Topics regarding layoffs at KAR Auction Services Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at KAR Auction Services Inc.

Kar layoffs on 05/02/2022

Laid off along with a massive amount of others today. Not sure if kar is liquidating all its companies but cars arrive is at a quarter of the employees it was on Friday. No one is safe, entire teams where let go again! BTW Adesa lost General motors... —  read more 

Is that true?

Just when I thought I would be spending my vacation stress-free, I heard rumors that more layoffs are coming. Please, does anyone have insight into whether this is true and if so, can you provide more details?

KAR is a horrible place to work

This company has gone from bad to worse and then even further, if that's even possible. I've been here since the start and I can tell you that things were not like this before. I used to love my job. Now, I'm not sure which aspect of it is the worst:... —  read more 

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entire IT team is laid off today

used car prices are falling, dealer margins are getting squeezed and so wholesale car auction is expected to go down significantly, putting a significant downward pressure on Kar. The forecast and situation in Sep 2023 are delicate or look murky at... —  read more 

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