Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

Topics regarding layoffs at JCPenney

10 Years

Can you believe it? Next month will mark the 10th anniversary of the beginning of JCP’s Decade of Ruin. It all began in earnest in February 2012…with the elimination of coupons and significant cuts to staffing in most stores. Be sure to send your... —  read more 

Procedures for Covid

I work at this store in south Houston and co workers feel some type of way about wearing masks, seems like that upset caused they had covid and made thru it and now has the idgaf attitude bout everybody else, mgmt wants bodies here no matter so they... —  read more 

Report retail covid issues

If your store mgmt is pestering yall to go to work if your sick and possibly have covid report them to your health dept, crazy retail dont have a plan in place for this, and now the status is sever in our county.

Store Management

Please JCPENNY stop making these store managers make us come to work with covid 19, example league city, people working with covid asked to come to work makes no sense to us working 😕 here.


I saw somewhere that JCP will pay associates an $2 an hour for working weekends during the holidays. Do they really think that this is the same as a permanent pay increase? JCP is hopelessly screwed up.

Having fun

This may seem a little petty, but our manager despises when we are enjoying our work. It's like everybody has to hate their lives and working here to make her happy. Of course she usually shows up in a bad mood and we purposefully get under her skin... —  read more 

bonus/double dipping

For over five years no raise, store managers allowing people to take pto and show up to work double dipping in pay, all about what you know and who you know and how can i work the system, if you want a store ran correctly hire the right person

leadership lacks

We swear if people keep calling out at this location by baybrook mall we quitting, stressed out, manager is lazy. Make me the store manager and changes will come, where is the accountability at

How much do you care?

When I talk to colleagues from my store, most don't care if the store closes. Of course, there is fear because our existence still depends on it, but I want to say that the motivation is low that people care less and less if the store closes... —  read more 

Remember when?

We had legitimate reviews that provided us with adequate raises? Our schedules were realistic and we had appropriate time off. We weren’t overworked due to a shortage of staffing. Retail today has changed so quickly. It seems the new norm is to hire... —  read more 

People who don’t care

I am aware that employees cannot do much to keep their jobs here and that everyone’s motivation is zero. However, this negative condition is literally contagious. I try my best to do what I can while I’m still here and not despair, but it’s very... —  read more 

Why are you STILL here?

I wasn’t happy and I left 3 year ago for a competitor. The culture is like night and day. There is more of an employee focus than I’ve ever experienced with JCP, which include annual raises and quarterly bonuses. Benefits are great and my coworkers... —  read more 

store updates?

Does anyone know whats going on in the workplace, new store managers with less experience, no leadership skills and stressing credit, lead by example, if a store manager can ask for credit i think it would inspire the rest of the employees.

I can't worry anymore

Lately, I've only been worrying about waiting to hear that I am not needed anymore. I got tired of so much stress and decided not to worry at all anymore. I stopped thinking about what would happen tomorrow and instead, I sent in more job... —  read more 

I feel pretty miserable

I would leave if I had some decent options. Still, lately everything seems like a better option to me than this one here. There aren’t a lot worse ones, are there? I work too much, and I’m under constant stress while waiting for the announcement... —  read more 

Associate hours

Just when it seemed we were going in the right direction they start cutting hours again, and the only way to get more hours is to kiss up to the management. New changes to days when we have trucks as well.

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