Topics regarding layoffs at Wiley

Topics regarding layoffs at Wiley

This doesn't sound good...

"I think the most recent financial performance here was fairly bad, and I think the company itself is doing the financial equivalent of 'battening down the hatches,' and that’s never a great sign, in my view. The capital structure has deteriorated... —  read more 

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What does this look like on the ground? "Our multi-year business optimization program is driving significant efficiency improvement and savings across Wiley. " "We continue to see decline in our Publishing businesses, but we have realigned our... —  read more 

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Downsizing is not inevitable

We can turn things around but we need to put more emphasis on digital and we need to retrain our folks so they can adjust to the new normal. things are moving very fast and all of us have to react and adjust - i know that we had few bad years but i... —  read more 

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Wiley is full of incompetent a-holes

The culture of Wiley supports 0 competence, accountability, and a lot of deflection/blame. Deeply unhealthy and not a place to grow. The star performers are given the most work, and also constantly thrown under the bus. HE is on a downward spiral.

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Wiley and MSU

"The initial deal term is for eight years, and it provides for a launch of support for two existing online programs (a master's in Criminal Justice and a masters' in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis) in September 2019. A third offering is... —  read more 

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Spending spree

"John Wiley & Sons has agreed to acquire Zyante for $56 million in cash."

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