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Co-Location? Innovation? --- Obfuscation

So the mass movement of employees back to office space is in progress. Innovative? No. New, fresh, breakthrough? Please. This is a disguised mass layoff and cost cutting move, nothing more. The people who can't or won't move are established... read more

More Resource Actions in Digital Business Group

RA's in S&S Renewals on Friday. They were told they were the lowest sales performers against the new metric they put in place, based on the last two years of performance. These are individuals with above average performance reviews. April 24th is... read more

Rometty on U.S. Workforce

Just start from ~8:05 and play until the end: the not so thinly veiled messages are very clear. . .
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Co Relocation Letter Posted om Linkedin Attention Hiring Managers. You are about to get very lucky. A tidal wave of extremely talented marketing professionals is about to hit the market. After 15 years—and a track... read more

Ginni the Liar and Vets

Sure, Ginni sits next to Trump today and promises to hire 2,000 veterans. Of course, she lies as much as he does so if they even hire any, they'll be at starter salaries, to take the place of the thousands she has laid off over these past years. They... read more
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Age discrimination in IBM Layoffs

Here is coverage from Boulder Daily Camera Portal... Link below: By Shay Castle, Staff Writer - Employees allege age discrimination in workforce reduction, Workers report layoffs at IBM in Boulder, nationally Source:... read more

Massive layoffs at IBM coming soon!

Wow, just heard a rumor from several of my long time friends at IBM that they are looking to sell off the Power business and AMD is in talks. With the recent senior management shuffle, theres been lots of talks on how they plan to hide the massive... read more

Resource Action 2017: IBM Marketing - Germany

This is on German Marketing layoffs, the post was shared on WIBM and S8 so far, justa dding it here so folks can see what's going on: In Germany the marketing organization has been reduced about 30% in Feb. The change has been communicated via a conf... read more

Empty Talk

Completed the GDP discussion, the manager is an &#&$& - nothing communicated during the meeting was going in my favor, but I did get that 'make an extra push in 2017, this is your year, time to excel' - I am sick of this, as I am hearing the same... read more

Has it started in North America?

I was let go in 2014, I am hearing about smaller RAs happening right now. Whatever happens most of you will be just fine, you've got skills and it does not get much worse than what you have right now.

Accelerate transformation

IBM Australia has just handed redundancy notice to all Bid Managers. So as of 1 June All Bid Managers will no longer exist. No exceptions. This was done under the ‘Accelerate Transformation’ Program and I am almost certain that this will be a global... read more

IBM / Resource Collocation

IBM cares not about loosing skills! This collocation program has everyone, even managers, sweating in their boots. No one is out of harms way. If you are single or able to move a young family it may be an adventure. But for those who have been loyal... read more
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