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How many people work at IBM?

Nobody knows when layoffs will happen, but the overall number of employees should be public info. Do you know how many people work at the company? How about the office at Armonk?

Earnings Release Smoke and Mirrors

Lots of "adjusted for currency", "adjusted for divested businesses", "normalized for historical comparability", "non-GAAP operating results" combined with a favorable year over year quarterly compare and growth numbers for made-up discretionary... —  read more 

Bench management still in place?

Is Bench Management still in place in Services (GBS, GTS)? I remember this started in summer ‘18. Landed on the bench for the first time in 4 years. Just wondering how long I have.

Tech Chiefs Plan to Boost Cybersecurity Spending

International Business Machines Corp. plans to boost its 2020 cybersecurity spending by “double- digit percentage points” from the previous year, said CIO Fletcher Previn, declining to provide more details. From where is all this newfound... —  read more 

What lies ahead in 2020?

If anyone has intel on possible divestitures, acquisitions, or layoffs please share. Otherwise let’s speculate about what could happen.

The State of Watson Health

Business Integration: Very poor integration of the businesses that were acquired to form Watson Health. Business Knowledge: Not sure IBM executives truly understand health care. Bureaucracy: IBM is extremely bureaucratic, far worse than any... —  read more 

IBM Employee Cons / 30 Day Summary

Last 30 days: IBM Employee Complaints - 30 Day Summary - Nov 15 to Dec 15 2019 (source below) There is about 50 feedback points here, all taken from the link below. I've filtered out everything prior to Nov 15, the last entry was on Dec... —  read more 

2019 Drucker Institute Company Ranking

Tied for 6th place?!? How is Big Blew even sniffing the Top 10, let alone within it? Has to be the most flawed methodology or perhaps the Drucker Institute is using Watson, which would certainly explain such a skewed... —  read more 


Reference customers for IBM flag customer satisfaction and customer experience as concerns. These concerns often relate to, among other things, ease of deployment, service and support, performance and scalability, quality of documentation and... —  read more 


AT&T Outsourced it’s Tech Dev departmental to IBM and the Employee’s were given a 1 year contract. I am wondering if IBM will extend our contract. AT&T paid their employees good money and I know IBM will probably cut our salary. Was wondering if we... —  read more 

Tuped into IBM. Some advise please....

Hoping someone on the site can provide informed insight pls?. Having been tuped into IBM this year and agreed terms to retain an enhanced redundancy package here in the UK. Will IBM have to honour these terms indefinitely OR are there any examples... —  read more 

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