Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Topics regarding layoffs at IBM

Where are those big layoffs?

Now you are finally getting the point. Everyone keeps asking, where are the big layoffs he appropriated billions for? Its exponentially cheaper for IBM if you leave. Between the mandate and forcing people back to the AK office will get what he wants... —  read more 

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Transition to another department

I moved a lot and worked in several departments, although it has been a long time since I last made the transition. However, I have a friend for whom the transition from cloud consulting to salesforce consulting is now a mission impossible. Is the... —  read more 

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Grow a spine too?

Think IBM will follow the same? Nice to see some "Federal Contractors" are willing to stand up for its employees.. I am sure IBM is... —  read more 

False Org Re-engineering Hopes

Deadwoods Dave Interesting that Arvind thinks re-engineering the comp plans will help. It’s been done before - reps being forced to sell the product of the day, no matter how much of a dog it is or whether the market needs it. We had years of “flog... —  read more 

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C&CS is pathetic. Most FLMs/SLMs are drifters from other divisions and were useless much earlier. With no ground knowledge they get to make all decisions in C&CS. No surprise products are subpar, hardly anyone good wants to join/stay there. Well... —  read more 

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