Topics regarding layoffs at Kaplan University

Topics regarding layoffs at Kaplan University

From the CEO...

"The school that systematically misleads students or enrolls those who don't have the capability of succeeding is unlikely to last long. It will have a difficult time making money, and it will build problematic word of mouth in the community in which... —  read more 

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Kaplan lays off 50 in Fort Lauderdale

"Kaplan Higher Education in Fort Lauderdale has laid off about 50 workers. The staff reduction “reflects less than five percent of our current Fort Lauderdale workforce of approximately 1,000,” said ______ , spokesman for Kaplan Higher Education, the... —  read more 

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Kaplan Higher Education has competition from Ashford University in "race to the bottom"

Several people in higher education have compared an Ashford University deal with a state university to the Kaplan Higher Education-Purdue University Global deal. And does sound like AU may have several suitors. So what has happened to Kaplan... —  read more 

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"Purdue University is an actual research university and Purdue University Global is's Kaplan University. The same Kaplan University that made headlines for their guerrilla registration practices that dupe students out money. The same Kaplan... —  read more 

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Doing more harm then good

At what point do Purdue Global employees, including teachers, realize they are doing more harm than good? You may believe you are giving busy working people the chance to advance, but how true is this? Is Purdue Global the best option or even a good... —  read more 

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How is the Big Boilermaker doing in making Purdue University Global a "World-Class" institution?

Now that Purdue University Global has taken over, how is everything going? Are work conditions better since the change in ownership? Are students happier? Is the quality of instruction better? Is it good that campuses have been closed? Are the... —  read more 

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Selling off more assets

PG has already closed or is in the process of closing six campuses. Now what's this story about? It's behind a firewall.

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The real Purdue has a union

What's stopping Purdue Global from having labor representation, especially if labor and management can work together on educational quality? There are several unions that represent instructors and staff. It's illegal to fire a person for trying to... —  read more 

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Kaplan is now Purdue University Global

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.— Purdue University Global is set to launch after receiving final approval from the Higher Learning Commission. Monday’s (March 5) notice of approval was the last step in the regulatory process for the new university, first... —  read more 

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Concord Law School

How does Concord Law School stay in business with such a low bar pass rate?...................................

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I am with Kaplan

And I am really surprised that no employee decided to post here - it's very tense here at Kaplan right now and I am puzzled why employees are silent when many other for-profit schools have very active boards here. I am not counting Camden as he posts... —  read more 

Down the drain...

It's a good thing that GHC has deep pockets. "As of September 30, 2019, Kaplan had a total outstanding accounts receivable balance of $72.3 million from Purdue Global related to amounts due for reimbursements for services and a deferred service... —  read more 

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Purdue Numbers

Sounds like someone was misleading the Chronicle of Higher Education about Purdue Global's numbers. "Obviously, it's hard to start a brand new university,' she says. Purdue Global’s financial loss this year was due, in part, to nearly $30... —  read more 

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Purdue Global's numbers

"Put simply, I do not believe that Purdue Global has yet proven itself to be viable in the long term. It is running on IOUs and foregone payments to its OPM partner, Kaplan Higher Education. And it will be very difficult to get to the point of true... —  read more 

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Student X

Tell me how you feel about this. http://collegemeltdown.blogspotcom/2020/11/a-letter-to-us-department-of-education.html

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