Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

IBM’s CEO says ‘the first thing you can automate is a repetitive, white-collar job,’ but he’s not cutting workers: ‘I’ll get more’

Sure AK, sure. . . By: Paolo Confino October 3, 2023 at 3:15 PM CDT The CEO of IBM, who has taken heat for suggesting many back-office tasks could be... —  read more 

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New employees are vulnerable

New hires of less than a year are generally non-touchable on an RA. Only time a new hire of less than a year can be RA'ed is if an entire team is being RA'ed. Came directly from an executive when questioned after the last RA. Correct me if I'm... —  read more 

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Most patents in the USA

2007: 🇺🇸 IBM 2008: 🇺🇸 IBM 2009: 🇺🇸 IBM 2010: 🇺🇸 IBM 2011: 🇺🇸 IBM 2012: 🇺🇸 IBM 2013: 🇺🇸 IBM 2014: 🇺🇸 IBM 2015: 🇺🇸 IBM 2016: 🇺🇸 IBM 2017: 🇺🇸 IBM 2018: 🇺🇸 IBM 2019: 🇺🇸 IBM 2020: 🇺🇸 IBM 2021: 🇺🇸 IBM 2022: 🇰🇷 Samsung Electronics

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I enjoy working at IBM

I have worked at IBM for 5 years, and I enjoy it very much. I would say it ranks near the top of all places that I've worked. The work/life balance is excellent, unlike other places. I can enjoy my weekends without doing any work. I often... —  read more 

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RTO meeting for managers

RTO has specific sites. Employees in range of the office, can no longer be remote. 3 days minimum a week. 4 for managers. badge tracking has started reporting. Enforcers assigned. Lack of attendance is a reason for bad performance review, not yet... —  read more 


It's been 12 years since I left IBM for greener pastures. 12 years ago the IBM offices were old and tired, employees in the office were required to clean the desk after use, empty the garbage bins, and bring their own coffee mugs and tea/coffee... —  read more 

Why RTO mandates are layoffs in disguise, according to workplace experts: ‘Companies are daring employees to quit’

“RTO is a cheap and dirty way for companies to avoid legal complications and financial obligations associated with layoffs,” BINGO! —  read more 

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