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Investor Warren Buffett says good deals tough to find

Shanahan said it also would have been nice to read Buffett’s thoughts on why he is selling off Berkshire’s IBM investment but maintaining big stakes in Wells Fargo and US Bancorp. So the fact that Buffett didn't even bother to waste any time or... read more
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Statement - Significant workforce rebalancing across Europe in 1st Quarter After more than five years, IBM returned to revenue growth in 4Q 2017. Despite this, a significant workforce rebalancing action in Europe was presented at the Extraordinary... read more

IRG Finalizes Purchase of IBM's Rochester Campus

The site includes 34 existing buildings, including office, manufacturing, warehouse, data center and laboratory space. IBM will lease back eight of these buildings on the eastern portion of the campus, affirming its continued commitment to the... read more
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no news articles on layoffs?

I'm aware of layoffs happening as it's impacting folks I work with, but haven't I seen any other news articles about the layoffs? Are the number too insignificant? Or is the topic of layoffs at IBM, uninteresting....same stuff, different day????? In... read more

IBM Buffalo Billion project fails to deliver

But, so far, IBM’s Buffalo office has been mired in dysfunction and disappointment. Far from bringing “cutting-edge software development jobs” to Buffalo, as the governor promised, most of the employees here work call center jobs as contractors, for... read more

How IBM is destroying my Marriage

IBMHas all their employees worried about the positions funny how it’s just running my life and my marriage one day IBM’s going to get a lawsuit on them all their customers will know how to treat people and I’ll be the fall of IBM forever

How long do I keep my benefits...

I accepted an offer for what I would call a competitor company (hmmm, not 100% sure as it's more industry oriented). Once I announce it to my manager, would I lose my coverage (health) the same day or is there some grace period for the transition?... read more

10-15k RA (or deeper)?

How does IBM march forward? Combining GBS with GTS makes sense in that you are spinning off legacy operations to the cloud. (this harvests CRM, ERP, lotus, etc etc while creating redundancies in head count). THUS the 10-15k RA. My guess is it will be... read more

Protest fast start Vegas

Every one should go to Vegas and protest Ibm at fast start big time casinos do not like bad company like IBM so if you want a class action lawsuit then the best way is to go to Las Vegas and protest IBM. Let it begin come Monday morning

IBM Concur

I came here to say F--- IBM CONCUR - seriously. I have no other avenue where I can express my utter anger - so, here it goes F--- IBM CONCUR!!! And f--- that "In progress-editing reservation" f---ing message that's stuck on my screen... read more

IBM is placing a ‘big bet’ on India, says CEO

So in case anyone was wondering what Ginni's doing while this RA is hitting the U.S., she's over in India schmoozing with Modi & other India I/T leaders touting the ‘big bet’ that IBM's making on India. Gee, I wonder what the main component of that... read more

IBM sues former HR boss hired by Microsoft

Folks at the top jumping ship even at the risk of getting sued for allegedly violating their NDA! And she's the former HR VP and Chief Diversity Officer at IBM to boot, running away from the burning, crumbling ruins right before another RA has just... read more

Layoffs Today...

Layoffs have started. People are being given one month's severance and their last day will be the 28th. They sent out an email about two months ago encouraging people to find other jobs. They are counting the email date as the beginning of a 90 days... read more

Wife was laid off today - 15+ years of service

She was bleeding blue, believed the brand, believed in GR. I'd complain (I work for HPE) about both HEP and IBM, she'd always protect IBM - today, her eyes opened up. I hope you see what's going on as well. Be careful, plan your career, hedge your... read more

Laid off today (I refuse the RA term)

My last day is 3/1 and will have a 30 day severance payments. COBRA standard, benefits for three months. They help the transition with a $2.5K edu payment (oh well, let me learn something). The call was under 5 minutes. Cold. Detached. After 21 years... read more

Just got RA'd

Knew it was coming, now it's official. Got great work reviews, created a product that was lucrative.. didn't matter. brutal.

Tech Giants Are in No Rush to Spend Overseas Cash

Martin Schroeter, vice president at International Business Machines Corp. , said the company is “absolutely delighted” about the tax law—then cautioned it wouldn’t result in any immediate changes to spending. IBM, PayPal and Intel declined to comment... read more

Glassdoor Reviews

I just looked at IBM reviews on Glassdoor. I want to work at the make believe IBM those people are hallucinating about, not the real one I have to look at every day.

Anti-China bill being softened after U.S. companies complain

“Certain American companies need to decide whose national security they really care about: America’s or China‘s?” Pittenger said. CFIUS has become more cautious since Trump was inaugurated a year ago amid growing political and economic tensions... read more
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FastStart and RAs

The theory has been that RAs would happen before folks are approved to book travel for FastStart training in Vegas next week. We were told travel approvals would be sent this week, so I figured the stuff would hit the fan in conjunction with that... read more

Just when you thought IBM couldn't sink lower.

This one's beautiful.... offer voluntary redundancies (at statutory minimum payout of course) then at the 11th hour, retract the offer. Hey presto, most employees concerned find employment elsewhere and IBM save a bundle on redundancy pay. I wonder... read more

IBM Tax breaks for Employees?

I looked in vain for IBM on this list. I knew it was in vain, but there's always blind hope. h++ps:// I'm sure any tax windfalls IBM sees will line more pockets of the execs who are destroying the company.

IBMPolicy (@IBMpolicy) | Twitter

Lots of tweets focusing on Ginni at Davos and about the imperiled Dreamers. I wonder how many tweets there'll be about all the loyal, hard-working, American citizen IBMers that are getting canned, lives destroyed, when the next RA strikes?... read more

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