Topics regarding layoffs at Iron Mountain Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Iron Mountain Inc.

Who are the target groups?

I left the company a few months ago, but I heard rumors of big layoffs at Iron Mountain. I came to give a little support to everyone affected. There is life beyond that joke of a company. I am much better off in all aspects of life since I left. Is... —  read more 

2020 Layoffs

I was the lowest person on the totem pole, but was laid off. Maybe not the correct word, but I'm interested to hear what other's experienced firings after 2020, and after their crisis of profitability in 2020, called "Project Summit"

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This was not a good idea

K--ling most of the Iron Cloud services, immediately, for the.... 3rd? Time. Totally cut Dell / EMC off at the knees without warning (most of Iron Cloud built on EMC gear), who had just gone all-in with IRM as their lead CSP, so they're p*ssed... —  read more 

Union 2 This clip is raw unedited audio of Iron Mountain... —  read more 

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Iron Mountain Union

Raw unedited audio of Iron Mountain shredding department manager Scott Krieg unlawfully interrogating driver for his protected union activity. The driver has since been illegally terminated for helping his co-workers organize a union... —  read more 

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sinking ship

things will not get better, do not drink corporate koolaid, think with your head. people print less, people store less, people destroy less, there is less work for iron mountain, simple as that, good days are over...

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