Topics regarding layoffs at ITT Educational Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ITT Educational Services Inc.

ITT is a dog ugly date these days

U. of Akron Ends Partnership Talks With For-Profit ITT The university’s president, Scott L. Scarborough — who has been known for his controversial decision-making — said in an email quoted by the newspaper, “The university will not be entering into... —  read more 

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ITT Tech is finished

There are countless ways this place is going to shed jobs, students, and money from now until the inevitable closure. This article is interesting for what is says as much as what it doesn't. "Higher interest rates will hurt the millions of Americans... —  read more 

Designed to fail

Let’s see if I got this right: The Fed, government regulators and the entire political establishment looked the other way while the mortgage industry cranked out trillions of dollars of “toxic” subprime liar’s loans that Wall Street bundled into... —  read more 

Another nail in the coffin

More light shining on what a crooked and doomed to fail operation ITT Tech runs. I can't wait to see this place crash and burn.

Did Blum Completely Divest?

Did Richard Blum completely divest from ESI? If so, why wasn't this big news? Blum (Blum Capital Partners) used to be an "activist" investor in ESI and Career Education Corporation. He is a California Regent and husband of California Senator Dianne... —  read more 

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