Topics regarding layoffs at Intuit Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Intuit Inc.

Layoffs at Intuit, Tucson

"Yes. We announced organization changes that impacted 40 people at our Tucson campus. We have approximately 1000 employees at this site. This was part of a reallocation of resources to invest in growth." I

9,816 - 715 = 9,101

We took a careful review of the company, looking for redundancies in tools, systems and for roles that were not aligned to where we are investing for the future. This has resulted in the painful decision to part with 715 friends and co-workers who... —  read more 

What happens next...

You will hear from my staff about the specific changes to your organization, and at the end of the day, we will share all of these emails on SNAP. In addition, we will host two town halls to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions. You can... —  read more 

Layoff's happening now

They're laying off but trying to keep it quiet. They are saying you can find a place internally, but there's also a soft hiring freeze... very confusing and seems more to come as the pressure is on management to deliver.


About a month ago I had two interviews for a position at Intuit over the phone. The first discussion was a phone screen with a recruiter, and the second was a interview with the hiring manager for the position - I really thought our discussion went... —  read more 

Lies and frequent layoffs

Intuit managers lie, they will give you an impression all is good and you are doing a good job and they are passive aggressive and will stab you in the back at first occasion. They also gossip a lot. I was luckily only a contractor but I can tell you... —  read more 

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