Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

I envy Watson employees

They might actually see some improvements once they're away from the clusterfuck that is IBM. I know some will probably be laid off because no acquisition is without its casualties, but those who remain are all but guaranteed to be in a better... —  read more 

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AI is a Fad

As someone doing a CS degree now, I seem to be the only one who doesn't want to have anything on my resume to do with "AI", blockchain, ML, NFT, chatbots, etc... all I see is overhyped product after product, one-size-fits all solutions that frustrate... —  read more 

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I really think Watson is one of the biggest tech marketing bamboozles of the 21st century. Through Jeopardy they really had a segment of the business world and the general public convinced that they had cracked AI, but behind the scenes it was all... —  read more 

Storm is coming?

I am certain IBM will have a massive "reconstruction" coming. They will probably come up with some other way to label it to confuse the enemy, but at the end of the day nothing is new under the sun. I guess we we learn more soon, and probably the... —  read more 

IBM Needs to Go Small

The synergistic additional revenue from software providers / businesses that have been lumped together over decades through mergers and aqcuisitions, and sold as a collection of loose bolts to be assembled by a bunch of expensive consultants may no... —  read more 

1 year since I left IBM

I left IBM a year ago when the sales org had a massive shakeup. Trust me, it's better out there. It's not normal to have non-stop reorgs and account changes. It's not normal for your manager to change every year. It's not normal to sell only... —  read more 

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