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IBM Strategy

Any news about IBM Strategy? They are an expensive, elite group from McKinsey, Accenture, Booz etc strategy companies. Their consultants are big-ego rejects from those companies. Were they impacted in the cuts?

2Q20 Results: Miss, Meet, or Beat?

IBM 2Q 2020 Earnings Announcement 20 Jul 2020 Huge miss on both EPS and revenue. Furloughs and another RA to follow.

IBM will Cost Cut itself to an Early Grave

IBM is now fully embarked on a desperate mission to cost cut itself to success. Since it cannot grow revenue due to too many declining legacy businesses, the COVID-19 economic crisis, and difficulties competing in the emerging cloud business, IBM... —  read more 

Slack Workspace - Ibmfriends2020

For all of those IBMERS who got RA please join the Slack Workspace Ibmfriends2020. It is an amazing workspace where we help each other, give each other support exchange job postings etc. Highly recommended. Good luck.

Is it better to retire or get RA’d?

Asking from a purely financial point of view - medical, benefits, severance, etc. Retirement window is 2021. Sounds like the package gets you severance and lower medical for a period of time vs just retiring. Unless I’m missing something. TIA

GTS Canada Purge today, Thursday June 25

Everyone I work with in IBM Canada is getting the dreaded meeting today. Some have already had them. They're scheduled for 30 minutes, but the script reading only takes 4. Not surprising as they devastated IBM US last month. Everything goes to... —  read more 

Any T2R rumors out there ?

I am waiting for the next T2R to finish up my career. If its not announced this year I will probably finish my career at another high tech company. I am in one of this big high tech hub cities where there is a big outflow of IBM talent right now... —  read more 

To Anti-H1B Poster

If you read the TOS in the footer, there is a bullet on 'excessive posting' - i think you are at riks of being blocked (mods also nuke all messages of folks who break rules). I've just counted 10+ almost identical posts you've entered within last two... —  read more 

IBM Resource Action 2020

Not my thread, here I am recycling 2018 and 2019 threads. Starting early this year. For 2019 and 2018, see @VZzqzzM and @OLbfSBK - not changing anything except years... I will be the first one to start it – let’s talk about IBM Resource Action... —  read more 

How much has IBM changed?

This is a question for true oldtimers. I know a couple of people who retired from IBM about a decade ago and they don't believe me when I tell them how toxic this place is nowadays and how awful the work environment is. Makes me wonder, did things... —  read more 

IBM Resource Action 2019

Not my thread I just recycled 2018 post... You can see i there @OLbfSBK I will be the first one to start it – let’s talk about IBM Resource Action for 2019. I know that there are some rumors already floating around, but let’s consolidate things in... —  read more 

Job Anxiety Spills Into Tech Sector

Well golly gee, I wonder why there'd be job anxiety?? By: Angus Loten June 24, 2020 Nearly half of the technology workers at companies world-wide are worried about... —  read more 

3rd Quarter RA in USA?

Anyone have firm confirmed information that the rumored 3rd qtr USA RA will actually happen? If so would the notification date be no later than August 28th?

This is True

He was motivated, he said, by “deep unhappiness working for the company.”

What's the Safest Brand to be in right now?

We all know that no one is ever completely safe, but what would you call the safest brands to be in at IBM right now? Which brands do you see IBM investing in and are at least risk for making significant cuts? I personally would say IoT, Security... —  read more 

What do you do when you have 8 weeks to k--l?

Ok, depending on where you are, the notice period is different. But regardless, what do you guys do after you know you will be laid off? Do you continue to work hard and bring up your innovative ideas or do you lay back and take care of your things... —  read more 

WARN Act regulates lay-offs

In the US, the 1988 WARN Act regulates big company layoffs. IBM usually can manage the size of layoffs to avoid federal oversight. Not this time; it's too big. The WARN Act "...protects employees, their families, and communities by requiring most... —  read more 

Should I return my computer

I never received any communication or information on how to return my 2 computers. Is there somewhere that they can be sent to? (I left IBM 3 years ago)

Right Management - any benefits?

Hello everyone, I have received a few emails from Right Management after RAed. I quickly skimmed through and looks like they created my account in their system automatically and help with the job search. Perhaps IBM provided the information. I... —  read more 

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