Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

What to do?

There are few things I hate as much as somebody taking credit for my work. Two coworkers and I brought a long overdue project across the finish line just to see our boss tell his boss it was all his doing. Is there anything we can do in this... —  read more 

Should I stay or should I go?

I’m 47 and have been working in GTS for past 22 years and currently there are voluntary redundancies been offered of 2 years salary...Should I take it? I’m just worried I won’t get another job after been out of the job market for so long. —  read more 

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Career Growth at IBM

Band 7, 2 YOE here Stressed, overworked, and it seems like executive leadership keep changing the direction every week. Is there any hope for a long term career here or should I just volunteer for the next RA?

Nomen est omen?

What do you think is Kyndryl ("kyn", kinship + "dryl", allusion to new growth) an appropriate new name for NewCo, if we take the name as a sign? Is there any “new growth” to be expected or is it just a legal way to get rid of 90,000 people in a very... —  read more 

Jobs outside of IBM

I've been looking at what's available online and I found several jobs that could be a perfect fit for me. They are not in my city but I could actually do them since they are fully remote positions. I'm just really hesitant about going for remote jobs... —  read more 

Reputation in the job market

It was funny when a friend who doesn’t know much about this industry was surprised that I can’t find a new job, considering my experience at IBM. To him, IBM is still a very resonant name and believes that IBM brings together experts who are highly... —  read more 

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Are we getting better?

Everybody was clamoring to get rid of Ginni. Well, she's been gone for months now. Are we a better company yet? How many improvements have happened since she left? Or could it be that IBM's problems are much deeper and require a much more... —  read more 


How many of you have been late with work lately because something you need to know to move forward is still being decided on? Am I the only unlucky MF'ER? I'm sorry, but when I need to know something to be able to continue working and you tell me... —  read more 

Hard to make a decision

I could hardly wait to find a new job and now that I have found it I am hesitant. The offer is good, but there is nothing particularly much better than the job I have here. I'm still weighing the options but I don't have much time to decide. How... —  read more 

Moving within GTS

I understand that since GTS is part of spin-off therefore IBM doesn't allow GTS member moving to business unites (such as GBS) that will stay with IBM. I'm part of GTS BU and my question is can I move to another department within GTS? Another... —  read more 

No truer words spoken

“It’s not what you know but who you know”. This is the absolute truth. I spent years at IBM and have been unemployed for a few months now. Luckily I ran into an old college buddy of mine and we met for drinks. Long story short - he offered me a... —  read more 

IBM is not a monolith

I get annoyed when I see comments and questions that ask why are we still here considering what IBM turned into. But guess what, IBM is not a monolith. Everybody's experiences are not the same. Yes, there are plenty of unhappy people. Yes, the... —  read more 

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