JPMorgan Chase & Co. Layoffs

Topics regarding layoffs at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Have the RIFs started yet?

Layoffs or RIFs are supposed to be either this week or next. Has anyone witnessed or heard of anything happening yet? In my experience most often these types of things happen on I know this post may be a bit early.

Jumping Ship to BoA

Nikki Acton, head of global liquidity solutions at JPMorgan is returning to Bank of America later this year as head of cross channel international sales. Jean Mah, an equity trading veteran who spent over two decades at JPMorgan

Brace for Painful Cuts

P.Morgan Chase cuts are likely to fall between 5 percent and 10 percent of current headcounts, Reuters quotes Alan Johnson, head of compensation consultancy Johnson Associates Inc., as saying. Johnson estimates that most of the cuts will come in... —  read more 

CCB layoffs update

There will 100% be layoffs in CCB Digital, inclusive of NY metro. Not clear how many...maybe "only" 5% or so, but there is absolutely a Digital layoff list that the execs have. It's been around for weeks, but changes are still being made. I've heard... —  read more 

Our Poor Risk Controls

We got caught red-handed yet again for having poor Ops and Compliance risk controls. When are the regulators going to start coming down harder on this dumpster? Dimon this just talking about will make it ok. This guy should be fired for this.

Upcoming Riffs

Anybody have any information on any upcoming riffs? I had heard there would be another round in September, but no details. Seems like there may be reductions in compliance and ops risk.

Massive cuts coming in 2021

I have knowledge that they are working with outside consultants for some massive cuts underway. Lots of jobs will be moving to India. The goal is a 50% headcount reduction with automation and customers moving to online platforms. Its over boys... —  read more 

What Would You Do?

I know a manager who had an affair with a co-worker for months. When the person found out the manager was married, they threaten to tell the spouse. To keep quiet, the manager hired the co-worker's mother who was not qualified. Should I go to HR?

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