchase...who’s next to spin off and generate some cash? Rumour is next up is the multi tennant stuff.

Ibm silent restructuring

IGF customers were informed in Feb that “some” current financial contracts will not be extended Channel floor financing looks to have been sent to Lenovo financing OEM financing looks to be discontinued after 6/30/2019 All current contracts will be... read more

THE problem

I find it quite disturbing to see people targeting this group and that group, various mid-level positions, the poor managers, and so on, as THE PROBLEM at IBM. I’m sure some of those people might be problematic but the majority of mid to lower... read more

What value does more management bring to IBM?

If you removed 45.3% of management @ IBM today you have the exact same number of managers Microsoft has. What value does that 45% more management bring to IBM? ~Sourced Google Analytics for the numbers information accurate Jan. 2019. A short post by... read more

Distinguished Engineer Program

The entire Distinguished Engineer program needs to be re-evaluated. Such an antiquated and irrelevant concept for today, not to mention rife with favouritism. It’s hardly an honour to receive anymore.

Think 2019 Attendance?

Anyone know what the final attendance projection is for Think 2019 conference? How strong was the signup this year?

Trump Signals Shift on Legal Immigration

U.S. employers seeking to hire foreign workers say they currently navigate a complex set of visa programs with caps on the number that are granted. They say bureaucratic hurdles that cause delay, uncertainty and inefficiency have grown during the... read more

When will GBS Band 10 and above finally Be RAed

Anyone who has any skills and knows what they’re doing knows the true problem at IBM GBS, the glut of Band 10 and above that are worthless, absolutely terrible leaders, have dictatorship mentality, and make sure on one has better checkpoint results... read more

RA 2019 - High Level Approach

They can start with any non-client facing team. Distinguished Engineers who sit in their ivory tower. People who do “go to market” from home, creating demos of tools that don’t work. Layers of bureaucracy in the proposal release process. The GBS... read more

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