Topics regarding layoffs at Smucker's

Topics regarding layoffs at Smucker's

So nobody knows how many will be cut?

I keep reading about an "undisclosed" number of people who are being shown the door. That is such a horrible way to do this. This will leave us hanging and worrying probably much longer than we need to and for so many it'll turn out to be for no good... —  read more 

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Cuts coming to Smucker

This week the J.M. Smucker Company is cutting over 100 jobs at the Corporte Office. How can they truly justify purchasing at 254 million company 2 weeks ago and then elimate over 100 Corporate jobs this week.

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Coming cuts to Orrville?

After Kraft/Heinz, Cargill and Kellogs all making huge cuts and slim downs it sounds like Smuckers is going to do some at the main office campus. Have there been any hints as to what would be targeted?

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Smuckers layoffs

Smuckers to lay off over 1000 employees as part of the sale of its Pet Brands. Meeting being held with employees on 2/10/23. The announcement of the sale was only announced 2 days ago.

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Beware the Synergies of March!

Uh oh... They're using the S word again and pointing to a report from their consultation group. We're also seeing a lot of functions being centralized which will probably make some of the plants mad when they try to fix an issue, save money or push... —  read more 

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Orrville to take a major hit

It's appalling and Orrville is going to take the biggest hit. As with just about all big companies money talks and nothing or no one else matters. My heart breaks for the folks who have probably given years of their life to a company only to hear... —  read more 

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Smuckers buys Wesson

Being a long term employee of the Wesson family ( 35 years ) I have seen many changes, have been through 6 buyouts with little or no damage control. The biggest problem I have with this buyout is the time factor. WHEN are the people going to be... —  read more 

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I've worked for J.M

I've worked for J.M. Smucker for 12 years now and I've got to say it is one of the best places to work. It is regularly on CNNMoney's top 100 places to work list.

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