Topics regarding layoffs at ITT Educational Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at ITT Educational Services Inc.

ESI Pension

Any old timers get any word on your ESI Pension fund? I was able to get voice to voice on September 7th and the Benefits lady said she was putting the papers in the mail, should have got them by now. Not sure how we can access our funds At JP Morgan... —  read more 

Employment Verification

Does anyone know if there is a way for employment at ITT Tech to be verified? The phone numbers on the final correspondence we received are not in service. Background check companies are requiring contact information. Thanks.


I got a Medallion Signature as required by Transamerica 2 weeks ago and I am still waiting for my funds to roll over. I called Transamerica and was told that the money was in a hold by the IRS and had to go through a testing process prior to release... —  read more 

Blame Kevin Modany

So many folks assume ITT Tech was corrupt from the bottom up...ignoring the fact that there were many solid performing campuses with staff that truly cared about their students, and did their absolute best under extraordinary circumstances. Please... —  read more 

Am I still responsible for the loans

I attended ITT Tech and received my A.S. in 2010 and my B.S. in 2012 degree and since the school has closed completely, Am I still fully responsible for the loans I took on? If not, please advise on how to get rid of them. Thanks!!!!!

Insult and Irony:

You really have to hand it ITT ESI Management. They grant you an extra paid comp holiday and terminate everyone on that very same free vacation day. If it had not had happened to us first hand, I would have had a hard time believing anyone could... —  read more 

Chalk up another EDUCATION POLICY TRIUMPH of the Neo-Liberal Economic Model We Hear So Little About Over Corporate-Captured Broadcast News

Chalk up another triumph for the Neo-Liberal Economic model that both parties of our political Duopoly must swear allegiance to. What is this doctrine that we he hear so little about? To gloss Canadian, Euro and online indy journalists like Naomi... —  read more 

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SEC vs ITT ESI settled.

MINUTE ORDER for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Mark J. Dinsmore: Settlement Conference held on 5/15/2017. Settlement reached. Any pending motions now DENIED AS MOOT & all previously-ordered dates now VACATED. Parties to file appropriate... —  read more 

Minnesota ITT

Has anyone who graduated in the last few years filed or looked into filing for the borrower defense to repayment to get loans discharged? My husband graduated from the Minnesota ITT back in like 2011, so not eligible for the discharge for recent... —  read more 

Justice for ITT Tech Students. Need whistleblowers who were enrollment reps.

We are looking for enrollment people who will blow the whistle about unethical recruitment practices at ITT Tech. By helping us, there is a better chance we can fast track defense to student loan repayments (DTR). How were you taught to enroll... —  read more 

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Ordered an mpn from fedloan.

For me in the question of fraud specifically i need to fill out the dtr. I've done it and submitted a million documents with it that show the fraud. I've heard absolutely nothing in regards to this and it's really destroying my hope on it. I'm... —  read more 

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