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Layoffs in march

Anyone have the dates for the layoffs on March who will be affected?

Top Performance Employees get ZERO opportunities

Management prefers low performance employees because they do not outshine them. Management really can’t stand top performance employees who get ZERO opportunities and the low performance Employees know this so they do not even bother to strive for... —  read more 


Any interest if we get the ball rolling on the possibility of forming a union ?

Loan Origination Risk of Future Layoffs

Just an FYI Chase just rolled out an automation tool for automatic loan modification to prevent people from refinancing. They currently targeting qualified customers by using their mobile apps. This is a trial period where they don’t need loan... —  read more 

Chase Layoffs 2020

This is a generic discussion thread to capture comments about potential Chase Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

02/06/2020 Layofffs

The layoffs happened earlier this morning at our Plano site in Texas. The department started with over 400 people in 2015 now we down to about 25 after today. Our AVP had flooring meeting and said the cut will continue and most likely another round... —  read more 

Chase Tower Milwaukee

Once again rumors are starting to swirl that Chase is not renewing the lease at the tower in Milwaukee. They primarily do home equity and just starting mortgage processing. There is also sales there. Anyone have any solid info on this?


When are we going to know about our bonuses? I mean how long must we wait... they were paid out last year much earlier. What is going on? I heard layoffs soon.

Home Equity Processing MKE

WTF? Layoff UW and processors in June, now positing positions for processors? Maybe looking to replace higher paid employees with lower paid ones?

Moving Jobs to Argentina and India

How about when you are training your “backup” AKA your replacement overseas? You know that you are next out the door. The company looks so nice from the outside but at the end is just a greedy business focused on the money and cheap labor. The... —  read more 

What is going on with Chase?

JPMorgan Chase has begun the lay-off process for their seasoned recruiters in the USA. Replacing their staff with call center representatives (no human resource experience required) . They are changing their strategy in the direction of HIGH VOLUME... —  read more 

So quiet here

Should I take that as good news that there'll be no layoffs any time soon? Or am I too optimistic?

Columbus jobs eliminated

We are given a soft notice that Jobs are moved to other locations in the US, India or Philippines and current employees have to train their replacements...completely demeaning. Not only that, we havent been given our formal 45 day notice yet so we... —  read more 

CCB in Columbus

Any opinion on the CCB in Columbus? Any layoffs there recently? How is work/life balance? Would it be a good area to take a job at?

Columbus credit card & Retail

I Just left a meeting with all of the staff and found out that all of card and retail teams in columbus are going away come 2nd quarter of 2020. They site customers are using chase online and mobile app more instead of calling in which seems odd to... —  read more 

Chase Auto

Chase Auto will be shutting down their Wilmington, DE office sometime in early 2020.

Should I take the package or try to stay in

Got 10 years in, then a lay off notice last week. Not sure if I should take the money and run of course this does kind of leave a sour taste in my mouth. Anyone else wanna share what they did?

Keep your options open

I applied for some internal jobs but I was honestly so ready to leave. Had my job move or be eliminated three times in my 13 years there. Took my seven months of severance and went to a new company. Keep your options open. If there's an internal... —  read more 

KYC Columbus

We were given until Dec 14th and then getting laid off in KYC in Columbus. Great xmas present.

The layoffs are meant to pay for the new hires

While Chase will layoff hundreds, we also hire hundreds more in new opportunities and initiatives. The layoffs are meant to pay for the new hires. As for the elimination of the jobs, it encourages managers to be more efficient with the hires at... —  read more 

Retail Mortgage Layoffs

Hmmm. Nothing about the purge of Lending Mangers, Senior Lending Managers, and 2 District Directors that occurred Friday October 5th? Huge amount of lending managers were let go in order to align management with the ever dwindling retail home... —  read more 

I got laid off this week ... GTI delaware

I was replaced by cheaper H1B sponsored labor. I thought maybe they got rid of everyone ....nope just the high paid folks that have been there a while. This should be a crime.

Got layoff after several weeks

I got layoff after less than a year with JP Morgan Chase. Nothing to do with performance, just job elimination due to budget cuts. It went from getting a raise in my career to ruining my career. I am too embarrassed to ask my previous employer for... —  read more 

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