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IBM narrows search for big Manhattan office

So IBM abandons the WeWork space at the end of May (@OP+15fbjmK4) and now they're looking to purchase a building outright or sign a presumably long-term lease on one? Guess now's the time when commercial real estate prices are low, but this is still... —  read more 

IBM's New Layoff Technique?

"IBM has cut salaries and commissions for staff, even for recently-joined Red Hat staff."

Bye, boomer: the coming cull of workers over 50

August is going to be a slaughter. Uh-oh. Those of us who remember when ’80s music was new had better start bracing ourselves for those big-box-store... —  read more 

Age Discrimination

From time to time, it's good to remind folks about this... Just an FYI, here is what EEOC lists for Age Discrimination The following practices constitute age discrimination 1) Requiring workers to retire once they reach a certain age 2)... —  read more 

IBM Security in UK is run so poorly.

Management least interested in solving problems but most happy to pass the buck to someone else. Let the poor guy work himself to his grave and when something fails just put it on the poor guy saying he couldn’t survive. But management won’t take any... —  read more 

Things may not be that bad

IBM's transformation may resemble Microsoft's transition to the cloud. As this metamorphosis continues, IBM could again become one of the most respected names in the tech industry.

IBM Failing Stock

Since March 2013, the Dow Jones average has risen 84% (14,578 to 26,805), the NASDAQ has risen 222% (3,267 to 10,515), and IBM stock has dropped 39% (212 to 129). And yet no exec has been fired.

IBM vs Accenture - Market Cap

When I graduated in 2002, IBM's market cap was about 10 times larger than Accenture's. I thought joining IBM was a logical choice... Look at us today: IBM's at $111.93B while Accenture is at $147.84B... I miscalculated. Anyhow, I was let go in... —  read more 

401K match payment

Separation package has mentioned age and time of service to receive 401k match. Does anyone know how it works or just forget it .

IBM Comms Active on This Board

Just an FYI for all of you here that IBM Comms is active on this board with a goal of posting random IBM related stories in order to push down and drown any content that may be critical of the company. BTW, they've done the same thing on reddit... —  read more home page - where's the cloud?

Go on home page and see what they are promoting. Very little about cloud or even hybrid cloud. A lot of other software stuff instead and a little on Cloud Paks. How could this be? Cloud is the end game. Look on the products menu. One... —  read more 

EY and IBM partner

Q3 Layoffs

Any updates? This is inevitable but wondering where the cuts will be.

IBM and RedHat pay cuts?

I'm hearing that RedHat staff - some hired by RH, some by IBM - have been forced to take pay cuts and had commissions reduced. Anyone impacted? [email protected] for story on if interested. Or just post here.

Mass exodus

Anybody else thinks that the only reason there isn't a mass exodus of people from IBM right now is the state of the economy? So many people are fed up with everything that's been going on in the past several years and have now been pushed over the... —  read more 

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